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Star Wars RPG

It's just been a big weekend for releases, it seems. Well, if your wallet can handle even more, Fantasy Flight has new releases for three of their Star Wars games available now. For Legion, there's the Phase II Clone Troopers, B2 Super Battle Droids, and the Saber-Class Fighter Tank. If you're one for Imperial Assault, you can get the new Gray Cap Cantina Raid game mat. Last, but not least, Star Wars RPG players have the new Starships and Speeders book available to them.

In the Star Wars universe, nobody's just walking around. There's hundreds of different vehicles to get from place to place. And, obviously, you can't walk from one planet to another. That's where all those different starships come in. Soon, you'll be able to use a whole bunch of those vehicles in your Star Wars RPG game with the Starships and Speeders sourcebook.

It's a Star Wars fest over at Fantasy Flight. The new Clone Wars box set for Star Wars: Legion is now available, ushering in a new era to the tabletop miniatures game. The starter and two ancillary sets are available. Also for Legion is the new Upgrade Cards pack, along with several battle mats. That's not enough? There's a new Outer Rim game mat as well, plus a new card pack for the Star Wars RPG. I told you there was a lot.

It's a Star Wars party over at Fantasy Flight with their latest batch of releases. For those that've been looking forward to ships new and old for X-Wing, the fifth wave is now available. Those that want to get a little bit more down and directly involved with your Star Wars experience, there's the new Gadgets and Gear sourcebook for the RPG. Heck, you could use the latter to RP fixing damage to your ship that you played in the former. All of these are available now online and down at your LGS.

There's a lot of little gizmos, gadgets, tech, toys, weapons, and other gear in the Star Wars universe. From weapons to communicators to scanners to everything in-between. Fantasy Flight is putting out a book full of the stuff for the Star Wars RPG, called Gadgets and Gear, and they want you to get a sneak-preview of what will be lining Wotto's shelves when the book releases.

Fantasy Flight is another company with a lot going on in terms of releases. They have several new kits for Star Wars: Legion, as well as the new Collapse of the Republic book for the Star Wars RPG. Staying in the RPG lane, but shifting over to the fantasy realm, Legend of the Five Rings has their new Courts of Stone book available, as well as a new downloadable adventure.

Darksaber. If you've read it, you might regret it. If you haven't read it, you might've heard about it. It was one of the least-liked Star Wars EU books that came out years ago. And while the Disney purge of the EU wiped it from existence, elements from it remain, such as the planet Dathomir and the Force Witches that live there. And soon, they'll be making their way to the Star Wars RPG. Have yourselves a look in this peek into Collapse of the Republic.

Black Sabbath, Dead Kennedys, and System of a Down all asked why politicians don't go out there and actually fight on the front lines of the wars they start. In the Star Wars saga, that actually is often the case. In this preview of the upcoming Collapse of the Republic book for the Star Wars RPG, we get a look at the stats for some of the soliders and politicians that you can find in the game.

Overthrowing a government is generally a pretty messy thing. And the toppling of the Galactic Republic certainly wasn't without its atrocities. That's the era of the Star Wars saga focused on in Collapse of the Republic, a new book coming for the Star Wars RPG. In this preview, we get a look at the Death Watch and their items of war.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, they had a lot of really cool whatsits and thingies that did all sorts of whatnots. I am talking, of course, about all the gadgets and gear in the Star Wars universe. And Gadgets and Gear is exactly what the new sourcebook for the RPG is called. There's also a new Adversary Deck for the Republic and Separatists that's coming.

Ok, so not everyone thought the Prequel movies for Star Wars were all that great. However, just as many people feel that the Clone Wars cartoons were pretty badass. If you'd like to enjoy that chapter in the overall saga for yourself, you'll want to pick up the Rise of the Separatists book for the Star Wars RPG from Fantasy Flight. Copies are available now.

Two ends of the spectrum for this batch of releases from Fantasy Flight. On the one side, you've got the cooperative fantasy board game from the Lord of the Rings franchise, Journeys in Middle-earth. On the other, you've got the sci-fi RPG book full of new NPCs for the Star Wars franchise, Allies & Adversaries. Take your pick, as both are now available.

