Geek Nation Tours Booking for Essen Trip

Somecentury, I will be able to make it out to Spiel Essen. And when I do, I’m gonna book a tour like the one Geek Nation Tours is doing. You get so much out of it. Sights. Events. And hanging out with cool people like Rodney from Watch it Played. While I might not be able to make this year’s tour, if you can, you’ll want to book now.
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Geek Nation Tours Booking For Essen 2018 Trip

While many people see Gen Con as THE gaming show of the year, there are many others that feel that the real gaming show of the year is Essen Spiel. Not having gone, myself, I can’t really say, but it’s certainly up for debate. If I ever do go, I know I’d want to go in style via a Geek Nation Tours event. They’ve basically got everything. And they’re currently booking for this year’s Essen tour.
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Terrain Corner

It’s a rainy Monday here in Atlanta. I actually love the rain. If there’s one thing I’m annoyed at, it’s that it wasn’t raining yesterday where I could stop and appreciate it more, as opposed to, y’know, driving through it to and from work. Ah well, not everything is perfect in life. But we try where we can. Just like how we try and make our gaming tables look perfect. And that’s what we’re here to help with today.

In the Terrain Corner we have: Adventure Forge 3D Map Maker Up On Kickstarter, Heroic Maps – The Lich’s Lair Now Available, Manorhouse Workshop Forgotten Halls and NoLands Comics at Essen, and Battlefront Offering Free Gaming Mats to Gaming Clubs.

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Midweek Snippets

And we have the week continuing along. Seems this one’s going rather slowly, if you asked me. Earlier today, I looked at the clock and went, “How is it only just after 10am? I’ve been here in the office for the past 17 hours!” Note: I’d not actually been here 17 hours at that point. Just seemed like it. Perhaps snacking on some bite-sized gaming stories will help out.

Today on the platter we have: Krakon Games Running Frills & Fauna Kickstarter, Gioconomicon Posts Photos From Spiel 2016, On Target Green & Red Lasers For Line of Sight On Kickstarter, Mojo Tray System: Modular Transport On Kickstarter, New releases from Terrible Kids Stuff – First half of October 2016, New Condition Markers, Melee Widgets and Base Inserts from Advanced Deployment, The Roots of Magic: Students of Sorcery Kickstarter coming in November, Divine Art Playing Cards Relaunched on Kickstarter, and Devils Dungeon Kickstarter – Milestone Unlocked.

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Mage Company Taking Essen Pre-Orders

Conventions are a great place to pick up some games. You can usually get the latest and greatest that’s available and pick it up right from the company, many times before anyone else has had a chance to get them. Mage Company will be at Spiel Essen in a couple weeks, and to make sure that you can get the games you want, they’re taking pre-orders for pick up there.
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Essen, Job Openings, And New Print Release For Mutant Chronicles From Modiphius

Modiphius has a whole bunch of stories going on at once today. They’ve got a couple details up about what they’ll be doing at Essen. There’s a couple job openings. And there’s the print version of a Mutant Chronicles sourcebook now available.
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Z-Man Games Previews Essen Spiel Releases

Gen Con tends to be the big show that sees a lot of new releases for gamers here in the States. Essen is much the same thing for those of you gamers who are over in Europe. The show is rapidly approaching, and Z-Man games has posted up what sort of releases they’ll have with them at the show.
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Z-Man Games Looking For Help at Essen

While most of us here in the US focus on Gen Con, the Speil in Essen, Germany, gets a lot of the focus for you gamers over in Europe. Many companies make their way to the show, as do many guests. For those companies to show off their products to all those guests, they often put out calls for help. Z-Man Games is doing just that. If you’re going to be at the show, they’d love to have your help.
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TGN Sunday Edition: Sunday Snippets

Well, yesterday was quite a day. Very busy getting that Betrayal at Calth review done. For those that might not have seen it yet, spoilers: I think it’s a fun game that, with the announcement of the Specialty Development Studio, I hope gets some expansions in the future. I’d love to see some new scenarios and more aspects added to it. Perhaps tie-ins with other chapters as well. I’d love to see a “Dark Angels vs. Dark Angels” expansion, for example. We’ll just have to wait and see where it goes from here.

