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SolarFlare Games

Solarflare Games posted up a preview shot of the box for their upcoming Dumpster Brawl game.

Dumpster Brawl


From the post:

Dumpster Brawl! coming to Kickstarter Oct 25th - the follow up game by SolarFlare Games (Thrash-Car was done last year and just finished distribution) will be out soon. Touching a new demographic and game style this game is quick, fun and good for all gamer types, including kids.

SolarFlare Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund Thrash-Car, their new racing card game.


From the campaign:

Welcome to the wildest and funniest racing circuit you have ever seen! Suit up, sign on and prove you are the best Team Owner around. Show the rest that your team can’t be beat and that you only endorse a winner.

In THRASH-CAR you, as the Owner, will choose your crew, car, and strategy. You, then, have to take your team and help them race their way to victory in some of the wildest and toughest race conditions ever.

SolarFlare Games is working on a new racing tabletop game called Thrash-Car. They're working on development now and hope to have the game up on Kickstarter soon.


From the website:

After extensive testing and revisions, we were able to put together a game that has flexibility, speed, fun, humor and the ability to mess with the other players on their turn. We have made a game that allows you to just race while still messing with your neighbors (always a fun game benefit) and even better you can ram them into the wall over and over.

THRASH-CAR is designed to have a quickness of play, strategy and make you laugh all at the same time, and it does this very well.

Oh, and best of all, THRASH-CAR has Rednecks, Soccer Moms, Old Folks and Hippies all roaring around a race track with personality and their own unique style! Pick your team and start your engine!