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Tales of Malifaux

I don't know what it is about Tuesday that I like. Maybe it's just that it's "not Monday." But it feels like the week's good and underway. Like, "that mess yesterday's over with. Bring on the rest of the week!" Maybe that's just me, but I like Tuesdays. Whatever reason it might be, Tuesdays also include getting together podcasts to help you through your work week.

Today we have: Hero Man and Sidekick Boy Issue 6: Intergalactic Planetary; Anonymous Tabletop Episode 15: We Are Groot?; Forgot My Dice Episode 13 (20): Happy Little Bob; Meeples & Miniatures Episode 217: The Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare; The Secret Cabal Episode 137: Age of Thieves, Moonga Invaders and A Short Topic Extravaganza; Epic Gaming Night Episode 111: Chaos and Creativity; Ice Cream For Everyone Podcast: Scoundrels, Pirates & Game Design with Randy O’Connor; Singled Out Episode 36: Goodbye Thirlwell; Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 121: Tabletop Showcase – Interview with Eric Lang, Designer of The Godfather; The Rolistes Episode 22 (Part 1): The Rolistes Go To The UK Games Expo; The Cardboard Herald Episode 33: Squid & Whale, game reviewers; The Brit, The Yank and the Hobby Podcast Episode 24: Tarawa; Saga Thosday Episode 43: Would you like to know more; The Offline Gamer Podcast Episode 23: Entertaining Expo Experiments; The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 27: The Great UK Games Expo Caper Part 2; Blue Peg, Pink Peg Episode 101: Origins 2017 and Sara and Lincoln Hot Seat; Gamers Lounge Episode 139: Seafall No Spoilers and Spoilers; and Tales of Malifaux 58.

I know this post is going up at 2pm. But I'm not actually typing it at 2pm. I'm sure you all know that I'm not really frantically typing out posts and making sure to hit the "publish" button right as the hour strikes. No, I get these things put in ahead of time... so I can be frantically typing on some other article I need to write or working on a proofing project or something. :P
And while doing those other things, I'll tend to listen to some gaming podcasts. Like which? Like the following...

Today we have: Masters of the Forge: Altar of War Episode 4: Tidebringer Assault; Nerdherders Episode 16 (106): Arcade (on) Fire!; Mantic Radio Episode 10; After Ullanor Episode 11; It Will Not Die Episode 20: Ulterior Motives in Frostgrave; The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 26: The Great UK Games Expo Caper Part 1; Epic Gaming Night Podcast Episode 109: Kickstarters; Gamers Lounge Episode 138: Star Wars Rebellion & Legacy Campaigns; The Rolistes Episode 21: Tu Vuo Fa Il Ruolista (at Stratagemma, Florence); Rolling Dice and Taking Names Episode 120: Lorenzo il Magnifico, Emerson Matsuuchi (Century), Honshu, Element; The Cardboard Herald Episode 31: Jonathan Ying, former FFG in-house designer; The Secret Cabal Episode 136: Railroad Revolution, Railways of the World and a Short Topic Extravaganza; SAGA THORSDAY Episode 41: Irish Battleboard and Tactics Pt 1; Tales of Malifaux 57; Man Battlestations Episode 19: Battle of Midway 75th Anniversary; and Pint 'O Comics: Any Good Game Is Gonna End In A Fist Fight.

Back in the office after a "day off" yesterday. So the week's already feeling like it's going to be going by quick (not a complaint), but to continue to help it along, here's the regular set of podcasts that've posted new shows.

This week we have: Primecast Episode 44; The Cardboard Herald Episode 29: The Purge with Jack and John; Meeples & Miniatures Episode 211: Test of Honour Review; Singled Out: Bonus Time Episode 2: Make Ox Great Again; Epic Gaming Night Podcast Episode 107: Creating Games With Daryl Andrews; Guild Ball Tonight Episode 62: Phil Plays Guild Ball; Episode 20 (Part 3) : Nephilim with Mira, Willem & Rob; Exploding Dice Radio Episode 3; Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 119: 13 Days – Cuban Missile Crisis and Pax Unplugged Interview; Lords of the Dungeon 4: Uncomfortable Situations; Blue Peg, Pink Peg Episode 99: Aeon’s End; News of the North - 2017-05-30; All Us Geeks Episode 77: Sorting Through The Dresden Files; Tales of Malifaux 56; and Saga Thorsday Episode 39: Bretons Battleboard and Tactics Pt 2.

