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The Assault Group

Monday and Tuesday are in the rear view mirror. Meanwhile, we work our way towards the weekend. We're halfway there, people. We can make it. But if we're gonna do it, we should stock up on some bite-sized gaming stories. Thankfully, that's just the sort of thing we have for you right now.

In this installment there is: Q-Workshop to Release Battletech Dice, ToSS: Trials of Sword and Staff Coming To Kickstarter May 14th, Dreamwars Hits Kickstarter Next Week, Oddzial Osmy’s 3mm April Releases Arrive at PicoArmor, Awful Fantasy: The Card Game coming to Kickstarter May 3, The Painting Frog announces new "Rumble in the Jungle" 40K event, VIII Corps: The Somme 1916 Coming April 29th, Khurasan releases 6mm space demons, New 30mm and 40mm Trench Warfare Bases Available From Tabletop-Art, Final stages of JoeK Minis' Odyssey:Argonauts Kickstarter, KritterKins on Kickstarter April 25th, Mutant Chronicles GM Screen and Dark Legion & Dark Symmetry dice Now Available, British 8th Army WWII 28mm Miniatures Now Available From Crucible Crush, 28mm Halfling Militia Rooster Rider Miniatures on Kickstarter Now, and New models for Ramshackle Miniatures Dwarf Bikers.

Saturday, Saturday. Ba-laa, ba-la-la-laaaaa.
You know, that really does only work with Monday. So be it.

Today, however, is not a Monday. It's a Saturday. And for that, we can all rejoice. Saturday means a Review Roundup! (ok, so you're probably not looking forward to Saturday just because of the Review Roundup, but I can dream that it's a major part of your life).

Today we have reviews of: Kromlech Basing Sands and Static Grasses, Pathfinder Battles: Gargantuan Red Dragon, The Assault Group WW2 Infantry, Halfling Feast, Takenoko Chibis Expansion, Fluxx Dice, Elysium, Sun Tzu, Animal Upon Animal, and Icarus.

Gamers on Games has posted episode 80 of their vidcast up online for your watching pleasure.


In this episode:

Episode 80 is up!
Episode 80 : TAG Tunnel Rat Miniature by The Assault Group, Hosted by Joshua Tumbry!

The Assault Group has added preview greens photos of new Militia miniatures they've added to their Tudor, Valois and Habsburg Kickstarter campaign.

From the campaign:

The TAG - Tudor Kickstarter reaches its last week with loads of new miniatures added.

These latest miniatures are the Militia Infantry to go alongside the Soldiers in Uniform coats already shown in week 1 of the campaign.

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The Assault Group posts pics of upcoming releases:

From their website:

Here are a few images of what Nick has been working on; these are the dollies (pre-production parts for Nick to sculpt onto) for the English Tudor forces in 1544’s invasion of France. This army is unusual, in that it was the first English army to start to have a uniform. Large numbers of uniform coats, decorated with a large red crosses, were provided for the army with others wearing old style personal dress with crosses added as a field sign, as had been done in English armies previously.

Also shown, are the armored dolls for this period. England in this period had not home-grown armour factories, buying in suits from German and Italian sources, so these miniatures, when complete, will also be useful for Continental armies of this period.

The Assault Group have posted photos of the greens for new 28mm Italian Wars infantry figures. Italian Wars infantry From their website:
Added to our Workbench feature today are twelve new 28mm miniatures suitable for the Italian Wars. These three new packs are for the period 1495 – 1530. Firstly we have two new packs of crossbowmen which the Italians used in large numbers early in the period. They are in standing and firing poses, and are unarmoured and in a selection of hats. Secondly we have a pack of four Italians armed with swords and bucklers. Swordsmen were used by most mainland Italian states, as well as by Venetian Colonial forces in the Adriatic. Swords armed troops would also be handy for naval actions against Turkish galleys and Corsairs.
The Assault Group have released 28mm Spanish Gent d'Armes and Tatar Segban horse-holders. 28mm Spanish Gent d'Armes From their announcement:
Sorry it has been so long adding these two news packs of miniatures to the shopping cart, people keep asking for mail-orders, and that keeps me very busy. Added today are the following packs for our huge Renaissance range;
  • REN189 Tatar Segban horse-holders
  • REN346 Spanish Gent d'Armes with lance upright
The Tatar Segmen are a variant of western dragoons are are design to act horse holders for our current Segban pack and are useful from as early as the 1580's through out the Renaissance period well into the 19th Century. Our Spainish Genta d'Armes are designed to cover the period 1495 -1550, and although the Spanish were still charging with lance in hand as late as the 1630's, these miniatures are primarily for the Great Italian War. They are mounted on our unbarred horses, and equipped with our heavy 16th lance.
The Assault Group have released two packs of English Civil War Harquebusiers with Triple Bar helmets. English Civil War Harquebusiers From their website:
Did i mention we aren't doing an English Civil War range? Yes? But, occasionally, we do do what our customers ask for, and recently we have be persuaded to make these two new packs of miniatures, which can really only be for used for English Civil War armies. The triple bar helmet is most associated with the English Harquebusier cavalry of the 1640's, a lightened form of the heavier Cuirassiers dominant on the continent, Harquebusiers were the predominant cavalry type of the Parliamentarian army after 1643 as used by the 'Eastern Association'; and later the New Model Army, and although they became synonymous with the 'Roundhead' faction they could equally be found in 'Cavalier' units.
The Assault Group have added new historical figures to their online store including some Seventeenth Century Command groups. German Officers From their website:
I'm delighted to add to our shopping cart today, the following new 17th Century German miniatures for our ever increasing TYW range;
  • REN196 German Officers
  • REN197 German Sergeants or Ensigns
  • REN198 German Drummers
Theses twelve completely new miniatures are designed to give much greater scope, to gamers and collector command groups in their Thirty Years War regiments. There is no reason for wargames units to be lead by the same for cloned soldiers, and TAG’s range offers over a dozen packs (52 minis) of commanders to allow your regiments to look different from each other and different to your opponents. Also added to day are more new miniatures for our English Renaissance range, in truth we aren’t really working on a Classic ‘ECW’ range by we do have a small selection of English troops to allow games to create regiments for the Civil Wars or for English-men serving ‘abroad’ in the larger TYW conflicts.