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Halfway there. We're halfway there to the weekend. I've got D&D coming up. Hopefully you have your own gaming planned. Or, if not, some fun plans in whatever form they may be. But, seeing as we're halfway there, we need to munch on some bite-sized gaming stories so we can have enough energy for the last half of the week.

On the platter today we have: Kraken Dice Warehouse Sale Starts Today, Cthulhu Coins up on Kickstarter, Acheson Creations Releases 28mm Allosaurus and Camarasuarus, and WizKids and Vallejo Partner to Create New Paint Line.

Schnauzer Face Minis gives us their thoughts on the new Vallejo Game Air pant sets in this video review.


From the post:

This is a comprehensive first look at the brand new Vallejo Game Air paint range.

Panzerfoust Miniatures is getting close to 500 likes in Facebook. To help entice you to follow their page, they're giving away free paint.

Panzerfoust Giveaway


Avatars of War and Vallejo are releasing a fantasy paint set with a an Avatars of War Dwarven Bezerker figure. Borg IronFist From their announcement:
Acrylicos Vallejo and Avatars of War have joined forces to create a new paint set for the Game Color range. The new set contains eight colors from the Game Color range, a new Dwarf Berserker miniature from AoW, Borg IronFist, and a step by step guide on painting the model using the colors included in the set.   Börg Ironfist miniature can only be purchased via this set, available as a limited run of 500 units.