Summer Deals on Taban Miniatures

Taban Miniatures has a special sale running right now over on their website.

CS3049 Trithemius


From the sales sheet:

Its summer time and we all have more time for the hobby !

In order to celebrate, Taban Miniatures carries 2 SPECIAL OPS this month of August:

– 20% discount over all our webstore products! (use ‘beach14’ promo code upon ordering)
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Taban Miniatures posts new Eden releases

Taban Miniatures has their latest releases for Eden posted up in their webshop.



From the announcement:

The June and July releases for the Post-apocalyptic skirmishes game Eden have arrived !
4 new fighters and a resin scenery element :
– Marvin & Oshoku
A double blister pack including Marvin for the résistance and the Yellow Oshoku for the ISC. These models come with both Eden and Escape profiles !

– Hk’Hyudn Hk’Hyudn
A cute “little” Néphilim , 50mm tall that will beat them up’ …to 3 times per turn

– Elkelb Askari Elkelb Askari
Also romantic, this Askari puppy brimming with rage !
– Contaminated area
And to disolve your foes in style, this great resin contaminated area !

Eden April releases available at Salute 2014

Taban Miniatures will have their April releases for Eden available at their booth at Salute.


From the announcement:

Here are the new releases for the post apocalyptic Skirmishes game Eden !

Ya’Palko for the Nephilim alien faction
Jürgen for the convoy
A second option of Musharef and Larhima for the Askari mutants
and a limited edition mercenary : The Condottiere

Available 2nd half of April but pre released at Salute 2014 (Taban Booth TL15)

Eden: profile design contest

Taban Miniatures is running a profile-design contest for Eden. Your rules could be what everyone gets to use.


From the announcement:

Taban Miniatures runs an Eden profile design contest this week ! ….

Let Eden players imagine the stats and special habilities of a wasteland legend ! Dante the Emancipated One…

If you are on gladiators movies and a Spartacus fan boy, this one is for you !
Contest rules and Dantes background explained on the website.

Dante will be a limited Edition model, only avaialble at Conventions (starting with Salute 14) or as a tournament prize…

Escape from Taban Miniatures

Taban Miniatures has Wave 1 of their Escape board game now available for purchase over in their webshop.


From the release:

For those who missed our Kickstarter campaign last june, Escape wave 1 is now available !

These releases include :
– Escape boardgame box : PvP and co-operative adventures up to 4 players
– Puppet Master and Puppet booster pack : fight against the ISC drones with up to 6 players ! (also includes Eden profile card)

More details on Taban Miniatures shop

February releases available from Taban Miniatures

Taban Miniatures now has their February releases for Eden available over in their webshop.


From the release:

5 new fighters for the skirmishes game Eden this month :
– Em’Tydoh, first re enforcement for the brand new nephilim faction
– Ghazi, mounted leader for the Askaris
– Green Neko, a little but powerful ISC drone
– Oleg, classic but mean joker ganger
– and 2 new degenerates that can be played either as neutral creatures of as Horde fighters

Finally, the game gets cool laser engraved plexi tokens !

Nephilim now available from Taban Miniatures for Eden

Taban Miniatures now have their Nephilim miniatures for Eden available over in their webshop.


From the release:

The new Eden faction, the nephilims has been released by Taban Miniatures.

The 400 initial starter boxes will include, beside the 4 alien fighters, an exclusive miniature token and profile cards featuring the original concept art.
More details on Taban Miniatures

Taban Miniatures posts up Nephilim concept art for Eden

Taban Miniatures has some concept art for their new Nephilim for Eden that they’re showing off.


From the preview:

Here are the concept art of the new Eden faction.
These models will be included in the starter box (details and background of the faction on the editor website)
On sale this friday !

Taban Miniatures posts up November releases for Eden

Taban Miniatures is showing off the latest releases for Eden this November.


From them to you:

5 new references for the skirmishes game Eden this month…

Askari Arkabut, a female mutant spider
Birgit, female convoy fighter
The Plague, a battle drug powered up slave for the Matriarchy
Mireling : body-builded re-sculpt for this Horde / Non player fighter creature
Chitinous hounds (2 packs) : that will allow any player to field 3 of these bests as roaming creatures


Taban Miniatures’ Eden september releases posted

Taban Miniatures is showing off their September releases over on their website for Eden.
Also, dice. Because we’re gamers.


From the update:

6 new fighters for the Post apocalyptic skirmishes game Eden this month !

– Niklaus for the convoy (mounted version of the Indigogo campaign sculpt)
– Kelisha Bamaka shepherd
– Ken the ultimate mercenary survivor
– Tarik, Askari Janissaire
– Lloyd, esistance Assassin
– Black Kunoichi, re-sculpt by Gael Goumon

Beside, each faction gets a bunch of special dice, the survive the apocalypse with style 😉

Final hour for Escape from Taban Miniatures on Kickstarter

Taban Miniatures is in their final hour over on Kickstarter for their Escape board game. If you were waiting until the last minute, it’s your time.

