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The Brit The Yank and the Hobby Podcast

We've made it to Tuesday. The week is well underway. I know it started off busy enough yesterday. Seems this weekend was the time to send out all the news!! But then, it is that time of the year. Summer's here, and so are a bunch of new releases. And a way to get some more info about them is to listen to some podcasts. That's just what we've got for you here.

On the radio today we have: Meeples & Miniatures Episode 219: Runewars Miniatures Game; The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 28: A Game of Trains, Isle of Skye and Century: Spice Road; Mantic Radio Episode 11; Forgot My Dice Episode 14 (21): Method LARPers; Singled Out Episode 38: The Guild Ball British Championship With Ed Ball; The Cardboard Herald Episode 35: Jamey Stegmaier returns!; The Brit, The Yank and the Hobby Podcast Episode 25: David Pentland Historical Art; Blue Peg, Pink Peg Episode 102: Barenpark; SAGA Thorsday Episode 45: Spanish Battleboard and Tactics Pt 2; All Us Geeks Episode 78: Causing Terror During the Draconis Invasion; Geeks of the North Episode 41: Warhammer 40,000 8th edition; and The Drift Podcast Episode 6.

I don't know what it is about Tuesday that I like. Maybe it's just that it's "not Monday." But it feels like the week's good and underway. Like, "that mess yesterday's over with. Bring on the rest of the week!" Maybe that's just me, but I like Tuesdays. Whatever reason it might be, Tuesdays also include getting together podcasts to help you through your work week.

Today we have: Hero Man and Sidekick Boy Issue 6: Intergalactic Planetary; Anonymous Tabletop Episode 15: We Are Groot?; Forgot My Dice Episode 13 (20): Happy Little Bob; Meeples & Miniatures Episode 217: The Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare; The Secret Cabal Episode 137: Age of Thieves, Moonga Invaders and A Short Topic Extravaganza; Epic Gaming Night Episode 111: Chaos and Creativity; Ice Cream For Everyone Podcast: Scoundrels, Pirates & Game Design with Randy O’Connor; Singled Out Episode 36: Goodbye Thirlwell; Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 121: Tabletop Showcase – Interview with Eric Lang, Designer of The Godfather; The Rolistes Episode 22 (Part 1): The Rolistes Go To The UK Games Expo; The Cardboard Herald Episode 33: Squid & Whale, game reviewers; The Brit, The Yank and the Hobby Podcast Episode 24: Tarawa; Saga Thosday Episode 43: Would you like to know more; The Offline Gamer Podcast Episode 23: Entertaining Expo Experiments; The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 27: The Great UK Games Expo Caper Part 2; Blue Peg, Pink Peg Episode 101: Origins 2017 and Sara and Lincoln Hot Seat; Gamers Lounge Episode 139: Seafall No Spoilers and Spoilers; and Tales of Malifaux 58.

Well, we're back. I'm guessing many of you noticed the lack of posts yesterday and earlier this morning. We were having some technical difficulties with the site. It was a peculiar little bug that was proving difficult to stomp. But stomped it was and so we can continue on. Man, yesterday was a really Monday-Monday. Oof, glad it's in the past. Time to look ahead, and for me, that means the weekend, and that means hoping it gets here quickly, and that means listening to some gaming podcasts to make the time go by.

Today we have: Game Classy Episode 139: Primarily Primaris; Meeples & Miniatures Episode 212: UK Games Expo 2017, Day #1; Meeples & Miniatures Episode 213: UK Games Expo 2017, Day #2; Meeples & Miniatures Episode 214: UK Games Expo 2017, Day #3; Saga Thorsday Episode 40: Viking Warband; The Brit, The Yank and the Hobby Podcast Episode 23: Cold War Gone Hot with Simon Elliott; Plan of ATK! Episode 4; The D6 Generation Episode 214: Multiverse Gaming Terrain Interview & The Walkling Dead Miniature Game Review; The Cardboard Herald Episode 30: The Return of Ted Alspach; Epic Gaming Night Podcast Episode 108: Tense Games; Singled Out Episode 35: Winning Vengeance 2017 With James Long; Forgot My Dice Episode 12 (19) : Story of a Storyteller; 40K Radio Episode 16: 8th Edition Preview Roundup Part 2; and Geeks of the North Episode 40: Colore ton Monde and finding new opponents.