Anyway, on to today. It’s time for a quick bite to eat on some bite-sized stories for you.

Today’s servings include: West Wind Productions Bringing Legions of Rome to Kickstarter, Gioconomicon Posts Photo Galleries From European Events, and New WWII Minis Released By Askari Miniatures.

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TGN Sunday Edition: Sunday Snippets

And we’ve made it back to Sunday. At least for me, the day to get stuff done around the apartment and prep for the oncoming week. I might get in some electronic gaming later on, though. Hey, you can’t make it out to the LGS every day (try as some might). 😉

Since it is Sunday, we’ve got some bite-sized stories for you, as usual.

In this batch is: HS Stencil System – Wave 2 – from Anarchy Models on Kickstarter, New render for Wild West Exodus, Dragonborn – Symphonic Album for Table RPGs on Kickstarter, Another World Miniatures: Magnus The Witchhunter Is Online, Tabletop Adapters releases unique 32mm Adapter, Yay Games To Release Sandcastles at Essen, Vengeance Oct Releases Posted, and The Book of Starry Wisdom: Apocrypha of Lovecraft’s Cthulhu on Kickstarter.

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Friday Snippets

And we’ve arrived. Friday. Such a great feeling. The weekend is just ahead with all the possibilities that it brings. I hope you’ve got some gaming lined up for yours. It is the perfect time for such things, after all.

Friday also brings us a new batch of bite-sized stories.

This group includes: Brigade Models – new 15mm SF Utility Vehicles, Khurasan releases 15mm Stryker, Raid & Trade: War on the Streets Coming to Kickstarter, Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #51: Mutated Animal/Plant Genotypes, Fat Goblin Games to release new Shadows over Vathak Corebooks, Orctober Speshuls From Kromlech, 2015 Update for “Spiel in Essen” App by, Ancient Samnites Previewed at Victrix, Contemptor Pattern Volkite Culverin Available to order from Forge World, and Spawn of Sharktipede Up on Kickstarter.

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GCT Studios Posts Essen Specials and Taking Wave 25 Pre-Orders

Essen is just around the corner and a lot of companies are gonna be there. GCT Studios will be there. They’re also running a show special. If you want to get the new Kappa figure, you’ll have to pick it up at the show, or order it online form their webshop during the show (for those of you, like me, who won’t be headed to Germany).
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Ares Games to release Odyssey: Wrath of Poseidon, Jolly Roger, Quickpick, and more at Essen

Essen is a great chance for companies to release new games to quite a large audience all at once (just like other big conventions like Salute and Gen Con). Ares Games is certainly taking that opportunity and running with it. They have quite a lot of games that they’ll be offering for the first time at the show. You’ll definitely want to stop by Hall 3-E100.
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Mayfair Games Designer Signings at Essen

I really want to go to Essen some year. I’ve done Gen Con many times now (something like 7-8) and think it’d be cool to go see some of the conventions over in Europe. Salute is one and Essen is the other. This year, Mayfair Games will be present and they’ll have some of their game designers with them. If you’d like to meet them and get an autograph, they’ve posted times for that at the show.
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TGN Sunday Snippets

Well, it’s the first Sunday of autumn and yeah, it’s easy to tell here in Atlanta. Yesterday was a heavy drizzle all day. Today it’s overcast with a little bit of a breeze. Rather nice.

And, as usual for Sundays, we’ve got some bite-sized stories to give to you.

Today’s batch includes: Crystal Field 30mm and 40mm Round-Lip Base Deals from Tabletop-Art, New Titan Lava Base From Dark Art Miniatures, Mage Company Taking Essen Pre-Orders, and All-New Nova Aetas in January 2016.

