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Tabula Games

I mean, which of us wouldn't want to be in charge of our own barbarian clan. Ok, maybe Steve in the back, but besides him? It'd be cool, right? Well, in Barbarians: The Invasion, you can do just that. Tabula Games is running a Kickstarter campaign to get a 2nd edtion created, including plenty of updates and upgrades requested by you, the players.

Mysthea: Legends From the Borderlands is a new RPG book that's up on Kickstarters. It uses the Apocalypse World engine and is based on the universe used for Mysthea. A great war is afoot, with the two last kingdoms in the land vying for control. Which side will you be on?

Saturday! Woo! My favorite day of the week. Today, I've got D&D (watch me here if you'd like to see me making a fool of myself :P ). And then, tomorrow, it's been a long time since I really did some baking. I'm thinking I'll make some cayenne pepper dark chocolate brownies and some chili powder chocolate chip cookies. Because that's the type of person I am. Whatever you're doing this weekend, I hope it's awesome. Though I know if you're here now, you're here to check out some reviews.

This week we have: The Bloody Inn: The Carnies Expansion, Processing: A Game of Serving Humanity, Senshi, Evil High Priest, Mesozooic, Volfirion, Countdown Action Edition, Reef, Tokyo Metro, and Codenames XXL.