Unlimited Power Now Available For Star Wars RPG

With great power comes great responsibility. With Unlimited Power, then, comes a whole bunch of new options for your Star Wars RPG character as well as new items for your GM to use in the game. Yes, the latest book is now available. As one would imagine, it revolves around the Force, the mystic… well… force in the Star Wars universe that lets people do fantastic feats.
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Fantasy Flight Posts New Unlimited Power Preview

While The Force is an integral part of the Star Wars universe, GMs can find it difficult to integrate it into the game. Well, the Unlimited Power book that’s coming out soon has a whole section devoted to doing just that. If you’re wondering how you want to bring those elements in so that everyone feels included and that their characters are vital to the game, this is your resource.
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Fantasy Flight Previews 3 New Races From Unlimited Power

The Star Wars galaxy is filled with hundreds of different alien species. Each one has their own proclivities and abilities that they got from having evolved on their planet. The Star Wars RPG does its best to give you the ability to play any of those races, and each sourcebook usually has a couple you can use. In Unlimited Power, there’s 3 new ones. We get a look at them here.
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Fantasy Flight Previews Unlimited Power Book for Star Wars RPG

Lots of sci-fi series have space ships. Many have futuristic weaponry of some kind. Lots have aliens. But what sets the Star Wars universe apart from most is the Force. That mystical power that Jedi and Sith can tap into is a great tool for both good and evil, depending on which side of it you’re on. The upcoming Unlimited Power book for the Star Wars RPG delves deep into the Force and gives players many more options for doing things with it.
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Fantasy Flight Games Announces Unlimited Power Sourcebook for Star Wars RPG

The Force is a very influential … umm… force in the Universe.
… Wait, I feel like we’ve been over this.
Well, it seems as though The Force is on the docket for the next set of Star Wars releases from Fantasy Flight. In this case, it’s the Star Wars RPG. They’re getting a new sourcebook called Unlimited Power and it’s full of new things for you Force-sensitive types.
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