Thursday Terrain Corner

And just like that, we’ve made it to Thursday. The weekend is almost within our grasp. Hopefully you have gaming-related plans. This weekend is the first Board Game Day up at the Milton Library for the year. They took last November and December off, but they’re back once again. If you don’t have an LGS that you can go and play at, perhaps talk to your local library about getting a Games Day going there.

As for the exact moment, we need to make sure your gaming tables look as good as possible.

In the Terrain Corner today we have: Baueda Releases New Drums, Barrels, and Casks; Manorhouse Workshop Update 11 – Forgotten Halls – Hard Plastic – Fortified Terrace; New Terrain Pieces From Terrain4Games; Hadrian’s Wall in 2mm Available From Brigade Models; Heroic Maps release Modular Kit: Starship Corridors; Starbase Starter and Expansion: Pwork Space Tiles Set Now Available; New 28mm tent kits from Sally 4th; Massive Miniature Building Authority Sale; New Sentry Platforms Available From Kromlech; Manorhouse Workshop Update 12 – You can use Forgotten Halls on any existing terrain; Cyber City: Pwork Wargames science fiction gaming mat now available; and Battlefront Posts New Desert Terrain Preview.

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