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The Phalanx Consortium

When it comes to skirmish miniatures games, there's a bunch of sci-fi ones. There's fewer, but still a decent number of fantasy ones as well. But if you're looking for modern military, it's a little harder to find. Well, Dishdash Games is helping out with their Ultracombat game. You can check it out on Kickstarter now.

Hello there, Thursday. How's things? That's good to hear. You know, it's almost time for the weekend. I know, you feel sad because you're always almost to the weekend, but never there, yourself. That's gotta be rough. But hey, at least you get to help people make their gaming tables look better. That's gotta count for something, right!? Right! Good now, let's get on with it.

In today's Terrain Corner we have: New Modern Food Trucks and Cargo Vans from Burn In Designs, Final Week for Neo Tyrannis Kickstarter, Nine New Fantasy-Football Playmats Available From Deep-Cut Studio, West Land: Pwork Wargames Fantasy Gaming Mat Now Available, and Wizard Kraft Modular River Terrain Up On Kickstarter.

I have to admit, I was really kinda hoping today was going to be Friday when I woke up. Not that there's anything inherently wrong with Thursday. It's just that... well... it's not Friday, is it? It'll be ok, though. We'll get to Friday soon enough (that's not soon enough!). Before we get there, we've gotta finish today, though. That includes making your gaming tables look as good as possible.

In today's Terrain Corner we have: Pwork Wargames Fantasy Gaming Mat Now Available, The Phalanx Consortium Running Neo Tyrannis Cityscapes Kickstarter, and Deep-Cut Studio Releases Limited Edition Bubble Nebula Gaming Mat.

With the zombie apocalypse, there's bound to be those that haven't yet been eaten or infected. There wouldn't be much of a story otherwise. You'd just have zombies milling around going, "braaaaaaains." Not exactly engaging for a story, film, or game. So, it's with that in mind that The Phalanx Consortium and Radio Dishdash are running a Kickstarter campaign for some Skirmish Outbreak survivor minis.
Well, my real name is Jason, after all... *whistles innocently while hiding machete behind back*

Anyway! We've got another bundle of bite-sized stories for you for today.

In this grouping we've got: New Releases at LaserCutCard and $1 shipping items, New 15mm Late Saxons at Splintered Light Miniatures, Manorhouse Workshop Underground Project Update #15, Mantic Games Exclusive Distributor for Secret Weapon in UK and EU, Beasties and Bygones Cartoon Fantasy RPG Coming to Kickstarter Soon, Midknight Heroes reveals its second Character for its Kickstarter, New Door Bells and Proclamations from Thomarillion, Trolka of Skandavia released in Resin from Alternative Armies, Brigade Models releases 2mm American Civil War Houses, Dadi & Piombo Releases The 1066 Supplement for Lords & Servant, The Card Caddy up on Kickstarter, Planetary Militia packs released at The Ion Age, New Armored Greatcoats from Kromlech, The Phalanx Consortium is Bringing Back Battle Cattle, and new tokens and templates for Infinity from Micro Art Studio.

The Phalanx Consortium will be at Historicon and will be your exclusive place to pick up Skirmish Sangin from Radio Dishdash.



From the announcement:

The Phalanx Consortium would like to announce that we will be at Historicon 2014 which will be happening July 17-20th in Fredericksburg, Virginia at the Fredericksburg Expo & Conference Center. We will be at Booth 110 in the Exhibitor’s Hall and will be featuring Skirmish Sangin Modern Warfare Rules, from Radio Dishdash Publishing out of New Zealand, with at booth demos during Hall hours. We will have both Skirmish Sangin and Sangin Despatches No.1 available for sale at the booth. Along with those titles we will also have the 16 figure line of 28mm Modern Aussie/Kiwi figures for your battles in Afghanistan.

In addition to those fine products we will be previewing future releases from Radio Dishdash both on the supplement and figure side. So please drop by and say, “Hello!”, and pick up your copy while you are there. In the words of one reviewer, “If you want a modern-period skirmish game, it is worth picking up a copy. You will not be disappointed …” – Paul Burkin – Wargames Soldiers & Strategy (Issue 66).

