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Tuesday Knight Games

Well, you figure that with events like chasing wheels of cheese down a hill, there's going to be a championship for just about everything. This includes a "game" that seems like it'd be really hard to practice, at least without ending up going deep into your bench and alternates. The World Championship of Russian Roulette is a new card game that's up on Kickstarter.
Well, as I sit here, assembling The Horus Heresy set, working on articles related to it for next week and beyond, I think about other games and other review articles.

Oh hey, here's a whole bunch of them in one, convenient spot for you. It's today's Review Roundup.

In this installment we have articles on: Age of Tyrants, Mansions of Madness, More Cash ‘n More Guns,DC Dice Masters: War of Light, The King is Dead, Fury of Dracula, Roll for the Galaxy: Ambition, Two Rooms and a Boom, Aura, T.I.M.E. Stories, WWE Superstar Showdown, and Pathfinder Adventure Card Game - Wrath of the Righteous.


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