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ThunderChild Miniatures

Woo! Friday! Woo!
*runs around with arms over my head*
The Gateway to the Weekend is once more upon us. In just a couple hours, we'll be enjoying a couple days off to do whatever we want (hopefully that involved gaming). We'd best make sure we've got enough strength. That can be gained by noshing on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today we have: Viking Raid and Shaleground Flat Bases Now Available From Tabletop-Art, More busts released by Shieldwolf Miniatures, Raging Heroes introduces the Davidians sculpts, Happy Seppuku Texture Presale Happening Now, New Sci-Fi/Modern Minis From Rebel Minis, Barbaric Splendor Kickstarter One - Personalities is now live, RN Estudio Unlocking Stretch Goals In Revenants vs Ancestrals Indiegogo Campaign, and ThunderChild Miniatures Remasters and Releases Gnarly Pilgrims Minis.

Well, kids, the wait is over. ThunderChild Miniatures has released their Wasteman miniatures game. So if you want to get some pulpy, campy, post-apocalyptic sci-fi action, you're in luck, as this is just the game for you.
ThunderChild Miniatures are in their last few days on Kickstarter for their Wasteman campaign. They're creeping ever closer to their funding goal, but they're not quite there yet. To try and get them to that goal, they've cut the cost of the Survivor Pledge level in half, as well as brought on a bunch of add-ons to the campaign. Go check 'em out before it's too late.

From the campaign:
ThunderChild Miniatures has posted an overview pdf of their Waseman sci-fi skirmish game up on their Kickstarter page. Along with that, they've added some new add-ons, including Johan the Slayer, a Kickstarter exclusive for the campaign.
There's 9 days left to get in on the action.

From the campaign:
It’s not just a review, and it’s not just a painting guide; it’s a TGN Review N’ Paint! Ravage Magazine's Enrico Nardini travels to the post apocalyptic world of Thunderchild Miniatures to scrutinize the Wasteland Pilgrims and take you step-by-step through his painting process.


ThunderChild Miniatures looks to expand their post-apocalyptic range of miniatures with their Wasteman Kickstarter campaign. But more than just adding minis, they've got a whole new skirmish game to go along with it. Rival gangs of aliens, monsters, robots, mutants, and the last of humanity are all struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.
The campaign is just over 1/3 funded already with still 26 days to go.

From the announcement:
Hey everyone. It's another overcast Sunday here in Atlanta. So why not curl up with some of the shorter stories we found in the past couple days?

There's some WIP 15mm terrain from Tabletop-Art, a countdown to Impudent Mortal's Warehouse terrain sets Kickstarter, a new QuadCannon from LaserCutCard (lots of terrain in this edition, it seems), an update about Manorhouse Workshop's Underground Terrain (see what I mean?), the new Municipal Merchant from ThunderChild Miniatures, a new stage from Thomarillion, two new WIP busts from Abyss, and Sister Herja from Kromlech.

Hey everyone. Here's another batch of news snippets for you.
Remember, snippets aren't "leftovers" or "scraps" or anything like that. They're news like everything else. They're just... smaller. There's good stuff in here and we want you to know about it. It's just that the story's shorter, but no less important!

So what do we have in this round? Well, there's a new punk green from Slow Death Games, an announcement from ThunderChild Miniatures about a new Kickstarter, a new release from Hitech Miniatures, a new adventure for Fantasy8s, new Pulp Alley templates from Sally 4th, a notice about the final days of the Rise of the Kage pre-order, some new goblin nurses from Kromlech, a Squadron Strike: Traveller Preview, an announcement about the Death Saves Anthology release, and some new accessories for Robotech from Burn In Designs.

ThunderChild Miniatures is offering a free Glowman model (limited edition, even!) for all orders over £20 in their webshop. ThunderChild's range of post-apocalyptic figures has been quickly growing over these past months. If you've not seen what they have to offer, now seems a pretty good time to check them out.


From the post:
ThunderChild Miniatures expands their post-apocalyptic range with The Glory Hogs.


From the release:

Find yourself more than just truffles with The Glory Hogs now available in the ThunderChild Emporium!
Every crime boss’ favourite merc, and rightly so, the Swyn have a reputation for brutal efficiency. Often accompanied by their keen snouted Hawgs, if you want someone found and you’ve got the cash, they’ll get your man. Just lay off the bacon puns...

Cast in high quality resin and supplied unpainted and unassembled.

ThunderChild Miniatures has a new terrain piece available over in their webshop. This one's named Lazy Bones.


From the release:

Introducing the latest scenery set from ThunderChild Miniatures:
Lazy Bones
Clearly not everyone was in such a rush to avoid nuclear atomization...
This set is cast in high quality resin and supplied unpainted.

ThunderChild Miniatures has their new Mutie Brute mini now available in their webshop.
He's on the brute squad.
"He is the brute squad!"

Mutie Brute


From them to you:

Genetically engineered to restore order from the ashes of nuclear war, Mutie brutes are hulking figures possessing herculean strength and fortitude. With life spans far longer than any ‘normal’ human, many have lost what little mind they had left, frantically wandering the wastes in a fruitless search for long dead war criminals. While those that retain their faculties are often found in taverns, drinking to forget.

