Vers: The Rap Game Up On Kickstarter

*changes to my MF Doom playlist while typing up this article*
Spatch Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Vers: The Rap Game. They’d previously put up a free print-and-play version on their website, but if you’re looking to go in and get the real thing, now’s your chance.
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Spatch Games Posts Free Print-and-Play version of Vers

As I’ve mentioned a couple times recently, I will really only consider buying a game if I’ve tried it already. My wallet and shelves basically demand it. So it’s always nice when companies post rulebooks online so you can read them over and maybe cobble together a sort of prototype game. Spatch Games is taking that a step further by giving you a free print-and-play version of Vers, their freestyle rap game, over on their website.
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