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Star Wars: Legion

For the next couple Star Wars: Legion support units, Fantasy Flight is headed to prequel territory. They've announced that they're working on the Republic AT-RT unit as well as the STAP Riders for Separatists. Have yourselves a look at these two mechanical, fast-moving sets.

While stores and businesses might be temporarily closed, that doesn't mean there's not work going on. Behind the scenes, in living rooms all across the world, industry continues. In this case, it's some new Star Wars: Legion sets. Fantasy Flight has previewed two new Special Forces units that, after all this pandemic stuff finishes up, you'll be able to get for your collections.

The Empire has many resources at their disposal. That includes many training facilities where their soldiers can get the best education in tactics and command. And since a commander can very easily change how an entire army works, getting a look into how they operate is vital for success on the battlefield. With that in mind, Fantasy Flight is showing off the new Iden Versio and ID10 Commander Expansion for Star Wars: Legion.

An entire army can work differently when under control of a different general. Each one brings something a little different to the battlefield. If you're a Rebel player and you're looking to change things up some, you'll want to be on the lookout for the upcoming Cassian Andor and K-2SO Commander Set that's coming soon for Star Wars: Legion. Have yourselves a look and see if they're the right choice for commander for you.

It's just been a big weekend for releases, it seems. Well, if your wallet can handle even more, Fantasy Flight has new releases for three of their Star Wars games available now. For Legion, there's the Phase II Clone Troopers, B2 Super Battle Droids, and the Saber-Class Fighter Tank. If you're one for Imperial Assault, you can get the new Gray Cap Cantina Raid game mat. Last, but not least, Star Wars RPG players have the new Starships and Speeders book available to them.

It's always important to make sure you have the most up-to-date rules for your game. Something might've needed tweaking because it was unbalanced or the wording was ambiguous or whatever reason. Star Wars: Legion is the latest game to have an update. Fantasy Flight has posted one up, so if you've got an event coming up, or are just a hobby fan, you should make sure you've got the latest version of the rules.

The Clone Wars saw the clone armies of the Republic facing off against the robotic forces of the Separatists. But despite one army being made up of clones and the other coming off an industrial assembly line, not every trooper was identical. There were elites, specialists, and more. In this preview, we get a look at two new units coming for Star Wars: Legion that are a step up from the average squad.

Padme Amidala wasn't your average monarch. She didn't just sit on her throne, occasionally make a speech, and generally stay to herself. She was ready to get out there and fight just like anyone else when the Separatists came calling. Soon, Star Wars: Legion players will be able to add her to their forces. But not just her, Cad Bane is coming along as well, representing said Separatists. In this preview, we get a little look at what you can expect when they are released.

The Trade Federation has a huge military industrial complex behind it. Their factories are able to pump out droids, weapons, and vehicles at an astounding rate. One of those iconic vehicles is the AAT Battle Tank. It's armed with all manner of weaponry to help the Trade Federation assert itself as a major presence in the Separatist movement. Soon, you'll be able to add this formidable tank to your forces in Star Wars: Legion.

Fantasy Flight is looking to get you edicated about the world of Star Wars: Legion. Sure, you've maybe checked out a rulebook or hovered around while a couple people played a game, but maybe it still wasn't clicking. Well, that's where this deep-dive into the game's mechanics might help. This is the second part in the series looking at the game's mechanics.

19 new releases. There are 19 new releases spread out among the different Fantasy Flight Star Wars minis games that you can now purchase. That's quite a lot. There's things like the new Luke and Vader kits for Star Wars: Legion. Star Wars: Armada has a pair of new huge ships (good to see that game getting some support again). And X-Wing has a bunch of figures, including a bunch of re-releases for the 2nd edition of the game (I'm kind of surprised some of these weren't already available, to be honest...).

Technology advances. When I was young, I had a casette player. Then I had a CD player. Now, I have a phone that's a supercomputer. Well, the same happens in the Star Wars universe. The Battle Droids of old are replaced with newer models. Hence, the B2 Super Battle Droid. Soon, Star Wars: Legion players will be able to add these droids to their forces. Let's take a look at what they bring.

