Smart Max release Lily Watson

Lily WatsonSmart Max have released the Lily Watson figure for their SMOG range.

From their announcement:

We are glad here to introduce you to our latest release for Smog TTH : Lily Watson.

This little girl has always been fascinated by Faerie and spent hours in Green Park, hoping to catch sight of the faeries who escaped from Buckingham Palace. She made herself a pair of wings with silk and rice paper. Her belief was so strong that she managed to fly away and use magic. It is to be feared that some cruelly-inclined fairies is now watching over her and making her wishes come true, until the day comes when the child shall have to pay the price for such favours.

That harmless looking little girl is the only Etheromancer able to cast two spells each turn

Dystopian Wars markers from Laser Dream Works

Laser Dream Works have released a set of markers and tokens for Dystopian Wars.

Dystopian Wars markers

From their announcement:

Full steam ahead! This set of game counters is perfect for use with the Dystopian Wars game system published by Spartan Games. Each counter is laser engraved from 3mm.

Baltic Birch Plywood and is 1 inch in diameter. Each set contains a Large, Medium, Small, and 45 Degree turning template.

Hive, Queen, and Country announce VSF ship design contest

Hive, Queen, and Country are holding a VSF ship design contest.

From their announcement:

The Aerial Forces of the Hive, Queen and Country universe are locked in an arms race! Each nation seeks to field the best aerial vessels possible. New designs are constantly being sought and each ship makes all those that came before it obsolete relics.

Hive, Queen, and Country and Objects May Appear… are pleased to announce a design contest for would be aerial architects. The prizes will include a rapid prototyped model of your ship and inclusion of the design in an upcoming Hive, Queen and Country product. You will receive full credit for the design in the product and a complimentary copy when it reaches print.

Contest rules and background are available at

Good Luck and Good Hunting!

Fat Dragon releases Doctor Drake’s Patented Aerial Steam Carriage

Fat Dragon Games have released the first of their Steampunk paper miniatures – Doctor Drake’s Patented Aerial Steam Carriage.

Doctor Drake's Patented Aerial Steam Carriage

From their announcement:

Presenting Doctor Drake’s Patented Aerial Steam Carriage! This amazing machine includes a 28mm scale carriage model, detachable air bag, steam boiler and motor, flight stand with two texture options, anchor, instrument panel and ladder. Optional textures include colors for the hull, patched bag and more.

Leviathans September 2011 releases

ACD Distributors have posted details and US pricing for the first set of Leviathans releases from Catalyst Game Labs.

Leviathans: Core Box $79.95 SRP
Leviathans simulates combat between warships that have taken to the air in an alternate history/steampunk 1910. The king leviathans, battleships, are the largest vessels. Maneuvering in support are light cruisers, destroyers and other vessels. Will you captain your fleet for king and country, expanding your nation’s power and becoming legend? Or will you fall from the sky, forgotten? You determine the outcome.

Leviathans Dice Pack $19.95 SRP
The Leviathans Dice Pack allows players to expand their dice pool during game play, resulting in less re-rolls. The Leviathans dry erase markers show a factions’ esprit de corps with a British and French marker.

Leviathans: British Fleet Box $39.95 SRP
The British Fleet Box contains the British battleship, light cruiser and two destroyer high-quality plastic ship miniatures from the Core Box Set, but with four new, unique variant Ship Cards: Players can instantly expand their faction fleet after purchasing the Core Box Set for larger games. Sail High For King And Country.

Leviathans: French Fleet Box $39.95 SRP
The French Fleet Box contains the French battleship, light cruiser and two destroyer high-quality plastic ship miniatures from the Leviathans Core Box Set, but with four new, unique variant Ship Cards. Players can instantly expand their faction fleet after purchasing the Core Box Set for larger games. Esprit de Corps.

Dystopian Wars September 2011 releases

Spartan Games have posted images and details of the September 2011 release for Dystopian Wars.

From their announcement:

DWCA08 Icarus Class Medium Flyer (2)
The Icarus Flyer is an all round performer, with all arcs covered in secondary weapon systems. It has a single Main Turret (P) which has a 270 degree arc of fire, and it has the ability, like several other CoA models, to replace its Main Turret with an Energy Turret. Deployed in Squadrons of 2-3 models the Icarus is a headache for enemy commanders to deal with.

