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Ah, Saturday. What cannot be accomplished on a day like today?
*hears someone shout out "You can't build Rome in a day!"* ... Ok, besides that. *hears people shout out hundreds of other things* Ok, fine! But besides the roads, education, the aqueduct, and stability, what have the Romans ever given us?
... I feel I've gotten off-track. Here's today's Review Roundup.

This time around we have: V-Wars, Imhotep, Celestia, Escape From the Aliens in Outer Space, Ghost Stories, Adventure Time Card Wars: Fionna vs Cake, Tanks – Panther vs Sherman Starter Set, T.I.M.E. Stories (spoiler-free and spoiler reviews), Light of Dragons, Roots of Mali, and Mage Wars Arena Battlegrounds Domination.

It's undeadalicious here, so it would seem. Ghosts, zombies, and now vampires. Is nowhere safe for the living?!?
Ah well, think of all these games as "training exercises" for when some form of undead menace finally does befall us. So, this latest one is V-Wars, a new board game from IDW Games where players are fighting against a spreading vampire menace. No. They don't sparkle.