Firestorm Armada Perditor Leviathan preview

Spartan Games have posted a preview of the Firestorm Armada Perditor Leviathan spacecraft.

Perditor Leviathon

From their website:

Bigger than a….BIG THING!
I know, cheesy wordology there, but couldn’t resist it. When I started to create this model I never expected it to grow to this size. At 22cm it is the biggest Firestorm Armada model I have made to date, and probably one of the most detailed. Manufacturing a thousand plus of these is going to be fun for the mould room boys, but hey, they love it.

A shot along the length of the ship – not even started detailing the front end yet

The race that this brute belongs to are the Jowrion and this is a Perditor [Destroyer] Class Leviathan. The pictures you see here are work in progress, I’ve got a lot of detail to finish. More updates to follow as I finish the model off.

Dystopian Wars Metzger Robot waterline version preview

Spartan Games have posted a preview of the waterline version of the Prussian Metzger Robot.

Metzger Robot waterline version

From their website:

As if the sight of this colossal metallic titan approaching from over a dusty hill wasn’t enough strike fear into the hearts of even the most hardened battlefield commander; now the behemoth turns its attention to crippling your naval fleet as well!

Spartan Games new website

Spartan Games have a new, redesigned website.

From their website:

Welcome to the all new! We thought it was about time we gave the site a bit of a facelift. We’ve taken all of the best bits of the old site, made some tweaks and mixed in some new features; such as a the new Spartan Games Blog, updated Galleries for each game, and a whole new Resources section. We have a lot more planned for the site, so stay tuned to the blog for all the latest product news and company announcements!

The new Spartan Games Blog will be host to numerous articles, from Coming Soon products, to Battle Reports, Tutorials and much more. To get the ball rolling, we’ve launched with a selection of blog posts to give you a taste of what’s to come. We have also added a new ‘Search’ facility (look up, and to your right) so, should you not be able to find what you are looking for, this will help you track it down.

We hope you enjoy it!

Spartan Games to relaunch website

Spartan Games will soon be updating their website.

From their announcement:

Hello Everyone,

Just a short note to say that a brand new web site will arrive on June 18th. The new site will be able to better accommodate the information you need access to for our ever expanding product range, along with a more intuitive way for us to keep in contact with you about events here at Spartan Games, new products, rule/model updates, details about new games and much, much more.

All the best,
Spartan Neil

Spartan US pricing for July 2011 releases

Thanks to Chris at E-Figures for this list of US prices for the recently announced July 2011 releases for Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Armada.

  • DWBS09 Dystopian Wars: Blazing Sun Kitsune class Escort (6) $9.99
  • DWBS10 Dystopian Wars: Blazing Sun Yurgi class Destroyer (3) $11.49
  • DWBS11 Dystopian Wars: Blazing Sun Hachiman class Dreadnought (1) $23.49
  • DWBS22 Dystopian Wars: Blazing Sun Taka Ishi Heavy Walker (1) $21.49
  • DWBS23 Dystopian Wars: Blazing Sun Chi Ri Class Medium Tank (6) 1.49
  • DWBS24 Dystopian Wars: Blazing Sun Ho I Class Bombard (6) $11.49
  • DWBS25 Dystopian Wars: Blazing Sun Ke Ho Class Small Tank (20) 11.49
  • DWFS09 Dystopian Wars: Federated States Springfield class Escort (6) $9.99
  • DWFS10 Dystopian Wars: Federated States Guilford class Destroyer (3) $11.49
  • DWFS11 Dystopian Wars: Federated States Enterprise class Dreadnought (1) $23.49
  • DWFS22 Dystopian Wars: Federated States Washington Class Land Ship (1) $21.49
  • DWFS23 Dystopian Wars: Federated States Trenton Class Medium Tank (6) $11.49
  • DWFS24 Dystopian Wars: Federated States Yorktown Class Bombard (6) $11.49
  • DWFS25 Dystopian Wars: Federated States Pioneer Class Small Tank (20) $11.49

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July 2011 Firestorm Armada releases

Spartan Games have added two new vessels to their Firestorm Armada space combat game.

FAAT04 Xelocian Karn Class Frigate (4) £14.00
A squadron of up to 5 Karn Frigates can snap at the heels of enemy vessels, their fore weapons linking to hand out 10AD of pain. Stragglers beware – the wrath of Karn will be upon you.

FAAT05 Xelocian Hantari Class Cruiser (2) £16.50
All Xelocian Imperium ships are designed around a forward-firing energy bore weapon, normally running the entire length of the ship, that disrupts the molecular structure of its targets when it strikes them, even at extreme ranges. The Hantari Cruiser complements this fore weapon with an effective bank of fore torpedoes, and a fairly powerful starboard/port array of weapons make this a great all round cruiser.

July 2011 Dystopian Wars releases part 2

Spartan Games have posted images and details of their Dystopian Wars releases for July 2011. We posted the first part of their July 2011 Dystopian Wars releases earlier.

DWBS09 Empire of the Blazing Sun Kitsune class Escort (6) £5.00
After the demise of the Battleship Hideyoshi to an aerial attack of Federation bombers, where the vessel had been left unprotected naval engagement, the Blazing Sun military vowed to never make again. The Kitsune is designed to provide a low cost AA defence for the likes of Carriers, Battleships and Dreadnoughts.

DWBS10 Empire of the Blazing Sun Yurgi class Destroyer (3) £7.00
Rockets, rockets and more rockets. You can hear the engineers of this destroyer howling for more ranged weaponry. As with other ships of this class the Pack Hunters MAR is in play, and a full squadron of 4 Yurgis is a sight to behold as all the Rocket Batteries let loose.