We’ll look for you there!

The Phalanx Consortium will be the producers and distributors for games from Space Monkeys Down.



From the announcement:

The Phalanx Consortium would like to announce that they will be the producers and distributors for a new line of games from the fine folks at Space Monkeys Down, LLC (SMD). We have enjoyed our time working with SMD to set up our working relationship and we are extremely excited about their game idea and working with them to bring their concepts to the market.

“Like the first monkeys in space, we at Space Monkeys Down are beginning our journey to new frontiers. All successful journeys require good partnerships and we are excited to have The Phalanx Consortium as our partner in this endeavor. We are confident that with their support our vision for new and exciting games that interoperate with each other will come to fruition.” – Aj Comfort, President SMD

So on behalf of us here at The Phalanx Consortium we would like thank the team at SMD for their belief in our abilities, and we will do our best to turn their ideas into a reality that we can be proud of having a part in producing.

The Phalanx Consortium will be at Military History Weekend on the 12th and 13th. You should stop by and say hello to them.


From the announcement:

Come join us at the Military History Weekend October 12-13th, 2013 in Williamsburg, Virginia. We will be demoing Osprey's new Ronin Feudal Japanese Skirmish System and featuring prototypes of accessory models we are developing in support of the period. Hope to see you there!

Polyversal is a team-up between The Phalanx Consortium and Collins Epic Wargames to bring you a new 6mm sci-fi minis game.

From the announcement:

The Phalanx Consortium is excited to announce that we have teamed up with Collins Epic Wargames to design the cityscapes and terrain for their new 6mm Sci-Fi Mass Combat game POLYVERSAL. We will be creating the contextual world of a war torn future Earth lost to the ravages of constant conflict. Stay tuned for further details as we go forward with this exciting project.

The Phalanx Consortium is showing off some 3D renders of new terrain they're working in on preparation for their upcoming Kickstarter project.

From the preview:

The Phalanx Consortium is back to work on designs after a great weekend at Historicon 2013. We debuted our initial renders for our "Historical Architecture Series" project in preparation for our upcoming KICKSTARTER.

Also, we would like to thank those of you who stopped by to see us and for everyone's complements and feedback. We look forward to turning these concepts into reality for the historical gaming community, as well as our future plans to start creating worlds for the Sci Fi and Fantasy genres.

The Phalanx Consortium will be over at Historicon this weekend. You should go and say hello to them.

From the announcement:

The Phalanx Consortium will be joining our friends at at booth 210 at Historicon 2013. We will have information regarding our upcoming KICKSTARTER . We have also also set up a news group at to keep apprised of our progress, along with early bird promotions. Come by and say Hi!

The Phalanx Consortium is a new company that's going to be making minis accessories. Their inaugural Kickstarter is planned to start soon.

From them to you:

The Phalanx Consortium, in association with our exclusive distribution partner, Pico Armor, is proud to announce our new miniature wargaming accessories company established to "Create Worlds in Context". In preparation for our first Kickstarter we wanted to take this time to introduce ourselves and the subject of our first major project. We are planning on launching our Kickstarter to coincide with Historicon 2013, which will take place 18th-21st of July in Fredericksburg, Virginia. We intend to have initial product greens and additional promotional information available for review at the Pico Armor booth in the Historicon Dealer Room throughout the weekend.

The purpose of this upcoming Kickstarter is to seek support for the first in a planned series of buildings and structures from different parts of the world and historical periods. The objective of this line is to produce high quality models in all the major scales from 3 to 28mm and to produce them in such a way that they will relate to each other in the context of their surroundings. Meaning that through a modular system of buildings, infrastructure and organics a seamless miniature world can be created on your tabletop.
Future updates will include images and details regarding the planned products. Our first destination will be Italy, circa the 16th through 20th Centuries.

Thank you for your interest and support.