Thursday Terrain Corner

This shortened week is coming to a close. Well, eventually, anyway. Did yesterday seem to take 2 days to anyone else? It started out with, “Woo! It’s Wednesday!” and ended with, “… wait, it’s still Wednesday?!” Ah well, the day did, eventually, end. So now we’re in Thursday. I’ve got my Thursday shirts on to prove it. Also, it’s time for a Terrain Corner. Extra-size, since we didn’t have one on Monday, even!

Today we’ve got: Acheson’s Kongo-Afrika KickStarter to launch November 3, New Normandy 44 Mat Available From Warzone Studio, Fogou Models Releases New Post-Apocalyptic Shacks, Tabletop Workshop Running Modular Dungeon Kickstarter, Plastcraft Shows of Gothic Millennium Terrain, and Heroic Maps Halloween Sale Happening Now.
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Tabletop Workshop Large Castle Set Now Available to Order

Tabletop Workshop, by popular demand, has created their Large Castle Set that you can order over in their webshop. The set brings together 23 of their kits into a single set. You get both castle pieces (walls, turrets) and regular houses and shops, perfect for created a defended hamlet, or fill a whole tabletop with a medieval town. The set is 30% off vs. if you bought all the pieces separately. Quite a deal! Go check it out.


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Tabletop Workshop Modular Castle Kits now On Sale

Tabletop Workshop now has their Modular Castle Terrain Kits available over in their webshop.
Have fun stormin’ the castle!


From the announcement:

Our 28mm Hard Plastic Modular Castle kits are now complete and in stock. Here is a look at the final products!

In the pictures below, you’ll be able to see one of our unpainted designs made out of Tabletop Workshop kits. We created a huge Square Castle Keep, surrounded it with a Massive Octagonal Outer Wall and added a few of our 28mm Buildings to complete.
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Brand New Bundles Now Available at Tabletop Workshop

Tabletop Workshop has bundled up some of their terrain kits and is offering them at a special price over in their webshop.


From the website:

Recently, we reopened the Rural Farmstead and the Urban Starter Set bundles on our website and we’re pleased to announce that unlike last time, they’ll be here for the foreseeable future. That’s not all. If these deals aren’t enough for you, we’ve added an additional FOUR new bundles with even bigger discounts to the originals.
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Tabletop Workshop Basic Castle Set Pre-Order Now Available

Tabletop Workshop is now taking orders for their new Basic Castle Set over in their webshop.


From the announcement:

We are thrilled to announce that the brand new tremendous 28mm Basic Castle Set is now available to pre-order. This huge set includes 12 individual Castle kits, which consist of all the parts required to make a Square Castle. If a Square Castle isn’t your thing, don’t worry! As the Tower Wall Connector Sets can be placed into the Tower at different angles, gamers can design a totally different shape of fortification. Furthermore, as the the kits are fully modular, you can create longer, taller or even smaller Castle Walls and Towers. The full Basic Castle Set consists of:

4 x Round Fortified Towers
3 x Standard Castle Walls
1 x Castle Wall Gate
4 x Tower Wall Connector Sets

ALL pre-ordered Basic Castle Sets will be dispatched in the coming weeks. We’ll keep you updated of progress on our Social Media Sites, our Website and our Mailing List. This huge set is available for £140, which offers a massive discount on buying the twelve kits separately (The Retail Price of 4 Round Towers alone is £120!).

28mm Urban Starter Set now on Sale from Tabletop Workshop

Tabletop Workshop has a special deal going on for their 28mm Urban Starter Terrain set going on now over in their webshop.

Urban Starter Set Scene


From the announcement:

At Tabletop Workshop, we’re currently offering bundled packages of our wargame scenery for a discounted price. In fact, our latest of these bundles is now on sale. The 28mm Urban Starter Set includes a 28mm Chapel, a 28mm Merchant’s House and two 28mm Town Houses, offering the set for a special price of £55. This offers more than 25% off the combined retail price of the buildings, which if bought individually would be sold for a total price of £75.50.

This offer is only available for a limited amount of time so head over to our webshop now!

New Castle Watchtower available from Tabletop Workshop

Tabletop Workshop helps keep your castle safe from invaders with the release of their new castle watchtower terrain piece.

Castle Watchtower


From the release:

We’re delighted to announce that the 28mm Round Fortified Tower is now on sale for the price of £30.00 from the Tabletop Workshop Webstore!

The Watchtower is the very first part of the massive upcoming Tabletop Workshop Castle range and is arguably our best bit of scenery yet. Not only is the tower highly detailed on the inside and out but as we’re plastic design engineers by trade, we’ve designed it so that it’s absolutely perfect for all aspects of wargaming:
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Tabletop Workshop Medieval Farmstead now Available

Tabletop Workshop gives you more options for your gaming table with the release of their new Medieval Farmstead pieces.



From the release:

The latest edition to the Tabletop Workshop Collection, The Rural Farmstead is now available to buy from the webstore. This set includes the 28mm Barn, Stable and Cottage and offers customers a superb 20% discount on the retail price of buying the buildings separately.

For more information, head over to the Rural Farmstead page.