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Ticket to Ride Map Collection 5 Coming to Essen

Days of Wonder keeps Ticket to Ride nice and fresh with new map packs coming out to change up your game a bit. Once you think you’ve mastered one map, you can move on to the next. Map Collection 5 – United Kingdom will be coming out at Essen. It has maps of the UK as well as… uh… Pennsylvania. Because… United Kingdom… *shrugs*
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AEG Taking Pre-Orders for Dice City For Essen Pick-Up

Show of hands here who wish that they could go to Essen. *raises hand*
Maybe someday.
Well, if you’re one of the lucky ones that do get to go, and you want to get Dice City, the new city-building game from AEG, then you can go put in a pre-order for it and pick it up at the show.
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Essen 2015 – An experimental Essen fair for Flatlined Games

Essen Spiel. It’s one of the biggest shows of the year. Certainly the convention season can’t be considered over until after that show concludes. Too bad it’s just a bit out of my driving range to get to. It’s not out of Flatlined Games’ driving range, though. They’ll be at the show, but they’re doing things a little differently this year.
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Geek Nation Tours booking “Geeking out at Essen Spiel Germany” Tour

Geek Nation Tours is now booking for their Essen Spiel Germany tour for 2015. This is one that I really wish I could go on. That show sounds like an absolute blast to go on, and from what I’ve heard from everyone I’ve talked to that’s gone on a GNT tour (for any event), it’s really the way to go. This is the first year they’re offering an Essen tour, so I suggest you get in on the fun.


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Gioconomicon posts photos from Essen

Gioconomicon had a great time at Essen last weekend and has posted up photos they took at the event.

Magic the Board Game


From them to you:

The staff of Gioconomicon was at Essen fair, and while we were playing the new games, we took so many photos that we can share with you in our gallery.

In addition to the boardgames there are also photos from miniature games like Golem Arcana, Wings of Glory or Magic: The Gathering – Strategy Boardgame.

I hope you will find them interesting.

Essen Spiel 2014 – Ares Games releases Dino Race and Wings of Glory 4-engine bombers

Ares Games will be bringing along Dino Race and their 4-engine bombers for Wings of Glory to Essen. Be sure to pick up yours at the show.


From the announcement:

Ares Games will attend Essen Spiel 2014 (Hall 3, Booth E100, October 16-19, Messe Essen) presenting two new releases: the family game Dino Race and the new series of WW2 Wings of Glory Special Packs, featuring the 4-engine bombers B-17 and Avro Lancaster.

In its booth, Ares will run every day demos of The Battle of Five Armies, Sails of Glory and Galaxy Defenders – all these games have been released in 2014 and are in Essen for the first time. Visitors will also have the chance to see the long-awaited Sails of Glory ships Constitution and Victory, expected to release in early 2015, and a preview of the upcoming expansions for Galaxy Defenders – The Earth Strikes Back! and Extinction Protocol.

Mage Company Raiding and Trading at Essen

Mage Company will be bringing Raid & Trade, one of their new board games, with them to Essen.

Raid and Trade


From the announcement:

From the ashes of a devastating third World War, a precious few golden cities emerge offering hope to those who struggle for survival in the wastelands. Players explore the ruins of the modern world completing quests, honing their skills and maneuvering for social status in order to claim a precious spot as a citizen with a Golden City.

Raid & Trade funds on Kickstarter starting November 3rd and will be demoed at MAGE Company booth Hall 3 – Stand 3-O103 at Essen Spiel 16-19/10, in Germany!

Gioconomicon releases Essen buyer’s app

Gioconomicon created a free app to help you track your purchases while at Spiel.
Wish I was going.



From the announcement: has released the update for the FREE Android application that helps you keep track of your purchases at the next spiel fair in Essen!

“Take with you the interactive list of the new games presented at the Internationale Spieltage SPIEL 2014. For each game you’ll find information on its publisher’s booth.”

This App’s goal is to help you find the games you want to buy at the Essen Spiel 2014. It will also allow you to share info on the games you seek or buy with other users, and to compare these statistics with Boardgamegeek’s wished or owned. is an italian webmagazine focused on games, and it’s staff will of course attend Essen!

