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Tabletop Towns

Despite what you feel about Mondays, it's easy to say that my Pandora was ready to get going. When I loaded it up this morning, the first song to come on was Giuseppe Verdi - Il Trovatore. You may not initially recognize the name, but I can all but guarantee you'll recognize the tune, especially if you grew up watching Warner Brothers cartoons.

Anyway, let's hammer out some terrain stories for you (see what I did there?).

Today's entries include: Tabletop Towns Gaming Mats Up On Kickstarter, New Star Wars Gaming Mats From Fantasy Flight Games, Manorhouse Workshop Forgotten Halls Update 4: about the stairs and flooring up, Heroic Maps - Modular Kit: Ancient Dungeon Corridors Available, and Latest Releases From Armorcast Available.

Tabletop Towns launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new Hab Cube sci-fi terrain pieces.

Hab Cubes


From the launch:

Tabletop Towns are back and this time its SciFi, clever modular terrain system for 28mm scifi games -

Tabletop Towns has 3 successful Kickstarter campaigns under our belt so far, each campaign has allowed us to bring a new set of buildings to the range.
Tabletop Towns is in their final couple of hours on Kickstarter for their Cargo Containers campaign. They've funded and made it through a couple stretch goals, so check out the campaign before it's too late.

Tabletop Towns


From the campaign:

The heavier duty card has been unlocked and will now be used for the production of all the containers!

At the point of writing the total is around £100 short of unlocking an extra container for every 6 !!!

Share and spread the word now as by the weekend it will be all over ;)

Tabletop Towns is previewing their upcoming Kickstarter for their Tabletop Taverns, their 3rd Kickstarter campaign.


From the campaign:

For all 28 to 35mm tabletop gamers, a set of fold flat, easy store boxes which make a range of Inns with floorplans and pointed roofs.

Tabletop Towns has lunched their next Kickstarter project. This one's for a Castle Set.

From the campaign:

These sets are designed for use with 28 - 30mm figures and role-play systems.

These professionally made boxes are made from 400gsm matt art card which gives them exceptional durability even when folded flat for storage time and time again. High Quality lithographic printing with a matt laminate helps to both prevent cracking and provide a stay clean surface, the artwork on them is by Mortis Logan.

These boxes are preprinted, pre laminated pre cut and pre creased! you wont need a knife or scissors to pop them up! and they will pack away so they are easy to carry!

Tabletop Towns ended their successful Kickstarter and is giving us an update, letting everyone know that the files have been sent to the printer.

From the announcement:

The successfully funded Kickstarter project "Tabletop Towns" have pushed the button with their printer and the boxes are now in the production line.
Julian, the projects creator is expecting delivery of the boxes in the second week of april.
He says "once all the Kickstarter rewards are depatched, I will be selling further stock via our website"
Julian went on to say that he hopes to announce a US distributor soon and that he intends to create several new building sets in the coming months. he was so pleased by the projects reception on Kickstarter that he hopes to use it for further sets of buildings.

Tabletop Towns is a new terrain set up on Kickstarter looking for funding. Go have yourselves a look-see.

From the campaign:

A set of practical, high quality, laminated, fold flat, cardboard buildings for use with any 28mm wargame/tabletop roleplaying system.

After many years of table top roleplaying and dozens of self printed buildings used as props I really wanted a decent set of durable buildings that fold/stack away for easy storage and are almost infinitely reusable.

After careful consideration the buildings will all have flat roofs, painted to appear 3 dimensional - this not only keeps the model cost down but allows players to move figures on top of the buildings (and we all know at least one rogue or archer who always wants to be on the roof!)