Sure, Star Wars: Legion has been out for a while, but maybe you never really gave it much of a look because you weren't entirely sure how the mechanics worked. You might've checked around, but didn't see anything truly to your liking in explaining the game. Well, Fantasy Flight is here to help. They've posted up an overview of the game so you can know just exactly if it's the game you're looking for.

The Kaminoans created a massive clone army for the Republic to use. But just because they made one clones doesn't mean that all the copies were going to be the same forever. As they went along, they refined their process and the training that the clones would receive, resulting in the Phase II trooper, of which we get a preview here before they make their way to Star Wars: Legion tabletops.

Changing an army's commander can dramatically change how the force plays on the field. Fantasy Flight has announced a pair of new Star Wars: Legion commander expansions. Soon, you'll be able to have Cassian Andor or Iden Versio head your forces into battle. Let's take a look at what's in store.

Fantasy Flight has announced a new expansion set for Star Wars: Legion. Like the downed escape pod, this is a multi-piece set giving you terrain, but also upgrade cards and a pair of new characters that you can add to your forces. So it's a little bit of everything for you. What's it got inside? Let's find out.

The Crashed Escape Pod coming soon for Star Wars: Legion gives players more than simply a bit of terrain to hide behind. It also includes a pair of familiar droid faces to add to your forces. But even more than that, it includes new scenarios for your games. In this preview, we get a look at just what those scenarios look like.

After a pretty huge release week last week from Fantasy Flight, it's a little bit lighter this time around. That's ok by me, as my wallet can use a rest. But, for you Imperial players out there, there is a new Dewback Rider that you can add to your force. Have yourselves a look.

Fantasy Flight Games is constantly looking to refine and update their current game systems, offering new ways for gamers to play. In this instance, they're bringing Star Wars: Legion a new game format. It's the Skirmish format and allows for smaller games on a smaller table. What are the details? Take a look for yourself.

While partially a part of a Terrain Corner feature, the upcoming Crashed Escape Pod Battlefield Expansion for Star Wars: Legion also includes a pair of iconic Star Wars characters, C-3PO and R2-D2. They're complete with figures, stat cards for Star Wars: Legion, and even extra upgrades. In this preview, we get a look at just what this dynamic duo is capable of.

Fantasy Flight's got some new Star Wars releases available for you this week. If you're an X-Wing player, there's the 2nd edition version of the C-ROC Cruiser. So, Scum & Villainy gets their huge ship back. Meanwhile, in Legion, they have the Count Dooku and Clone Captain Rex Commander Expansions that you can pick up.

This is quite a release announcement from Fantasy Flight. First off, as you can tell from the Featured Image, the much-anticipated Marvel Champions card game is now available. But if you're wanting something else, there's a bit more going on. There's the new Final Hour stand-alone Arkham Horror game. Or, for you Mansions of Madness players, you can pick up Path of the Serpent. Want some Star Wars: Legion? There's that too with the BARC Speeder and Droideka kits. I told you it was quite an announcement.

A squad of troopers is a great, multi-purpose unit that can go anywhere and do just about anything. However, toss a couple specialists in there and now that same unit can take on even more tasks with greater reliability and skill than before. If you're looking to upgrade your Battle Droid or Clone Trooper units, you'll want to check out the new Upgrade Packs that are coming soon to Star Wars: Legion from Fantasy Flight.

It's a Star Wars fest over at Fantasy Flight. The new Clone Wars box set for Star Wars: Legion is now available, ushering in a new era to the tabletop miniatures game. The starter and two ancillary sets are available. Also for Legion is the new Upgrade Cards pack, along with several battle mats. That's not enough? There's a new Outer Rim game mat as well, plus a new card pack for the Star Wars RPG. I told you there was a lot.

A squad of troopers. They're the basic fighting unit of both the Empire and the Rebellion. But with the addition of even just a single specialist with a specialized weapon or unique training, the overall squad's abilities can be greatly enhanced. In Star Wars: Legion, you'll soon be able to upgrade your units with new specialists. Check out this preview of the two upgrade sets coming soon.