  • 2 x models supplied
  • 2 x acrylic flight stands
  • 1 x laminated stat card
  • Supplied unpainted and unassembled

DWCA09 Galen Class Escort (6)
The Galen was originally designed as a vessel to provide a solid anti-aircraft defence, with its AA rating of 3, but after a couple of engagements War Master Schneider, commander in chief of the CoA military forces, demanded that the vessel be given an offensive rating. It now has a Single Fore Gun that can fire out to Range Band 2.

  • 6 x models supplied
  • 1 x laminated stat card
  • Supplied unpainted and unassembled

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Fiendish Fabrications release Clockwork Wasp

Fiendish Fabrications have added the Clockwork Wasp to their online store.

Clockwork Wasp

From their announcement:

Greetings gentlemen, we are pleased to announce that the next of our planned August releases comes from the machine-mind of the amazing Professor von Faustleibe. The Clockwork Wasp is a formidable creature of iron and brass equipped with a gas release valve at the front and a vicious iron stinger protruding dangerously from its abdomen. The creature also possessed uncanny ocular capacity that can be relayed to its controller by means of manipulating certain wavelengths recently discovered lurking within the very aether.

The Clockwork Wasp is sold with the Fiendish Fabrications 50mm Clockwork base pictured.

Frozen Planet Studio release Steampunk Dragonfly Flying Machine

Frozen Planet Studio have released the Steampunk Dragonfly Flying Machine.

Steampunk Dragonfly Flying Machine

From their announcement:

Frozen Planet Studio would like to announce the release of their new Steampunk Dragonfly Flying Machine resin kit. With its 10 inch wing span, it makes an impressive sight on the game table. Also, we have a few new robots that are also ready for sale so please stop by and check out the site.

Brad S.

Fiendish Fabrications release Captain Boadicea

Captain BoadiceaFiendish Fabrications have added the Captain Boadicea miniature to their online store.

From their announcement:

Captain Boadicea of the Imperial Aero Corps and commander of the Aeronef: Chariot of Fire – is the first of our planned August releases. During this month we have some interesting (to say the least) miniatures, a new range of bases as well as the second part of our square Forest Floor bases.

Space 1889 figure previews

The Space 1889 blog has photos of painted examples of the 15mm Space 1889 figures from Highlander Studios.

British Troopers

From their website:

Last week I attended Historicon in Valley Forge, PA. Rod Campbell of Highlander Studios was unable to attend due to illness in the family, but he sent me some master figures for approval and just sent pictures of some painted miniatures. I like them a lot, and I’m used to looking at 25mm figures instead of 15s.

New Covenant of Antarctica previews

Spartan Games have posted new previews of miniatures from the Covenant of Antarctica faction for Dystopian Wars including the Callamachus Time Dilation Orb, Icarus Class Medium Flyer and the Galen Escort.

Dystopian Wars Magenta Class Battleship available at GenCon

Spartan Games have posted a preview of the French Magenta Class Battleship for Dystopian Wars which will be available for sale at the booth at GenCon 2011.

Magenta Class Battleship

From their announcement:

News has reached us of a Republique of France Naval Force that is currently crossing the Atlantic, heading to the Gen Con 2011 gaming convention. Intelligence indicates that the force, which is several hudred models strong, is entirely composed of Magenta Class Battleships – both in a flying and surface mode of operation, and paired in packaging. The force is acting as a vanguard force for a much larger French force that will arrive later in the year.

Dystopian Wars August 2011 releases

Spartan Games have posted details and pictures of their August 2011 releases for Dystopian Wars.

From their announcement:

DWCA01 Covenant of Antarctica Naval Battle Group
The enigmatic Covenant of Antarctica (CoA) is the world’s youngest and most unorthodox nation. Officially established in 1857 by its founder, the eccentric Britannian scientist-aristocrat Lord Barnabas Draynes Sturgeon, the Covenant has caused seismic shifts in global politics and scientific advancement in the few short years of its existence. The Covenent’s military forces are small, but thanks to their extraordinary grasp of technology, they command offensive power out of all proportion to their numbers. The divisions of their military, known as War Fleets, contain land, naval and air elements which work in concert like a well-oiled machine. There are currently thought to be some fifteen War Fleets in operational state, although several more are thought to be maintained as reserves. Antarctican war machines are not radically different in function to any other nations’. Their differences lie in their quality. With superior materials technology and artificial crewmen, they are simply capable of operating at a much greater degree of efficiency than the equivalent machineries of other nations.

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28mm Martian Skiff now available

Recreational Conflict is now selling copies of their 28mm Martian Skiff.

