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Urban Construct

The work week continues. We've made it over the middle and are working our way back towards the glorious, glorious weekend! Mine's going to be filled with prepping various articles for the next couple weeks. Lots of photos to take of models in various states of assembly. Fun stuff like that.

But in the meantime, we've gotta make sure your gaming tables look as good as they possibly can.

Today's Terrain Corner stories are: Deep-Cut Studio releases new Beach design gaming mat, Manorhouse Workshop Update #21 – 3D Bases – Kickstarter Preview, Lasercutcard: Infinity Table Deal, Things from the Basement Releases Frosty Line Of Terrain, and Frosty Ruins by Urban Construct at Salute.

Seeing as yesterday I was awake but my brain was 99% asleep in "post-con mode" from such a full weekend and then an incredibly long drive back home, I took it a bit easy. But that obviously means I missed yesterday's Terrain Corner. Well, I wouldn't want to deny you all the chance to spruce up your gaming tables. I also wouldn't want to miss today's Podcast Roundup, either. So I've combined them into the Podcast Corner for today.

Terrain Stories: Manorhouse Workshop Update #18 – Rough Terrain & Cliffs, New Vulcan-6 Terrain Mat from Warzone40k + coupon code, Woodland: Pwork Wargames fantasy gaming mat, New 28mm Frosted ruins and library Terrain From Urban Construct, New Fighter E Type Blast pen From Amera Plastic Mouldings, and Heroic Maps release - Fort Crabclaw.

Podcasts: Geeks of the North Episode 27 – Guild Ball, News of the North – 2016-04-05, Ice Cream For Everyone Ep 19: Luke Crane, Blue Peg, Pink Peg Episode 70- Mombasa and Buonocore Hot Seat, Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep 49 Golden Geeks, and Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 3: Blokus, Portal, TIME Stories, D&D and Miniatures in Board Games.

Urban Construct has a new Fuel Storage Tank terrain piece available over in their webshop.
I wouldn't suggest using flamethrowers near it.


From the release:

An important addition to any industrial landscape is this 28mm scale model representing a horizontal storage cylinder for fuel, oil or chemicals. This has a highly textured surface to the base, representing gravel. Only £5.50

Could also be used for 20mm or smaller scales...

We will be at Warfare16th&17th November so please pre-order if you are interested.

As with our other buildings and sewers, this series of models is manufactured to a modular format. The advantage of our modular approach is that you have flexibility in how you lay them out or re-use them for alternative scenarios.

Also available without base for £4.50

Urban Construct helps keep your little mans safe from the enemy little mans with their new Command Bunker and Trenches terrain pieces.

From the release:

This new addition to our 28mm resin trench range can be used in 3 basic ways. As a WW1 dug-out, a WW2 or 40k command bunker, or as a fallout shelter. It comprises our weapons position model with a separate roof and support.
Urban Construct will be at Salute tomorrow and will have some new sci-fi buildings with them.

From the announcement:

Urban Construct present their new 20mm-28mm resin near future/sci-fi building, Ultra Block. Suitable for skirmish games such as 40k, Infinity, Relic Knights, Warzone, Judge Dredd and RPGs such as Traveller or Savage Worlds. Our Salute stand is TA31, far left hand corner, next to Empress.
Urban Construct has some new 28mm sci-fi colonists available over in their webshop.

From the release:

Urban Construct present their new set of 28mm metal Near Future or Ultra Modern Colonists. The Earth is dying from greenhouse gases, ozone depletion and pollution. These unarmed civilians have made the grade and have earned enough points to qualify for Off World.
These characters populate the colonies, some are travellers, some are on vacation, some are on business whilst others just get in the way when the shooting starts. Any could be an enemy or a friend.
These figures are all set for the bright new future of Urban Construct's building programme for off world pre-fabricated modular complexes.

Urban Construct released their new flyover interchanges and slip-roads over on their website.
I want to get a whole bunch of their stuff and recreate Gorillaz - 19-2000 on the minis table...

From the release:

Urban Construct are pleased to present their new resin 25/28mm slip-roads or interchanges, which are designed to fit in with their ‘Flyover’ raised roadway series of models. The slip road or raised junction, allows two streams of traffic to merge. One stream of traffic could be from an entry or exit ramp.
Urban Construct has made new access ramps that are compatible with their "flyover" terrain bridge piece.

From the release:

Urbanconstruct are pleased to present their new resin 25/28mm ramps that are designed to fit in with their ‘Flyover’ raised roadway series of models. The self supporting ramp comes with a solid electrical sub-station/plantroom under (see yellow louvred door and extract fan in the photo). The ‘flyover’ range includes central reservations and crash barriers, four-column supports, ‘T’ column supports, straight roads with parapets and ruined road sections. Slip roads will be added and a limited number available at Colours 2012.
Urban Construct makes sure to not just bar the windows, but to fortify them so nobody's gettin' in here! They'll also be at Triples, Sheffield, this weekend with some new products as well.