Though it seems like it revolves around like maybe a half-dozen people, the galaxy in Star Wars is actually filled with all manner of beings. Some will help you in your jouney. Others will be against you. But coming up with all their stats on the fly can be difficult. Thankfully, Fantasy Flight's here with Allies and Adversaries, a new book of NPCs for your games. Check out a little of what will be inside.

Calling national emergencies to suddenly gain and retain power and impose their agenda on the masses without the need to go through the regular bureaucratic streams. That's how Senator-turned-Emperor Palpatine rose to power, slowly manipulating things behind the scenes to put himself in a place to capitalize on dealings he made with shadowy foreign entities. Soon, you'll be able to play in those tumultuous times with Collapse of the Republic, a new sourcebook coming for the Star Wars RPG.

There's about a million or so iconic characters in the Star Wars universe. It'd be really hard to stat out all of them on your own if you're running a Star Wars game. That's where Fantasy Flight is ready to step in and help. They've announced the Allies and Adversaries book. It contains over 130 new NPCs from all the different factions and time periods in the Star Wars saga.

The prequels brought a whole host of new species to the Star Wars universe. In the new Rise of the Separatists book coming for the Star Wars RPG, Fantasy Flight will be letting you play them in your games. Along with that, there's new Careers you can take on, as well as new Specializations. In this preview, we get a look at what you can expect.

Having at-your-fingertips resources for a game can prove invaluable. Not having to flip through books or write down a whole laundry list of stats can really speed up games. That's why Fantasy Flight makes their Adversary Decks for their RPGs. In this instance, they're announcing two new ones for the Star Wars RPG.

Your thoughts on the prequel movies aside, you have to admit that there's a lot of rich meat that a Star Wars fan can really get into in terms of an RPG campaign. And that's just where Fantasy Flight's taking you with their Rise of the Separatists book for the Star Wars RPG. In this preview, we get a look at how GMs can introduce players to this era.

Fantasy Flight is headed to the realm of the Prequels with their next rounds of Star Wars releases. We've seen it for X-Wing. Now we're seeing it for the RPG. Rise of the Separatists is the book, and in this preview, we get a look at some of the iconic arms and armaments that will be in its pages.

Espionage is a major part of any conflict. Getting information on enemy numbers, movements, plans, and planting false information, along with carrying out covert, strategic strikes on enemy installations can easily lead to victory in an overall conflict. And when you're outnumbered and outgunned, it matters even more. Well, the Rebel Alliance is outnumbered and outgunned, so they require their spies to go above and beyond. If you'd like to play a character like that in the Star Wars RPG, you'll want to pick up the Cyphers and Masks book, along with the Signature Abilities Decks. All of them are available now.

The Star Wars saga is broken up into various distinct time periods. You've got the Old Republic. You've got the Empire. You've got the New Republic. And so forth and so on. The transition between those times is one filled with conflict. In going from the Old Republic to the Empire, you have the Clone Wars. That's where the Rise of the Separatists sourcebook will take place for the Star Wars RPG, coming soon from Fantasy Flight.

Many of us weren't gaming 30 years ago when the original Star Wars RPG book came out. But then, I guarantee there's those of you out there with a very well-worn and probably well-loved copy. Either way, if you've never played it but want to, or have played it for 30 years, there's the new 30th Anniversary book available now from Fantasy Flight.
When sitting around and talking no longer gets done what needs to get done, the lightsabers and blasters come out. In the Star Wars RPG, players can focus on these combat abilities, and those abilities are being further expanded and enhanced with the Knights of Fate book. Along with the book, there's new combat decks available, so you can know just what abilities and powers you have at your disposal.
30 years ago, West End Games released their Star Wars RPG book. To commemorate this, Fantasy Flight Games is going to be reissuing and rereleasling it. In this preview, we get a look inside this much-beloved tome.
With great power comes great responsibility. With Unlimited Power, then, comes a whole bunch of new options for your Star Wars RPG character as well as new items for your GM to use in the game. Yes, the latest book is now available. As one would imagine, it revolves around the Force, the mystic... well... force in the Star Wars universe that lets people do fantastic feats.