28mm Martian Skiff

From their announcement:

Our 28mm Martian skiff is now available in the webstore for $20 USD. We are also offering assembled and primer coated versions for $25 USD. Don’t forget we also have this model available in 15mm. Secret Weapon’s washes and pigments are now also available in our web store.

More information is available on our blog.

Recreational Conflict preview 28mm Martian Skiff

Recreational Conflict have posted photos and details of their upcoming 28mm Martian Skiff.

28mm Martian Skiff

From their website:

I was going to put up a store update today, but late last night we found we had a couple of packages still sitting on the front porch. One of which was the 28mm version of the skiff! This post includes the build of the display model, some comparisons, and a word on cast quality.

Here are the components; each kit includes two railings, a control stick, chair, body, and engine cowling.

Body dimensions are 185mm spar to end of railings and 50mm wide. Passenger compartment is 80mm by 35mm.

Leviathans off to the printers

Catalyst Game Labs have sent their Leviathans Victorian Sci-fi boardgame off to print.

From their announcement:

It’s been a long, long haul, crewmen. But the sea trials are over and celebrations are being organized (wonder if we can get a miniature bottle of champaign somewhere?)…literally right now I’m signing off of final proofs of various material and it’s all being uploaded to the printer (80% percent is already up and the rest will be signed off on and uploaded by end of the day).

Check out their website for full details.

Dystopian Wars “Specials” preview and details

Spartan Games have posted an article on their website showing and discussing the four “Specials” models they will be releasing for each Dystopian Wars faction.

Vanguard Submarine

From their website:

Moving on to the specials, they are intended to become striking additions to your fleets and inject an extra few litres of steampunk into the proceedings. Although most factions will eventually have access to robots or submarines at some point, the specials give a few extra tweaks to your tactics. You are also able to field quite of few of them in your fleet if you wish.

Dystopian Wars Metzger Robot waterline version preview

Spartan Games have posted a preview of the waterline version of the Prussian Metzger Robot.

Metzger Robot waterline version

From their website:

As if the sight of this colossal metallic titan approaching from over a dusty hill wasn’t enough strike fear into the hearts of even the most hardened battlefield commander; now the behemoth turns its attention to crippling your naval fleet as well!

KR Multicase add Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Armada cases

Dystopian Wars bagKR Multicase is now selling cases for use with Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Armada miniatures.

From their announcement:

We have added 2 dedicated pages to the KR website for Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Armada. Many gamers already use KR for these games, and to make it easier to choose the best trays these pages are laid out with tray sets for various fleets in the games.

The trays used are fully compatible with the rest of the KR range. KR use a modular tray system across all of our cases which means that you can mix and match trays within any cases and not have to buy unique cases for 1 particular game. Combine that with the sensible pricing structure which always includes postage and you have the best bag option available.

The most popular case for these games is the AquillaFour which carries 1 fleet comfortably, along with books and accessories in the outside pocket, for only £25.99 including postage.

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Spartan US pricing for July 2011 releases

Thanks to Chris at E-Figures for this list of US prices for the recently announced July 2011 releases for Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Armada.

  • DWBS09 Dystopian Wars: Blazing Sun Kitsune class Escort (6) $9.99
  • DWBS10 Dystopian Wars: Blazing Sun Yurgi class Destroyer (3) $11.49
  • DWBS11 Dystopian Wars: Blazing Sun Hachiman class Dreadnought (1) $23.49
  • DWBS22 Dystopian Wars: Blazing Sun Taka Ishi Heavy Walker (1) $21.49
  • DWBS23 Dystopian Wars: Blazing Sun Chi Ri Class Medium Tank (6) 1.49
  • DWBS24 Dystopian Wars: Blazing Sun Ho I Class Bombard (6) $11.49
  • DWBS25 Dystopian Wars: Blazing Sun Ke Ho Class Small Tank (20) 11.49
  • DWFS09 Dystopian Wars: Federated States Springfield class Escort (6) $9.99
  • DWFS10 Dystopian Wars: Federated States Guilford class Destroyer (3) $11.49
  • DWFS11 Dystopian Wars: Federated States Enterprise class Dreadnought (1) $23.49
  • DWFS22 Dystopian Wars: Federated States Washington Class Land Ship (1) $21.49
  • DWFS23 Dystopian Wars: Federated States Trenton Class Medium Tank (6) $11.49
  • DWFS24 Dystopian Wars: Federated States Yorktown Class Bombard (6) $11.49
  • DWFS25 Dystopian Wars: Federated States Pioneer Class Small Tank (20) $11.49

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