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Hey there again, dear TGN Readers.
We’ve got another batch of News Snippets for you.
By the way, we’ve fixed the issue with galleries. So photos will be showing up where they should be (hopefully, anyway, unless something else goes wacky between writing this and when you read it).

-Zinge Industries Previews Heat-Bendible I Beams
-New Mutant Monsters from Zinge Industries
-Vampire Hunters previews Svetlana render
-Shieldwolf’s 4th army has appeared for the upcoming Kickstarter
-Alien Dungeon releases Land Ironclad for All Quiet on the Martian Front
-‘Branch Face’ free scenario for USEME from
-Spellcrow previews Halfing with Sling green

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New Sonic/Steam Torsos available from Spellcrow

Spellcrow gives you more options to customize your minis with their new sonic/steam torsos over in their webshop.


From the release:

Kit contains 10 Space Knights Sonic/Steam torsos ideal for use with 28mm scale models. Perfect for converting figures for different games. The product is high quality cast resin. Needs to be cleaned and painted.

design and sculpting: Marek Rurarz and Piotr Pirianowicz

Spellcrow previews up coming bits releases

Spellcrow has been busy working on some new bits while they’ve been moving shop. Have a look.

Spellcrow previews


From the post:

We have difficulty in showing news because… we move to new premises!!! For this reason, we have delays in sending orders – very sorry We hope that you will forgive us.
But today I want to show what we sculpted last week.
Inappropriato Giff give us idea about Flayed Flesh, so I hope you will like it You can see also legs for freebooters, hand and pistol.

New sci-fi bits sets available from Spellcrow

Spellcrow helps you personalize your miniatures with the release of new sci-fi bits sets over in their webshop.



From them to you:

Hi! Amazing sets available!!! New heads, torsos and legs. So, if you need bits for Inquisition Space Knights we have something cool for you.
Crests for different armies available also.

Spellcrow posts Steampunk Orc Greens

Spellcrow posted up a photo of the greens of some Steampunk Orc heads they’re working on.
“But aren’t orcs already green?”

Steampunk Orcs


From the preview:

Long time ago our customer and friend write about idea for steampunk orcs heads. I think it was very cool idea, so today you can see how look this set. Our friend will receive this set for free for good idea – thanks Roy! Set available from next week

New Salamander Knight bits to pre-order

Spellcrow is taking pre-orders for new Salamander Knight bits over in their webshop.

Salamander Knight Bits


From the post:

Hi. New bits available as Pre-order!!! For Salamander Knights and for Changed Knights (our NEW legion). Pre-order in special price only till Monday / 19 May.
So, set in the picture is for Salamander / Dragon walker – upgrade set.
Shoulder pads for Changed Knights you can see in our store – link above. Hope you like it

New Orc green from Spellcrow

Spellcrow is showing off a new orc green (as opposed to a green orc) and want to know what you think about it.



From the preview:

Hi. Tomorrow you will see new set for Salamander Knights but today you can see our next orc for fantasy game Umbra Turris. What do you think about this orc? Do you like it? If you have any ideas, please write!!!

Spellcrow holding “tell us which is your favorite model” contest

Spellcrow is running a contest where you say which of the models below is your favorite and why. Winners will get a copy of the mini they talked about.
Note: All references to “this thread” refer to the Spellcrow Facebook post.


From the post:

Hi. We know that not everyone likes Monday, so we have little contest for a new week.
Choose one model from the picture and write in the comment why you like it. We will choose three winners and each will get one miniature which he picked. At Thursday we will write who won. You have time until Wednesday 12 PM.

Spellcrow previews Alien Warrior head green

Spellcrow has a preview photo up of the little green men they’re working on. Well, it’s an alien, anyway. And it is little and green.


From the preview:

Hi. This week (with little delay) we will show a lot of bits for Space Knights but today you can see head for something frightening. This is the first head for warriors of alien species. What do you think?

Spellcrow previews art for new Dyniaqs in Indiegogo campaign

Spellcrow is showing off some more artwork and a new mini for their Dyniaq Indiegogo campaign.


From the update:

The Dyniaqs campaign is growing as Spellcrow shown another mini from the starter set – the Dyniaq Female. Also 1k stretch goal has been reached and the Dyniaq kid was released.

New Sonic Guns, Shoulder Pads and Torsos available from Spellcrow

Spellcrow now has those Sonic Guns, Shoulder Pads and Torsos they previewed a little bit ago available over in their webshop.

From the release:

Hi, we have a good news – Sonic Guns (link above) and Sholder Pads for Pleasure Legions and Salamander/Dragon Knights Torsos available

New Sci-fi Bits previewed by Spellcrow

Spellcrow is showing off some more sci-fi bits they’re working on that will be released to you soon.

From the preview:

Hello! Every Monday we have for you amazing news and this Monday also Today you can see stuned Sonic Gun, Shoulder Pads for Pleasure Legions and beautiful torsos for Salamander/Dragon Knights. So,what do you think about our new bits, do you like them?

Spellcrow previews Space Elves Gems greens

Spellcrow gives us a look into their workbench with the greens of some Space Elves Gems they’re working on.

From the preview:

Today I want to show you Space Elves Gems that I finished today. I think it is very good decorations for tanks, walkers or bikes. This Gems are not traditional but with technological elements and have various sizes. You can even use it as a weapon targeter or additional equipment for elves like binoculars or scanners Hope you like it

New preview greens posted from Spellcrow

Spellcrow is showing off some preview greens for some of their upcoming new releases.

From the preview:

Hi. Today we want to show you our news for this week. So, now we have new version of head for Space Elves, Shoulder Pads for Pleasure Legions (soon better pics) and Melting Guns for Knights Salamanders or Dragons. Hope you like it

New Chaos Space Knights heads available from Spellcrow

Spellcrow gives you more options to personalize your minis with the release of their new Chaos Space Knights heads.

From the release:

Hello everyone. Today we added to our store new products. Please visit our website for more new products but now you can see Heads for Chaos Space Knights – hope you like it

Mrokin and Helloween Mage from Spellcrow reviewed by Chest of Colors

Chest of Colors did a review of two models from Spellcrow: Halloween Mage and Mrokin. See what they think about ’em.

From the review:

Spellcrow is the company behind the Umbra Turris game. Slawol had bought some of their minis the last year at the Mad Days event and recently found them in his boxes, which allowed him to review these two: Mrokin and Helloween Mage.

Spellcrow shows off Dwarf King wip

Spellcrow has a green up of their upcoming Dwarf King. He’d probably get along well with that Brewmaster from a couple updates ago.

From the preview:

How looks the Dwarf King? How looks the dwarves chamipons? We know and now You can see also! One of our the best Dwarf!!! Axe is not finished – we must add ornaments. What do You think? Do You like it?