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It's Friiiiiiiiidaaaaaaaaaaay! Woo! Just a couple hours and it'll be the weekend. I'm pumped (if you couldn't tell). I'm all set for some D&D tomorrow. But before that, I need to get some more energy via some snack-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Astro Witch Added To Free Mini Offer From Victoria Miniatures, Veteran Tech Troopers Available Now From Puppets War, .

Fridaaaaaaaaay! Wooooooooooo!
Been quite a long week. Lots of stuff to work on. Midweek doctor's visit. I am certainly ready for a couple days off. Not entirely sure what the weekend will hold. I might go back and revisit the "Chinese Food and Kung-Fu Movies" plan that I actually missed from a couple weeks ago. We shall see. But what I won't miss is some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: New Round Base Bundle Deals From Tabletop-Art, New Orc Flying Coffin Available From Puppets War, Limited Edition Kern Miniature Available to Pre-Order From Steamforged, and RPG Character Class Dice Sets Up On Kickstarter.

The Devil got some dust in his face. He just may cry. We're not sure in Devil May Cry: the Bloody Palace. It's the new board game from Steamforged Games that's up on Kickstarter now, adapted from the popular Capcom videogame series.

You thought the previous preview was hefty. The Elder Geryon Knight makes the other one seem tiny by comparison. If there's one thing you can expect from Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace, it's apparently some really big figures. We get a look at how this big boy and his beefy horse work in the game.

*cutting onions*
*looks over at the Devil*
*hands over tissues*
There's a lot of lesser villains in Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace, but there's also a greater demon running around. For example, there's the Empusa Queen. In this preview from Steamforged, we get a look at what Hunters can expect when they face off against her on the table.

Seriously, you have no idea how much I'm looking forward to having Chinese and watching Kung Fu movies tomorrow. 36th Temple of Shao-Lin, Half a Loaf of Kung Fu, Heroes of the East, God of Cookery... I mean, I love gaming, but I love kung fu movies as well. *is a bear of many loves*
Just gotta get through the rest of today. And if we're going to do that, we should munch on some snacks.

Today on the platter we have: Pre-Orders for Kern Available From Steamforged Games, dLUX JUMBO Dice Up On Kickstarter, and New Releases Available From Puppets War.

"Bridge may be chocolate." I know I've done the Demitri Martin bit before, but it's all I can think about when I see the title for that game.
Anyway, continuing on with their previews for the Devil May Cry board game they're working on, Steamforged is giving us a look at the Hunter Upgrades that you will be getting in the game.

Steamforged is working on a board game based on the popular video game, Devil May Cry (stock up on tissues, just in case). As would be expected with "Devil" in the title, there's demons in the game. In this preview, we get a look at some that'll be included in the game and a little about what you can expect from them.

The next batch of new captains is available to order from Steamforged. Guild Ball's teams are expanding their roster of captains, getting a 3rd each (well, except for Blacksmiths, who don't have dedicated captains. But they are getting a new master and apprentice).

"Bridge may be icy. I don't know. Bridge may be chocolate."

Sorry to butcher a good Demitri Martin bit for that, but it's what I think of whenever I see titles like that. Anyway, Steamforged Games is coming out with another board game based on a popular video game franchise. This time around, it's Devil May Cry. The Kickstarter campaign for Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace, will be coming to Kickstarter sometime Q2 this year.

Fridaaaaaaaay! Woo! It's almost time to get out there for the weekend and get our gaming on. Just gotta finish up around here and then head out. But, before we do that, we should get some scrumptious, bite-sized gaming stories in our tummies.

Today on the platter we have: Art of War Studios Releases Guild Ball Tokens and Templates, Dynasty Porcelain Dice Up On Kickstarter, Buy 3 Get 1 Free Sale Happening This Weekend at Kraken Dice, Hell Hath No Fury Fantasy Miniatures Up On Kickstarter, and Tabletop Fantasy Miniatures by Ana Polanscak Up On Kickstarter.

All the major Guilds in Guild Ball are getting new Captains. But the Blacksmiths don't have specific Captains. They can have any of their Master miniatures be Captain. And if there's a Master, there needs to be an Apprentice. As such, we're getting a sort of two-for-one preview. We get a look at Culverin, a new master for the Blacksmiths, as well as Cutlass, one of the new rookie models people were vying for a while back.

Another day, another preview of a new captain coming for Guild Ball. This time around, it's the Engineer's Guild in the form of Rivet. She's certainly a team player, doling out Reach, Momentum, and free TAC to models on her team.

Another one of the new captains for the Guild Ball teams has been previewed. This time around, it's Corbelli for the Mason's Guild. He's not one to sit back and let his armor take care of him. He's out there, running around, scoring goals.

All of the various Guilds are getting new Captains. For the Brewer's Guild, they need to build back up after pretty much losing... well... everyone, it seems. So, who's going to be leading them in rousing cheers of "Beer! Beer! Beer! Tiddily Beer! Beer! Beer!"? That'd be Corker.

All of the Guilds are getting a new captain in Guild Ball. Some people already have theirs in-hand. *holds up my Hunter and Fish captains* Others are still waiting on previews. If you're an Engineers player, here's your preview.

Steamforged had come out with a couple new captains for some Guild Ball teams (in fact, I just got mine in the mail yesterday). But what about the rest of the teams? Well, they're getting new captains as well, and in this preview, we get a look at the Mason's captain, Corbell.

Here we get a look at the last couple figures for the Miner's Guild for Guild Ball, the minor guild for the Engineer's Guild.
Seriously: Guild, guild, guild, guild, guild... You type it and say it in your head so much that the word just starts to sound weird.

Anyway... it includes a tank. Because that seems legit for a fantasy sports game. It worked for Blood Bowl.

Marky got with Sharon. Sharon got Shiree. She was sharin' Sharon's outlook on the topic of disease.

Today we get another look at an upcoming player for the Cook's Guild. In this case, it's their mascot. He's a cute, little weasel named Pepper.

*obligatory joke about the TV show and movie go here*
*obligatory "adult themed" joke and snickering about the name goes here*

So, the Captain of the Miner's Guild is Shaft. We get a look at his stat cards in this preview.

Games are continually evolving. As players get a chance to work through the rules and figures, there's always the potential to find something that's not working as intended, or is more powerful, or less powerful than the designers wanted. As such, updating things is a good way to go. Steamforged has just done that with Guild Ball and posted up the results.

Along with that, today's the official realease of the Miner's Guild as well as the four new captains that have been previewed.

I want to live with a Cinnamon girl. I could be happy, the rest of my life with her.

Well, if Guild Ball were real people, the Cook's Guild would be where I'd head possibly for that. They've got a player named Cinnamon, and we get a look at her in this preview.

In Guild Ball, every team (except the Blacksmiths, because they have to be different like that) has a mascot that actually plays with them out on the field. For the Miner's Guild, that's Digger, the mole. In this preview, we get a look at just what the little tunneler is capable of.

Steamforged has the next preview up for the Miner's Guild, who are the Minor Guild for the Engineer's Guild in Guild Ball. Guild, guild, guild, guild, guild, guild, guild. I just wanted to type that word out some more. Anyway, along with the new preview for Spade, they've also started taking pre-orders for the team. But that's not all they're taking pre-orders for, as they are also getting names down for those that want the first four previewed extra Captains as well.

Another day, another preview for the upcoming captains in Guild Ball. In this instance, it's the Hunter's Guild. They're getting a captain that, on appearances alone, looks to really play into the "setting traps" aspect of the faction. Since that's the way I like to play them, I'm certainly excited about the prospects.