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The Future Belongs To Us

October is about to turn over into November and then it's the holiday season. Some companies are getting into the spirit early with having holiday sales now. One such is Ataraxy Publishing and their The Future Belongs to Us game. You can go and pick up their products for cheaper than usual now.

In a world where body modification means even more than just getting a tattoo or some cosmetic surgery, pretty much the sky's the limit. Sure, you might just want to stay fully human, but why not look into getting all sorts of upgrades and enhancements? Well, for players in The Future Belongs to Us, you'll soon be able to window shop for all types of things, as they'll be coming out with their Upgrades & Enhancements book this November.
The Future Belongs To Us is a new near-future RPG. Go and take yourself a look.

From the announcement:

An all new, all original tabletop RPG has been announced by Ataraxy Publishing called "The Future Belongs To Us". The game is going to make its major debut at Origins, and will also appear at dozens of conventions nationwide this year. They are taking preorders for both the limited edition and standard edition of the Player's Guide due out in April.

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