Essen Spiel Release: Hoyuk

Mage Company is taking orders for Hoyuk, their new board game. They’ll have the game at Spiel and you can pick it up at the show.



From the announcement:

The pre-orders for Essen Spiel pick up will be available until the end of the next week 12/10. You can order your game by contacting us at or by visiting our online shop.

Pre-order now your copy with 30% discount just for Essen Spiel. Our new game Hoyuk will be available. Game price at 35 EU and pack price at 50 EU (including the game, Hoyuk sleeves and the Obstacles Expansion! The designer of the game Pierre Canuel will be also there all days of the fair demoing the game for all of you.

Hobby World headed to Essen

Hobby World will be at Spiel Essen and they’ve got quite a lineup planned for the show.

Hobby World


From the press release:

Hobby World at Essen 2014

It’s that special time of the year again — the long-awaited Essen show is upon us! October 16th-19th Essen becomes the center of the world for all boardgamers. Hobby World is totally going to be there! We will be located at the same place as we were at last Essen — Hall 1, Booth E151.
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Historical Games Factory taking it to Spiel

Historical Games Factory has started taking pre-orders for anyone that might be headed to Spiel and wanted to pick up their orders at the show.



From the announcement:

Historical Games Factory invites you to place preorders for personal pick-up at the Spiel’14 fair in Essen!

The company will bring their brand new games as well as some older releases, all of them will be available at special lower prices if preordered before 12th October 2014. To place your order, contact us at and make the payment via PayPal to the following account:

If you cannot attend the fair, you may also order games with shippng to your country. If you are interested in using this option, contact us at for more details. Please note that the shipment cost and delivery time are determined individually and depend on the weight of the games and on the place of destination.

Historical Games Factory starts Essen 2014 preorders

Historical Games Factory is now taking pre-orders for those of you that’ll be headed to Essen and want to pick up your products at the show.

Historical Games Factory


From the announcement:

Historical Games Factory invites you to place preorders for personal pick-up at the Spiel’14 fair in Essen. The company will bring their brand new games as well as some older releases, all of them will be available at special lower prices if preordered before 12th October 2014. To place your order, write an e-mail to and make the payment via PayPal to the following account:
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Historical Games Factory – new releases for Essen 2014

Historical Games Factory will be making their second appearance at Essen 2014 and will have some new releases available at the show.


From them to you:

Polish publishing company Historical Games Factory is going to make their second appearance at Spiel this year with some new games. They will be available at booth 2-D118 together with the publisher’s earlier releases (W Zak?adzie, Theomachie, The Outcast Heroes and Sigismundus Augustus – last copies).
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Mage Company new releases and Essen pickup

Mage Company has some new releases available over in their webshop to pre-order. They’ll also be at Essen and if you want to pick up your order from them there, they’ll give you a special discount.

Essen map


From the announcement:

New Products arrive at the end August: Hoyuk, Hoyuk: Obstacles, MAGE Company Card Sleeves, 12 Realms, the new version and more. Currently we have added some special offers for Essen Spiel.

You can pre-order your game here but you will have to visit our booth at Essen Spiel, October 16-19th, at Hall 3 – Booth 3-O103. We offer our games about -30% and you do not pay ship fees.

Soda Pop Miniatures releases German Translation for Super Dungeon Explore and will attend Essen Spiel

Soda Pop Miniatures now has Super Dungeon Explore available for all your German-speaking peoples out there. Plus, they’ll be at Essen Spiel next week.


From the update:

You have asked for it and here it is! We have Super Dungeon Explore Rules in German Translation, and right in time for ESSEN! We hope to see you there!

Essen Spiel Releases from Freebooter Miniatures posted

Freebooter Miniatures is showing off the greens of the minis that they’ll be releasing at Essen Spiel next week, along with a tease of a new, exclusive model they’ll have at the show.


From the preview:

Surprise – our new releases for SPIEL!!!

Ahoy there, friends of the freshly-emptied mug of rum

As promised, our anniversary year ends with a big bang – a new starter box for the East-Leoneran Trading Company.
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