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Space Race

Ok, so I was being a little facetious, saying that we were expecting a Snowpocalypse here in Atlanta, with the little bit of snow that was coming down at the time... but... yeah... we had a bit of a Snowpocalypse. That was the view from my front door last night and it was still much the same this morning. Thankfully, since then, the sun's come out and much of it is melting. But still... yeah, quite a thing. Good day to stay in and do some gaming. But what games? Well, you can find out what games are like with the Review Roundup!

This week we have: Villages of Velaria, Pandemic Legacy: Season 2, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle - Box of Monsters Expansion, Axis & Allies: Anniversary Edition, Wizards Wanted, Braintopia, NMBR9, Ticket to Ride: Germany, Planetarium, Barbarians: The Invasion, Space Race, The Captain is Dead, and Heaven & Ale.

The Space Race. For many years, it was a major part of world politics as the US and the Russians looked to be the first to truly conquer this new frontier. First Sputnik. Then Yuri Gagarin. Then manned missions to the moon (to ridiculously over-simply things). But what if more than just the US and the Soviets were in the race? Space Race: Interkosmos puts you in charge of an agency looking to develop newer and better gear to reach the stars. But will you make it out there, or crash and burn on the launchpad? The game is up on Kickstarter now.

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