From the update:

Urban Construct will be at Triples, Sheffield this weekend19th/20th May where we will be selling our new 28mm packs of window fortifications and our new Flyover (see previous article). From impromptu barricades for WW2 and modern defense, to pre-prepared defensive firing positions and even shutters. A set of 8 mixed is £3.50 and a 3 shutters pack will set you back all of £1.40. Limited number will be available but pre-book by Thursday 12' noon for a dead cert.

Urban Construct has a new bridge terrain piece they want you all to see. So here it is.

From the release:

Urbanconstruct are pleased to present their new resin 25/28mm ‘Flyover’ raised roadway, central reservation and crash barriers, which will all be available in limited quantities at Salute 2012 (21st April). Suitable for modern, 40k and rpg etc...We will also be unveiling our new Cold War BTR-80 amphibious APC model, which has a turned brass barrel. Still in service in some countries.
Urban Construct shows off their new modular castle builder terrain pieces.

The model builders have this to say:

Urbanconstruct are pleased to present their new resin 25/28mm Castle Builder range for historical or fantasy role playing games.
As with our other modular buildings the castle can be laid out as large as you like. The size can be expanded by adding more models.
These models are highly detailed and have a fully 3D textured surface to give that rough, craggy, random look of weatherworn stone. This detail continues inside the model so that the skirmish can continue there. The towers even have winding steps that suit standard 25mm bases.
By using the self supporting walls you can create:
A keep with access to the first floor only via a set of stone steps and a drawbridge, to keep the enemy from assaulting the sturdy iron bound door (repositionable). There are internal stone steps, a wooden floor, windows on three sides and a well.
A fort or milecastle
A guard tower. As part of a defensive wall or stand alone.
A portcullis or barred wooden gates.
A barbican with an internal killing space from the roof above.
An outer wall with a walkway and crenellations on both sides. Also with gates or portcullis. Perhaps spanning a mountain pass…
A bridge or viaduct with arches, a walkway and crenellations.
A castle with as many towers, walls, gates, portcullis, barbicans or outer walls as you require.
A wizard’s tower.
The advantage of our modular approach is that you have flexibility in how you lay them out or re-use them for alternative scenarios.

The keep, which is one of the above suggested combinations is only £55 and comprises 3 walls with windows models and one with an iron banded door, 1 personnel drawbridge, 1 stone roof model, 1 stone floor, 1 wooden floor, 1 set of internal stone steps, 1 set of external stone steps for access to the first floor level door and 1 set of corners. See more details of this building and other products at

Urban Construct is Having a Sewer Sale:

From their announcement:

There’s 25% off the price of sewers. Order your 25/28mm resin sewer models now for collection at Warfare (postage will be refunded) or for delivery before Christmas.
There are two types of sewer for historical or role playing gaming: traditional Victorian brick for WWII, steampunk, gothic etc..or the modern concrete type for near future, post-apocalypse etc... You can add a whole subterranean level below your buildings. Both types are modular and fit with the modular road sections, cellars and even buildings to give a 3rd dimension to urban battlefields and FIBUA. The road sections fit over the top of the sewers, which can be used for hidden movement and ambushes. Check out the new ‘Gallery’ for demonstration photos of this arrangement.

Urban Construct have a new terrain piece available:

From their announcement:

Following the raid on the Third Reich's secret rocket development factory at Peenemunde, the production of V2 rockets was delayed by 3 months.

As with our other modular buildings the 25/28mm scale factory can be laid out as large as you like. The size can be expanded by adding more models to increase the number of modules. The standard size is four modules comprising 8 resin walls, 4 roof models, 1 door, 1 column, 1 floor, 1 set of flues, 1 set of corners. As with all our walls they are self supporting. See our other buildings and products at
Urban Construct have released a pre-painted Battletile terrain piece. Pre-painted Battletile From their announcement:
Urban Construct have released a new Battle Tile. A limited number of Discounted price, painted resin models will be available for purchase at Salute 2011, stand TA23, far left hand corner. If you are into 25/28mm skirmish then our website and stand are worth a visit. Representing a ruined street scene with shell holes, ruined walls and torn road surface, this tile can be used for WWII, modern and post apocalypse. Designed to complement our modular buildings, roads and sewers to form a 3D battlefield, the shell hole bases can be knocked through to get access to basements or sewers. Cheers, Dave

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