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Time Barons

Weeeekeeeeeeeend! Woo!
Time to get out there and get some gaming in. What kind of gaming? Doesn't really matter, as long as you're out there having fun. But if you're really stuck for a game idea, perhaps these reviews can help.

Today we've got: Darwin's Choice, Star Wars: Rebellion, Majesty: For the Realm, Time Barons, Herbalism, Feudum, Cabooses in the Corner, Seikatsu, and Guards of Atlantis.

International Tabletop Day. It's like our true gaming holiday. I'll be spending it playing D&D with friends (even doing a live stream and then uploading the video later, because that seems like a good idea at the time). I hope you also have something planned out for your day. I know I plan on getting you some game reviews.

This week we have: Pocket Ops, Envyra, Mysthea, Iquazu, Time Barons, Byzanz, Wonderland: Vast: Fearsome Foes Expansion, Pulsar 2849, and Zoo Ball.

Oh, to be able to control time. You'd be able to speed through the week and get to the weekend again. Or go back in time and relive really great moments. Hell, I'd go ahead and schedule up TGN posts for the next decade or two at one time. But if there were other people who could move around in time, they might see it as a chance to take over. The only way to stop them would be to take over, yourself. You'd want to find the best gear from throughout time and gain followers in each era. And that's just what you'll be doing in Time Barons, a new game now available form WizKids.
Is anyone else announcing as many game releases as WizKids is right now? It feels like almost every day I'm seeing a new announcement from them. That's not any sort of condemnation of it, mind you. Just more of a, "whoah, they're coming out with more? Alrighty!" Anyway, this time around it's Time Barons, a combat card game where players are combating one-another to become the one and only Time Baron.