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The Spoils

And it is Friday.
Everyone rejoice, for the weekend is at hand!
Do you have gaming that will be happening over the weekend? I hope you do. The weekend is the time for gaming. All the gaming!

But before we can get to all the gaming on the weekend, we've got to serve you up some bite-sized stories we've found over the past couple days.

What stories? These stories: New Beyond the Gates of Antares Dice Bags & Dice From Warlord Games, Khurasan's new Away Team space explorer range Available, The Spoils and Alter Reality Games Announces OP Partnership, New Gudrun The War Chief Mini Available From Brother Vinni, New From Wasteland Minis Available From RN Estudio, and New 75mm Knight Model From Scibor Miniatures.

The Spoils has a new expansion set coming out on April 10th and you can make sure you get your cards right away by pre-ordering. Holy Heist adds to the strange horror/whimsy of the game in the form of 140 new cards. They're also upping the number of cards per pack form 13 to 14 (including 2 rares in every pack). This new set will certainly see the meta shift as the new cards work their way into your decks.

Check out 5 of the new cards below the cut.

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