Tabletop Season 3 up on Indiegogo

Tabletop is looking to fund a third season of their vidcasts and has taken to Indiegogo in order to make it happen.


From the campaign:

TableTop is an award-winning internet series featured on the Geek & Sundry network on YouTube that explores the wonderful world of Board Gaming. Each week, a new array of geeky guests join host Wil Wheaton to learn a new game and share the joys of board gaming together.

I’m sure you’re aware of this already, but board games are awesome.

The show was created by Wil and Felicia Day to share their love of gaming with the rest of the world. Starting with a brief introduction of a new game, TableTop teaches you how to play fun, colorful, and unique board games, then follows up with a live play segment featuring celebrity guests!

If you are already a fan of the series, THANKS!

TabletTop features X-Wing Miniatures game from Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight Games gets their X-Wing Miniatures Game featured on the latest episode of TableTop.

In this episode:

Are you a fan of Star Wars? Do you enjoy the epic space battles fought by Rebel and Imperial starfighters? Are you curious about the Star Wars: X-Wing™ Miniatures Game that all your friends and those other people at the game stores seem to be playing?

Well, now you have another chance to learn more about X-Wing and its dramatic dogfights! You can watch X-Wing on the popular web series, TableTop. Wil Wheaton hosts, as Seth Green, Clare Grant, and Mike Lamond make appearances as Rebel and Imperial forces collide in a two-on-three battle with the Millennium Falcon and an X-wing taking on Slave I and a pair of TIE fighters!

TableTop Episode 3: Zombie Dice, Get Bit! & Tsuro

Geek and Sundry has posted the 3rd Episode of TableTop, where they play Zombie Dice, Get Bit and Tsuro!

From their post:

Wil Wheaton and guests Ryan Higa (creator and star of the YouTube channel “Nigahiga”), Rod Roddenberry (Producer and CEO of Roddenberry Entertainment), and Freddie Wong (creator and star of the YouTube channel “freddiew”) play Zombie Dice, Get Bit and Tsuro!
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