From the campaign:

I don’t know if we will have enough time to update the Escape goodies list, but you can already ask for the resin versions of Jack and the blue Kira (15$ per model) 😉

Taban posts new stretch goals for Escape board game, new model previews

Taban is showing off some more stretch goals for their Escape board game as well as some new model previews.

From the update:

Taban keeps unlocking new stuff and revealing new stretch goals for their final 4 days.

Also, new add-on goodies were revealed

Taban posts new artwork for Escape, the Eden board game

Taban Miniatures is showing off this new artwork on their Escape Kickstarter campaign. They’re also running a Facebook contest.

From the update:

Win a resin copy of the Puppet Master !

We want to celebrate this way the first week of our Escape crowfunding campaign !
The game is funded and we are now going on for the cool stretches goals !

Taban posts Eden gameplay video, reaches funding goal on Kickstarter

Taban is showing off a video showing the first bits of game play for Escape, their board game set in the world of Eden. They’ve also made it up and over their funding goal.

From the update:

Taban updated massively their Kickstarter homepage to add :
– a Youtube video presenting parts of the gameplay.
– the next 3 stretch goals characters, Martin and the wormbot hadn’t been shown yet.
– Also a summing up of who gets what depending on the pledge level.

Escape, a board game in the Eden setting, up now on Kickstarter from Taban Miniatures

Taban Miniatures launched their Eden Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

Escape is a board game with miniatures tokens. Each player leading a group of fighters trying to fulfil their mission objectives before their opponent!
You will thrive in the narrow corridors of “NOE new world” arks. Depending on your faction you will play the Resistance rising to the surface at the cost of their lives, or will control the ISC drones protecting humanity from the surface horrors that occur on the desolate land of Eden…
Whichever camp you choose, the campaign will be tactical, fast and fierce!

Taban Miniatures announces Escape, a new board game set in the Eden universe

Taban Miniatures announces Escape, a new board game set in the world of Eden. They’ll be running a Kickstarter campaign starting in one week.

From the announcement:

On may the 20th Taban Miniatures is going to launch a KS campaign to finance a Boardgame called Escape.
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Taban Miniatures posts up their February releases for Eden

Taban Miniatures shows off their releases for this month for Eden.

From the announcement:

Here are our February releases for EDEN, the first wave of 2013!

Dunbar, mercenary
The Butcher, dominant for the hord
Carmin Onryo, assassin ISC drone
Almeh Askari, mutant female warrior
Sister Arya, new sculpt by Gael Goumon

Available for order on our online store

Taban Miniatures releases special Discovery Packs for Eden

Taban Miniatures has new special Discovery Packs for their Eden minis game. They’re also almost out of one of their limited edition models.

From the update:

Taban Miniatures proposes several discovery pack for the gamers who would like to try our skimishes game EDEN.
These packs come with 1 or 2 starter boxes and our luxury edition “Universe and Survival rules” harcover book

Note also that 1 month after the release of our new Faction, “The Askaris” there are only 140 starters left over the 500 inital batch !
These Annniversary starters include an exclusive minitaure, “the Escapee” (that can be used as a token for one of the game mission)

New Eden faction coming the 05th of December

Taban Miniatures will be coming out with their new Eden faction… tomorrow!

From the announcement:

Taban Miniatures will release a new faction for the skirmishes game EDEN the 5th of December

The miniatures will be packed in a limited edition starter box, with an additional pewter model inside. (only the 500 first boxes will include this miniature)

We want to celebrate this way, our 3rd anniversary and the eight faction of the game !

More details on Taban Miniatures website.

Eden passes another stretch goal on Indiegogo, unlocks Last Stand

Eden, from Taban Miniatures, has passed by another stretch goal over on Indiegogo and has unlocked the Last Stand terrain piece.

From the update:

Congratulations survivor, with your friends you managed to survive your first night out of the vault !

This trial has unlocked a new goodie : “The last Stand”.

A new resin scenery element, limited to this Indiegogo campaign !
One of the new features of “EDEN, universe and Survival rules” will developp further the use of seneries and landscape elements as optional rules : you will be able to hide, get cover, climb, set in flames, explode, jump over them etc…

But beware, some of them can be radioactive or even be the den of some fierce creatures !

Don’t think that the world of eden is an empty place, with scare bands of survivors.

Many creatures survived and evolved at the surface while the human kind waited underneath…
Some of them now help your fighters as minions or tamed warbeasts, but most of them roam the battlefield and will attack both sides.

