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The End of the World

We're halfway through October. The temperatures are dropping along with the leaves from the trees. It's the season of scares, and Fantasy Flight is celebrating with an event entirely dedicated to their spooky games like Eldritch Horror, Mansions of Madness, End of the World, and more during Arkham Nights, coming next weekend.

Fantasy Flight Games has a nice batch of new releases available for you this week. If you're a fan of either RuneBound or Descent, you'll want to check it out. If you're a fan of their The End of the World RPG series, you'll also want to check it out. And if you're a fan of their Lord of the Rings card game, you, too, will want to check it out.
My wife asked me why I carry my gun around the house.
I said it was because of Decepticons.
She laughed.
I laughed.
The toaster laughed.
I shot the toaster.
That's not originally my joke, though I wish it was. I also don't have a wife, or own a gun... or a toaster, for that matter. So if the robots were to rise up against humanity, that's one less appliance I'd have to worry about. And that's just what happens in Revolt of the Machines, the next book for the End of the World RPG from Fantasy Flight Games.
Aliens are invading!
Aliens are invading!
Run! Run! Run awaaaaaaaay!
That's what you'd be saying if you sat down for a session of End of the World: Alien Invasion. What? You don't think you can do that? Au contrere! The book is now available for your gaming pleasure.
duuuuuuuuuuuuuun, duuuuuuuuuuuuun, duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun! DUN! DUN!
boom-boom, boom-boom, boom-boom, boom-boom, boom-boom, boom-boom, boom-boom
Ah yes, Zarathustra couldn't've said it better, himself.
It's Saturday. I hope yours is treating you well.

It's time once more to get you some opinions and insight into a bunch of games. Yes, it's our Review Roundup.

Today's articles feature: Star Wars: Empire vs. Rebellion, Between Two Cities, The End of the World RPG, Flick 'Em Up, 7 Wonders Duel, New York 1901, Toast, Card Caddy, Brass iPad Version, El Grande Big Box, Sentinels of the Multiverse: Infernal Relics, Zombies vs. Cheerleaders, and The Bloody Inn.

It is time, once again, for the world to end in new and exciting ways. The End of the World RPG has you playing as essentially yourself when the end of the world comes. The different sourcebooks give different ways that such a thing can happen. The next book announced is apocalypse via Alien Invasion.
The End is nigh! You can run for your lives, but it will not matter! The gods are angry and they will unleash their wrath upon the earth! Weep! Weep for your loved ones as they are torn asunder or driven insane by the mad gods! ... Or so they say in Wrath of the Gods, the new book that is now available for the End of the World RPG from Fantasy Flight Games.
Fantasy Flight Games has announced their next source book for the End of the World. This time, you need to survive against the various deities that might end the world. From the Norse, to the Mayans, to Cthulhu.
The game is different because the character you make is you, yourself.


From the post:
Fantasy Flight Games doesn't head to the "zombie apocalypse" well too often, so it's interesting to see when they do. This book is the first in their The End of the World line, which will be RPGs that focus on various ways, well... the world could end. Be it zombies or ancient gods or cosmic encounters, the books will pit PCs against the ruins of a dying world.
And by PCs, I really mean "you" since character creation is creating a stylized version of yourself in the game. Also, you come equipped with what you bring to the gaming session. (though I'm not sure I'd want to have my players actually carrying around baseball bats and knives if I'm about to run them through some terrible scenario as the DM... hmm...)

Anyway, the game's available now for you to try out and see if you and your players can survive.


From the website:
Fantasy Flight Games gives us a look inside the design of their zombie apocalypse RPG, The End of the World, with this new article.


From the piece:

Designing the rules system for The End of the World was a unique and fun experience for us. The roleplaying game line is based on an RPG made by our Spanish partners called El Fin del Mundo. When we began working with El Fin del Mundo, we faced the challenge of adapting the game for American audiences while staying faithful to the original vision of the game. The result is an elegant system that allows all types of players to tell stories in twenty different apocalypses that will be released across the four books that make up The End of the World roleplaying game.

Fantasy Flight Games is bringing about the end of the world with their new RPG release, The End of the World.

The End of the World


From the announcement:

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of The End of the World series, a new roleplaying game line of horror and survival in humanity’s last days!

Four books make up The End of the World roleplaying game series. Each of these four books offers a different apocalyptic genre and experience. The first book in the series, Zombie Apocalypse, challenges you to face hordes of undead that rise and stalk the earth, hungry for the flesh of the living. The series continues with Wrath of the Gods, pitting players against a pantheon of supernatural foes intent of destroying humanity. Ranging from the Mayan apocalypse to Cthulhu, the gods return to exact terrible vengeance in this book. The third installment in the series is Alien Invasion, giving you the opportunity to battle unknown life forms from beyond our galaxy. You may face a species of conquering warriors, or aliens too small to see with the naked eye. Finally, Revolt of the Machines invites you to match wits against artificial intelligence. When our technology develops consciousness, even normal people will need to battle technology in every form. Each of these books offers a complete self-contained experience, although they share the same rules system. No matter which apocalypse you want to explore, you’ll find unending horror and adventure in this roleplaying series.