DWBS11 Hachiman class Dreadnought (1) £13.50
With three of the world’s most powerful naval turrets attached to its hull, the Hachiman can target an enemy in Range Band 1 with 25 dice, hit targets in its fore arc with as many as 7AD of torpedoes and shoot out up to 9AD of Rocket Batteries at Range Band 4. Don’t get too close or an AP of 12 will cost you your crew (and ship.) and an AA of 8 helps protect the vessel from aerial attacks. The Hachiman is a powerful all round vessel.
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July 2011 Dystopian Wars releases part 1

Spartan Games have posted images and details of their Dystopian Wars releases for July 2011. We have a second post with tthe rest of the Dystopian Wars releases for July 2011.

DWPE09 Prussian Empire Wachter class Escort (6) £6.00
While most escorts are intended to provide anti-aircraft protection or concussion charge protection, the Wachter is actually designed to protect vessels in one simple way: hurt the enemy.

DWPE10 Stolz class Destroyer (3) £7.00
Although its fore guns are a fixed channel, they are a Primary weapon and at Range Band 1 kick out 6AD of hurt to an enemy. Like other Destroyers these vessels have the Pack Hunters MAR, making a squadron of 4 models rather nasty.

DWPE11 Prussian Empire Blucher class Dreadnought (1) £13.50
Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher was a famous Prussian Generalfeldmarschall (Field Marshall) who was known for his rather direct military tactics. ‘On it like Blucher’ is a term synonymous in the Prussian military for taking the fight to the enemy. The designers behind this Dreadnought certainly took this to heart. b powerful Primary turrets rain death on enemy targets and row after row of Tesla Coils rip into enemy vessels.
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Spartan announce Armoured Clash

Spartan Games have announced an upcoming set of free armoured rules set in, and using figures from, their Dystopian Wars game.

From their announcement:

Spartan Games is pleased to announce the imminent arrival of Armoured Clash, our first set of community rules that we are making free to download from our web site at During the development of the Armoured Battle Group boxed sets it became clear that not only do we LOVE to play large games, but we believe our customers do as well.

This is where Armoured Clash steps in. Centred in the world of Dystopian Wars, the rules are designed for large scale land combat with commanders pushing numerous units around a battlefield, the command and control of which is key to their success. So if playing with one Armoured Battle Group excites you – think what 2-3 boxes, plus support models, will do to your blood pressure.

Early on in the development of the rules it was decided that the game had to be very simple, easy to set up
and quick to play. It was also a perfect opportunity to develop the Dystopian Wars background by providing detail on the land armies of the first four main Imperial powers involved in the conflict.

One of the great strengths of Dystopian Wars is the way it blends air, land and sea units into a single game system. These free rules are not intended in any way to replace or amend the core Dystopian Wars rule book. They are a totally separate set of rules using unique mechanisms designed to provide players with an opportunity for fun, fast games that focus on the mechanised land units of each Imperial power.

The rules needed to play a game of Armoured Clash, Background and Army List for each of the four main Imperial powers and a basic scenario are all provided in the first PDF we will make available on our web site

New Uncharted Seas and Firestorm Armada releases

Spartan Games have announced four new releases, shipping June 1st, 2011, for Firestom Armada and Uncharted Seas.

Rense System Navy Siren class Escort
With a Point Defence (PD) rating of 4 the Siren Class Escort is all about stopping incoming weapons from getting through to the vessel it is escorting, which in most instances is the RSN Banshee Dreadnought.

Rense System Navy Phoenix class Destroyer
This vessel is a good all rounder, capable of laying down weapons fire to all arcs. Its killing potential, however, comes from a central weapons system that is powerful out to Range Band 4, and at its most lethal at Range Band 3. Fixed Fore Torpedoes add to its killing prowess, making the Phoenix a useful weapon to any player that likes to take it head first to an enemy.

Imperial Human Kingfisher Class Cruiser
The Kingfisher class was designed by an Arkos captain, retrofitting equipment from their existing Terkash hunting ships onto a Heavy Cruiser hulls for use in battle. Since its introduction the massive harpoon gun and large crew have proven to be a potent weapon for dragging in and boarding enemies both on the sea and in the air.

Dragon Lords Arcane Class Cruiser
Some of the greater Dragonlord families can afford to equip their Cruiser squadrons with highly skilled wizards to provide enhanced magical support in battle. The power of their castings break through mystical defences making them a valued asset against fleets with strong anti-magic and they also carry a supply of short ranged firebolt scrolls for use in close combat.

Dystopian Wars Amoured Boxed Sets coming soon

Spartan Games will soon be releasing four new Dystopian Wars boxed sets with land forces for each of the four factions. These sets are set to ship on June 1st, 2011.

From their announcement:

Prussian Armoured Battle Group
As the dominant military power in Europe, the Prussian Empire has many enemies, the greatest of which is the Kingdom of Britannia. The Prussian Empire has the largest army in Europe and, due to its mastery of Tesla Coil weaponry, it is now one of the most technologically advanced nations.

Inside this box is a Prussian Empire Armoured Battle Group, the building block with which you can assemble your ground force of hulking metal vehicles. Massive Land Ships, Artillery, Medium Tanks and Small Tank Tokens come together to fight across the battlefields of the world.

Dystopian Wars is designed to allow ground, air and naval forces to combine together as you wage war against your enemies. The models in this boxed set can easily be used with other models, such as Battleships, Escorts, Corvettes, Submersibles, Destroyers, Gunships, Dreadnoughts, Airships, Bombers and other machines of war.

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