Taban Miniatures posts November releases for Eden

Taban Miniatures gives us a look at what they’ve got in store for Eden for the month of November.

From the announcement:

Here are our november releases for EDEN !

5 new fighters :
Jason for the resistance
the Flesh Master for the Hord
the Blue Henro, ISC
and Ilona + Yliss for the matriarchy (2009 models re-sculpt)

Eden makes it to their funding goal (and then some) on Indiegogo

Taban Miniatures has made it to their Indiegogo goal with still a lot of time left on the clock.

From the update:

Thanks a lot, we made it !

Your massive support allows us to press on the “print” button, Santa is coming to Town soon !

Mohand has started to sculpt the Indiegogo exclusive miniature.
and ALL the contributors will recieve a resin copy

original concept art designed by Bertrand Benoit :
For the unlocked goodies :

an Askari female Warrior (concept also by Bertrand Benoit) that will also differ from the final starter version : both head and arms will be specific to this Indiegogo project…
and a second scenery element “The Wild”, sculpted by Remi Bostal

Taban Miniatures updates Eden Indiegogo campaign with first stretch goal

Taban Miniatures gives us a look at what they’ve got in store for their Eden campaign when it makes it to the stretch goals.

From the update:

The vault safe is open and the wasteland lays beyond !
So, what was the content of this first strech goal ? One goodie ?

NO Survivors …. A DOUBLE goodie and a bonus !

You have unlocked :

a great resin scenery element ” The Wall”, sculpted by Remi Bostal, that will only be available on this Indiegogo !
a resin cast of a fighter from our upcoming EDEN faction, the ASKARIS
Although the miniature is scheduled in the December starter Box, this version will get a set of arms, weapon and head exclusively sculpted for indiegogo !
a Bonus Voucher, that will grant all the contributors of perks “Survivor” and above, a 15% discount on Taban Miniatures webshop ! A great oportunity for those who will get into our game and follow the waves of releases

Taban Miniatures offering free shipping

Taban Miniatures is offering free shipping (to some countries) for a limited time.

From the website:

Taban Miniatures has decided to set up a free shipping policy to the following countries:
USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand

We took this decision after the logistical adjustments of our main UK partner .
Our business relationship with this trader has been great for years and remains the same.

However, they have temporary stopped re-supplying any products and are clearing their stock until they move to a new warehouse.
At the moment 98% of our range is unavailable on their web-store. We don’t want the many (many) Eden players that got supplied so far to be left over… and stop our game !

Taban Miniatures at Essen with a limited edition miniature

Taban Miniatures follows in our theme today of “what companies are going to which conventions” with their announcement that they’re going to be at Essen. They’ve got a special miniature on sale for people who stop by as well.

From the announcement:

Taban Miniatures will be present at Die Spiel, Essen, 18/21 Oktober 2012

Halle6, Boot 6-718….

We will team up with Smart Max (Smog and Mauser earth) and Ammon Miniatures…a great opportunity to see many French miniatures goodies in one place !

What will you find at the show :
All our Eden range for sale and Studio models on display !
Masters Miniatures limited editions
and the Madlab resin bases

We will run demos of Eden during the 4 days with a german crew and the help of the Tabletop Insider team !
Take advantage to bring your friends there and ask for a game

Special models and discounts:

– Special Edition miniature “Cryssen”, that will be available at conventions and shows only, and for one year!
Beside we will have a decent supply of the limited edition “Alisha” (for the game Eden)

– any order above 50€ will get a -10% discount
– any order above 100€ will additionally earn the customer a free copy of Cryssen !
– Eden discovery offer : 2 starters for 60€ (save 10€)

All the gaming material will be packed in German, but we can be repacked on demand either in English or French

New resin bases from Taban Miniatures

Taban Miniatures gives you the chance to customize your models a bit more with two new lines of resin bases.

From the release:

2 new sets of resin bases from Taban Miniatures to keep up with the gaming releases around 😉

With these chaotic and sandy sets you will be able to field both good and bad dudes on a fancy ground

Taban Miniatures posts up September Eden releases

Taban Miniatures has posted a picture of the September releases for Eden.

From the announcement:

News are pouring down this month, with 6 new Eden fighters, one blisters of familiars and a box full of resin scenery elements allowing to set up your post apocalyptic skirmishes in no time !

Taban Miniatures posts up preview art for Eden September releases

Taban Miniatures put up a photo comprising all the preview art for their September Eden releases.

From the preview:

We are back form summer holidays and September will be crowded for Eden and Taban Miniatures !

6 fighters and 3 familiars for the *post-Apo skirmishes game + a scenery boxed set allowing to set up your battlefield and play Eden in no time !

We will come back soon with all the model pictures, until then here are the concept arts for the 6 fighters, beautifully designed by par Stéphane Louis …