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Star Scrappers

Woo! Saturday! Woo!
I've... got nothing, really. I'm about to head over to a friend's place to game. So let's just dive into the reviews, shall we? We shall.

This week, we have: Wordstacker, Wordsy, Dragoon, Founders of Gloomhaven, Quest for the Antidote, Tokaido, Marvel Legendary: Noir, Quiver, Thunderbirds, Beasts of Balance, Stop Thief!, Zoo Ball, Automobiles: Racing Season, Between Two Cities: Capitals, Far Space Foundry, Good Cop Bad Cop, Unlock!, The Cohort, Star Scrapper: Cave In, Century: Spice Road, This War of Mine, Barenpark, Heldentaufe, Kingdomino, Pathfinder Adventures app, and Space Invaders Dice.

Mining has always been a very tough job, but also quite possibly a very lucrative one. From ancient times where they were finding copper and gold in the mountains, to the far future where they mine into asteroids to find Xendryd crystals. Star Scrappers: Cave-in takes place in the latter. Players will need to hire mercenaries to do the digging for them, but also to build up their base can combat against other players who also want those valuable gems. The game is up on Kickstarter now.