But, but but... it's Wednesday!
I know. I know. But this has been a strange week. Got home from the Expo the other day and spent the first part of Monday at the mechanic to get my car checked out. Then got home and found that, due to a crack in my tub underneath my bathmat, water had been leaking into my bedroom closet. Apparently, it's been doing it for a while, since the carpet and several boxes were moldy (I lost a whole box of 3.5 and a couple 4.0 D&D books). Then there was the server migration and... yeah, I am ready for the weekend. So, as I sit, waiting for the repairmen to come over to resurface my bathtub, I'm going to pop on some gaming podcasts. Yes, it's a day late, but better late than never.

Today we have: Meeples & Miniatures Episode 209: Vexillia Card Games; The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 24: Dark Souls, Farsight, Petrichor, Ravage and Exit; Epic Gaming Night Podcast Episode 105: Crossfire Road with Emerson; Gamers Lounge Episode 137: A bit of a mystery; Mantic Radio Episode 9; Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 118: 2017 Summer Movie Preview; The Cardboard Herald Episode 27: Reiner Knizia, designer of ALL THE GAMES; Lords of the Dungeon 3: On Rails vs Sandbox Campaigns; Singled Out Episode 33: Talking Season 3 Brewers with Sherwin; Blue Peg, Pink Peg Episode 98: Yokohama; Tales of Malifaux 55; and News of the North - 2017-05-16.

So yeah, while Monday follows the weekend, so does Tuesday follow Monday and we work our way fully into the week. Eventually we'll swing back around and get to the weekend. Personally, I'm looking to try and do some cooking this weekend. I've not really cooked anything major in a while. I need to change that. Also, Guild Ball on Friday, hopefully. So there's that.

But before we can get there, we need to finish up what we've got going on here. In this case, it's our Podcast Roundup.

Today we have: Guild Ball Tonight Episode 43: The Long Con, Singled Out Podcast Episode 12 – Designing Veterans with Jamie Perkins, Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 176 – Honours of War, Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep 67 Board Game Blitz - Part 1, Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep 67 Board Game Blitz - Part 2, The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 9: Gen Con 2016, Game Classy 120: Gen Con ’16 Part 1, News of the North – 2016-08-23, Lost Hemisphere Radio ep114: The Gen Con Interviews, Tales of Malifaux 37, Plaid Hat Games Podcast Episode 213 Gen Con Recap 2016, and Primecast Episode 35.

The work week continues on. Monday sort of flew by for me. I hope yours was the same. So many few people actually like Mondays. Well, we can help make your Tuesday go by faster, too, by giving you some gaming podcasts to listen to while you work.

Today we have: Ice Cream For Everyone Ep23: Alexis Kennedy & Cash DeCuir of FailBetter Games, Blue Peg Pink Peg Episode 72- The Castles of Burgundy and Aunt Peggy 2, Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep 52 Lord of the Rings - With Marty from Rolling Dice & Taking Names, Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 4: Dark Souls, Empires Age of Discovery, Curse of the Black Dice, Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 170 – Salute 2016, Tales of Malifaux 29, Geeks of the North Episode 28 – Warmachine & Hordes MK3 preview, Adeptus Infernus 033, Man Battlestations Podcast Episode 6, and News of the North – 2016-05-03.

Monday's gone.
Now we've got ourselves elbow-deep into Tuesday. I know a lot of people that will be headed to Boston this weekend for PAX East. Well, along the way, you could listen to some gaming podcasts. Good thing we've got them all together in our Podcast Roundup.

Today we have: Ice Cream For Everyone Ep 21: Tom Williams, Blue Peg, Pink Peg Episode 71- The Prodigals Club and Wisdom Check 3, Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 169 – Horizon Wars, Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep 51 Player or Hobbyist, Tales of Malifaux 28, The Hub Systems Episode 18 - Adepticon & Polyversal, From the Hip talks up the inaugural Connecticut Festival of Indie Games, Irregular Magazine Salute 2016 Videos, and News of the North – 2016-04-19.

With any luck, your Monday went by without a hitch. It was a rather productive one over here. Lots to get done. Lots got done. News posts. Scheduled in one review that went live. Working on the next. Another couple on-deck.

To help get through the rest of the week, I could really do with some gaming podcasts. Oh, hey, lookie here. Some gaming podcasts.