This set contains one Mutie Brute Brawler, cast in high quality resin and standing a huge 60mm tall and 50mm wide. Supplied unassembled and unpainted.

ThunderChild Miniatures continues their releases with their new Pilgrims.

Pilgrims a Packin'


From the release:

Pilgrims a packin' blast their way into the ThunderChild emporium!

Not yet ‘blessed’ with the change, the initiates of Gnarly are entrusted with the 7 tasks of Gnar. This includes guarding the great caravans from the wildlife and bandits of the wastes. It also includes fetching the tea for the cult Elders, for with great power comes great laziness.

This set contains two Gnarly initiates, cast in high quality resin and supplied unpainted.

ThunderChild Miniatures has released their new F.I.D.O. 5000 robot over in their webshop.

FIDO 5000


From the release:

The F.I.D.O. 5000 has rolled off the production line and into the ThunderChild Emporium!

Originally designed as a military service droid, the F.I.D.O. 5000 is a common sight in the wastelands. These robots are renown for being fiercely protective (if not a little clingy) of their masters, which is great when you need a can opener, not so much when a raised voice gets the local bar tender melted by a death ray.
This set contains a single F.I.D.O. 5000, cast in high quality resin and rolling 28mm tall. Supplied unpainted.

ThunderChild Miniatures has released their new Tortuga miniature over in their webshop.



From the release:

The Tortuga just trundled into the ThunderChild Emporium!

Stubborn as a bunker and just as armoured, the Tortuga is a relentless creature. These critters are popular pets in the wasteland and make perfect pack animals due to their huge strength and ability to double up as a barricade. Though not exactly adept at sprinting, the Tortuga can spit a powerful paralytic upwards of twenty feet, which certainly makes catching a snack a little easier.

This set contains a single Tortuga, cast in high quality resin and trundling in at 50mm from head to tail. Supplied unpainted.

ThunderChild Miniatures has added their new Gribley Wiblin monster to their webshop.



From the release:

Emerging from the fetid sludge of the rad-swamps, the Gribley Wiblin is a beast both feared and loathed. These fiends like nothing more than to gnaw on the junk of the old world. Due to their fondness for generators many towns have dedicated teams on constant Wiblin watch. Though, with Wiblin stench being similar to month old milk, volunteers are hard to come by.
This set contains the parts to make a single Gribley Wiblin, cast in high quality resin and standing a rotund 47mm tall. Supplied unpainted and unassembled.

ThunderChild Miniatures continues their sci-fi releases with their new Mootant Mootilator.

Mootant Mootilator


From the release:

The Savage Mootilator has trampled into the ThunderChild Miniatures emporium!

Huge, snarling slabs of pungent muscle, Mootilators are perhaps one of the most violent creatures to reside in the ruins of Radtown. Thrown into a frenzy at the slightest smell of humans, the only thing that matches their temper is their insatiable appetite for roast beef.

This set contains a single Savage Mootilator, cast in high quality resin and standing a massive 70mm to the top of her horns. Supplied unpainted and unassembled

ThunderChild Miniatures has their new Brain Toad mini available over in their webshop.

Brain Toad


From the release:

The Brain Toad is available now in the online emporium!

Floating on inter-dimensional currents, Brain Toads feed off the cerebrum of unsuspecting wastelanders. Something that doesn't seem to bother many mutants...

This set contains a single Brain Toad, cast in high quality resin and floating 58mm high. Supplied unpainted.

ThunderChild Miniatures has released their new Mantis Man over in their webshop.

Mantis Man


From the release:

Now available from the ThunderChild Miniatures emporium!
From the deep caves of the irradiated hills crawl the Mantis Men! As terrifying as they are volatile, these beasts don't take kindly to wastemen wandering through their territory.

ThunderChild Miniatures has their new Wasteland Pilgrim miniatures available over in their webshop.

Wasteman Pilgrims


From the release:

Wandering the wastes in search of enlightenment, these weary pilgrims have wandered their way into our online store and are now for sale!

This set includes two gnarly pilgrims and a fully laden mootant, all cast in high quality resin and supplied unpainted.

ThunderChild Miniatures now has their Radtown Ruins post-apocalyptic terrain pieces available over in their webshop.

Releases So Far


From the release:

The Radtown ruins range of post apocalyptic scenery and critters is now available to order!

ThunderChild Miniatures has another new post-apocalyptic minis set to show off. This time it's the Mootants in their pen.



From the post:

ThunderChild Miniatures preview another post apocalyptic set from their Radtown Ruins range: The Mootant Coop!

ThunderChild Miniatures gives us another look at one of their upcoming miniatures with a preview of the Panzer Bear.

Panzer Bear


From the post:

Disturbed from its slumber the PANZER BEAR trundles its way through the ruins of Radtown!

Our latest preview from the Radtown Ruins range, this huge beast is a whopping 140mm from nose to tail!

ThunderChild Miniatures has posted up some more previews of their upcoming post-apocalyptic terrain pieces they're working on.


From the post:

ThunderChild Miniatures have previewed more awesome scenery from the desolate wastelands!