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Street Kings

You're not always going to come in first in the race. That's just a fact. Sometimes you might not cross the finish line at all. But that certainly doesn't mean you should give up. Such is the case with the people over at Board To Death TV and Street Kings, their board game of underground street racing. They've tuned up their engine and are once more hitting the streets of Kickstarter, looking for some funding love.
I pulled my car up to the line. The engine roared in my ears as I revved it, tipping my hat to the power under the hood. I saw the other racers’ knuckles whiten. This is it. After all the small time street races and car shows, I was finally one race away from being crowned king of these streets. I hope the track is in my favor and my rivals don’t have anything up their sleeves. The flag drops, I hit the gas. The race is close, but my car is built for speed and has great handling. As I crossed the finish line, I jumped up from my chair at the table, champion of Street Kings. Discuss 2
Give yourself a pat on the back. You've made it to another Wednesday. We're halfway to the weekend. If you have any mid-week gaming plans, we'd love to hear about it down in the comments. Over the next couple days, I'll be prepping for the D&D game I'm running on Saturday. Last session, the group narrowly avoided TPK twice. So obviously, I need to up my game some.

As usual for the day, we've got some bite-sized stories we've collected together for you.

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Get behind the wheel of your souped-up sportscar and go tearing around the streets in Street Kings, the new board game from Board to Death that's up on Kickstarter now. But you don't get the best stuff right away. You've gotta win some races, get some cash, and upgrade your car and crew a couple times first. And, of course, those beautiful cars don't want to just sit in a garage between races. You can also send your car to get drooled over (just hopefully not on the chrome) at the local car shows.
Board to Death TV, longtime friend of and contributor to TGN, is more than just review videos. They're also into creating games that everyone can enjoy. They've got the Kickstarter preview up for their next game, Street Kings. The game brings the thrilling world of underground street racing to your tabletop. The action is Fast. And I'm also told it's rather Furious.
Check out the preview and give 'em some feedback before the launch.

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