Today we have: Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 2: The UK Games Expo, Viticulture, Raid & Trade, and WKD, Blue Peg Pink Peg Episode 68 - Grand Austria Hotel and Gaming Weaknesses, Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep 45 Down Under With Rule & Make, Tales of Malifaux 25, Adeptus Infernus 031, Geeks of the North Episode 25 - How to grow as a painter, and News of the North - 2016-03-08.

Hey kids. It's Tuesday once again here and that means it's time for another Podcast Roundup.
It would seem a lot of podcasters are back in action in the new year, so without further ado...

Today's episodes include: Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep 36: Gamelyn Games, Meeples & Miniatures Podcast Ep: 162: Review of 2015, Blue Peg Pink Peg Ep: 64: Tail Feathers & 2016 Predictions/Resolutions, Tales of Malifaux 21, Dungeons & Dragons Podcast: Enter the Adventure Zone, Man Battlestations Podcast Episode 2, In The Garage Podcast Episode 3, and News of the North – 2016-01-12.

Hello Tuesday!
What good can we accomplish today? We've already had a bunch of news stories about a variety of topics. Now it's time for a podcast roundup. Give you something to listen to for the rest of the week.

Today's shows include: Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 161 – War & Empire, Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep 32 Graphic Design with Peter Wocken, Plaid Hat Games Podcast Episode 194: BGG Con Recap, The Holidays with Dungeons & Dragons, Tales of Malifaux 19, Geeks of the North Episode 23 – Interview with Bryan Steele, and News of the North – 2015-12-15.

Well, yesterday was quite an exciting day around here. It certainly seemed to go by quickly enough. It was one of those, "Oh hey, it's already noon!" and then seemingly 10min later, "Oh hey, it's already 3pm!" and then 10sec later, "Oh hey, it's already 4pm!" Today seems to be moving along at a pretty decent clip as well. It's already time for today's Podcast Roundup.

So here we go. Today we have: Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep 27 Holiday Gaming & Gifting, Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep 28 Stronghold Games Publishing With Stephen Buonocore (yeah, they came out with two just a couple days apart from one-another), Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast #35: Rebellion in an Airport, Blue Peg Pink Peg Episode 61- Pandemic Legacy and Jeremy Hot Seat (Spoiler Free), Tales of Malifaux 17, and Geeks of the North Episode 21 – Hobby Catch Up and Chaosludik 2015.

Monday sort of shot by like a rocket, at least for me. Seemed like I was just waking up when I was heading back to bed. Considering it was a Monday, I'd say that was entirely fine with me. Today's rounding itself off a bit more, which is also fine. And since we're right here in the middle of it, it's time for our regular Podcast Roundup.

Today we have: Epic Game Night Podcast Ep. 25: Combat, Plaid Hat Games Podcast Episode 190: PHG D&D - 1 - The Gloaming, Dungeons & Dragons Podcast: Sword Coast Legends Launch Day, Privateer Press Primecast Episode 24,Tales of Malifaux 16, Geeks of the North Episode 20 – Interview with Elizabeth Beckley, the Miniature Mistress, Gamers Lounge Ep 116 – Rivals Kickstarter, New Salem, Guild Ball, and Through Gamer Goggles Role-Play Ramblings 1: The Problem Player.

The busy Monday has calmed down into a bit more of a relaxed Tuesday. I'm happy about that, since while being busy keeps time moving on quickly through the day, even a "good busy" can easily turn into just "hectic" if too much starts getting piled on top. Thankfully, that never really occurred.

But since it is Tuesday, that means it's time for a Podcast Roundup.

In this week's group we've got: The Main Action Episode 3: First Fives and Tales of Malifaux 15.

It seemed that Monday was very Monday-like yesterday. A lot of people around here were a bit lethargic. Things that usually don't go wrong were going spectacularly wrong. There were various bits of miscommunication, leading to various misunderstandings. One guy had his car break down. It was a mess.
Thankfully, we all survived it and have now moved on to Tuesday. It seems to be going much better (though that's not really saying much). To help us out further, we've got our Podcast Roundup.

This week's group includes: Primecast Episode 23, Plaid Hat Games Podcast Episode 187: Tailfeathers, Tailfeathers, Tailfeathers, Tales of Malifaux 14, Gamers Lounge Ep 115 – Rise of the Kage, Tekness, Guild Ball, and Epic Game Night Podcast Ep. 21: Puzzles & Deduction.