28mm Castle Watchtower Available to Pre-Order

Tabletop Workshop has begun taking orders for their new castle watchtower terrain piece.
Be the first gamer o your block with this bit of terrain when it’s made available.


From the announcement:

“The fantastic 28mm Watchtower is now ready to go on sale and all that we’re waiting for is the packaging. In the meantime, we’ve decided to reward all of you eager customers by offering an exclusive discount for those who pre-order a watchtower before Sunday 27th July. In fact, anyone who pre-orders a tower before this date will receive a 15% discount! (That’s £4.50 off a £30 Building)
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28mm Medieval Barn and Stable Now on Sale

Tabletop Workshop has released their new Medieval Barn and Stable over in their webshop.


From the post:

We are pleased to announce that the 28mm Barn and Stable are now ready to order from the Tabletop Workshop Webstore. These two medieval buildings are great for any medieval town or castle scene and are decorated with bags of detail inside and out. Like previous Tabletop Workshop scenery, the seven separate panels are easy to assemble and paint. Remember, we offer free postage and packaging worldwide to customers who order 2 boxes or more. So why not take advantage of this offer and get yourself both buildings today?

Tabletop Workshop Latest 28mm Castle Preview: Connector Set

Tabletop Workshop is showing off another part of their upcoming 28mm Castle set with a look at the connector sets.

Tabletop Workshop Connector Set holding the Wall and Tower together


From the preview:

The latest 28mm Castle Preview Video is now available to watch on the Tabletop Workshop website. The latest preview shows exactly how the connector pieces ensure that the Castle Wall and Tower can be fitted together.

The Castle Connector Set is perhaps the most essential part of the Castle Kit we’ve showed off so far as it enables the wall to be attached to the tower in a variety of different angular configurations. Don’t worry about reaching your figures inside! The Castle Wall Parapet will still come off even when it’s attached to the Tower therefore still allowing gamers inside access.

Tabletop Workshop posts New 28mm Castle Wall Preview

Tabletop Workshop is showing off some more previews of their upcoming sectional castle walls.


From the preview:

Tabletop Workshop are excited to show you the more details of the upcoming new 28mm Castle Wall. The new wall follows on from last month’s preview of the 28mm Castle Round Tower. These two fantastic pieces of scenery will eventually be joined together by a set of connector pieces as part of the Tabletop Workshop Castle. The connector pieces will be previewed on the Tabletop Workshop on Thursday 17th April.

We recommend gluing the Castle Wall into three separate levels. These are the base, the middle layer and the parapet. The base and the middle layer contain six pieces and are fully modular. As they use the same slots, more and more middle layers can be added to make the wall as big as you want. Or if preferred, gamers can even leave the middle section out altogether and have a small Castle Wall.

The Castle Wall is designed to offer wargaming on multiple levels. The parapet is easy to take off and slot back in so that the gamer can move figures inside the Castle Wall. As well as this, the back of the wall can be left off completely allowing the figures to be easily accessed throughout the whole game.

As usual with Tabletop Workshop scenery, there is plenty of detail on the inside and outside and due to the fantastic texture of the stonework on the exterior of the castle, it will also be easy to paint. In fact, the wall can be fully set up in no time at all.

Tabletop Workshop Barn and Stable Preview

Tabletop Workshop has some previews up of the new Stable and Barn terrain pieces they’ll have available soon in their webshop.


From the preview:

We are delighted to unveil the two latest buildings that will soon be added to the Tabletop Workshop 28mm Medieval Range. The Barn and the Stable are smaller buildings and are based around the existing cottage design. The tooling for these fantastic new buildings are being manufactured at the moment and they will be available on the web store soon for the price of £16.50.

The latest buildings, like our others, have detail inside and out, and between the Barn and the Stable, the buildings include cart wheels, horse shoes, pitch forks, and other little bits of nifty interior detail.
The buildings will be moulded in our usual hard plastic, and use the same mechanisms as all of the the other buildings Tabletop Workshop have released so far

Tabletop Workshop 28mm Merchant’s House and Town House Now in Stock

Tabletop Workshop now has their 28mm Merchant’s House and Town House terrain pieces available over in their webshop.


From the release:

The Tabletop Workshop 28mm Merchant’s House and Town House are now in stock and available to order. These buildings are part of our Medieval Range and are priced at £19 each.

The buildings are designed in hard plastic and work on exactly the same mechanisms as other Tabletop Workshop buildings. They rely on clips instead of glue and the roof fits on top perfectly and can be taken on and off during battle. Due to the way the roofs have been designed, they can be interchanged between all Tabletop Workshop Medieval buildings. As usual with Tabletop Workshop, the models are highly detailed inside and out. The boxes now contain 8 hard plastic easy to assemble pieces and there is even a new look 2nd floor to allow figures to be placed on both levels.

The Town House is the more rugged and it’s everything you’d expect to see in a typical medieval village with its very own wooden tiled roof sitting on top. These 2 buildings are actually quite similar in design, however the Merchant’s House is far more affluent. The design is based on a more expensive town house and with it’s overhanging second-storey, it’s beautifully crafted door and a neat thatched roof to sit on top, it will really stand out on your table. The buildings are perfect together and fit in well with other buildings from the Tabletop Workshop Medieval Range.

Tabletop Workshop Castle Pre-Order Special going on now

Tabletop Workshop has a special deal going on for those of you that would like to pre-order their new modular Castle terrain pieces.


From the announcement:

Tabletop Workshop recently announced their cut price castle pre-order scheme. This massive piece of kit would be available 50% cheaper than retail price to those who pre-order it in 2013. The 28mm castle is a phenomenal piece of wargame scenery. As you now expect from us, it’ll be highly detailed inside and out. It will feature removable panels and lift-off sections to allow the placement of figures within. The castle gates will even open and close, and the portcullis on the gate house will move up and down. For every 25 castles sold, a new stretch goal will be added. Stretch goals include stairs, siege defence weapons, wall and tower hoardings, and the yet to be revealed Barracks and Armoury.
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Review posted of Tabletop Workshop’s Cottage and Chapel terrain piece

Wargame News and Terrain has posted up a review of the new Medieval Cottage and Chapel terrain piece from Tabletop Workshop.


From the review:

Wargame News and Terrain has recently finished a fully illustrated review of the newly released Tabletop Workshop plastic medieval cottage and chapel. Interested in these new hard plastic and modular 28mm buildings, please take a look.

Tabletop Workshop 28mm Castle Kit Now Available for Limited Number Pre-Order

Tabletop Workshop is staking down names of those of you gamers out there who want to get their upcoming 28mm Castle kit as soon as it’s made available. Be the first gamer on your block with this terrain when it’s released.


From the announcement:

After the initial success of its 28mm Medieval Chapel and Cottage, Tabletop Workshop would like to announce its next project will be a highly detailed 28mm Castle Kit. This is a massive piece of kit and contains a selection of walls, towers and a gatehouse. As you’d expect from us, these are highly detailed inside and out.
The castle will be released early next year and we are offering customers the chance to take advantage of our heavily discounted pre-order offer with free stretch goals. Here they can pick up a castle for as low as £90 if they pre-order, this is available from Thursday 21st November. (The combined RRP of the set would be £180 so this is a huge discount). The pre-order offer is limited to a maximum of 150 sets and we are also offering stretch goals every 25 sales. This amazing offer will never be repeated!

Tabletop Wokshop 28mm Hard Plastic Cottage Now Released

Tabletop Workshop released their next hard plastic terrain piece over on their website. Now you can get the Cottage to go with your Chapel.


From the release:

Tabletop Workshops Cottage and Chapel model kits are now available to purchase.
Highly detailed, easy to paint and assemble, and they clip together straight out of the box in seconds

Tabletop Workshop 28mm Medieval Range Terrain now available

Tabletop Workshop has started their new Medieval range of terrain with their new Chapel and Cottage.


From the release:

We are pleased to announce our exclusive 28mm Medieval model building range is finally set for release, starting with the Chapel. It is simple to paint and only requires a few layers of dry-brushing before it is really brought to life. The starting price looks set to be £22. We think this is great value for money for a product of the Chapel’s quality. It will be released on our website and will be available internationally.

Following on from the chapel is the Medieval Cottage. This’ll be available from the web store in early October for around £20. We’ve recently painted one of these up and the final result looks absolutely fantastic. We’re really impressed at how the texture of model is brought out through dry-brushing it with a few layers of paint.

Recently, we also announced on our Facebook that the next products to be produced are a simple 2 storey dwelling, and a more affluent 2 storey dwelling (think Merchant’s house or small Inn). These both come with an upper floor and should be available in the build-up to Christmas.

Tabletop Workshop previews Medieval Chapel and Cottage Sets

Tabletop Workshop has posted up previews of their upcoming Medieval Chapel and Cottage sets over on their website.

From the preview:

This September, Tabletop Workshop are pleased to announce the launch of the 28mm Medieval Chapel and the 28mm Medieval Cottage.
The Medieval Range will be Tabletop Workshop’s first venture into the Wargames industry. We have previous experience of designing a variety of models for leading plastics manufacturers.
It is our aim to provide collectors, modellers and gamers alike, with a number of highly detailed model buildings and the Medieval Range is the one of many we have planned. All our kits are designed in the UK by our team of experienced designers, toolmakers and moulders.
We take great pleasure in selling the kits for around £20. We find this fantastic value for the quality of building we offer.

Tabletop Workshop looking for a gamer to help design one of their medieval buildings

Tabletop Workshop is holding a contest where one winner will get the chance to create a new medieval building for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

From the update:

Tabletop Workshop, a company preparing to launch a Kickstarter in the coming weeks have offered one lucky war-gamer the chance to help design their final medieval model with them

Tabletop Workshop brings you New 28mm Medieval Hard Plastic Building Kits

Tabletop Workshop offers you more options for your Medieval and Fantasy tabletops with their new line of 28mm terrain pieces.

From the announcement:

Tabletop Workshop are starting to reveal their modular plastic building kits which they are planning to launch via a kickstarter in a few weeks time.
All the buildings are highly detailed, easy to take up or down, and cost a lot less than you would imagine – around £15-20 each.