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Shoot Again Games

Out in the wild, there's creatures heretofore unknown to science, but certainly known to the local populations. Some of the cryptids are world-famous, even. But, despite their fame, they remain elusive. That's why you, a cryptozoologist is headed out into the woods to find them, once and for all. However, you never expected a feud between these mythical beasts. But whose side will you take? That's the question in Bigfoot vs. Yet, a new card game that's up on Kickstarter.
Normally, we hear about Kickstarter campaigns being pushed back from the posted release date. Things happen, and even when seemingly everything is taken into account, a release date may be missed. Shoot Again Games is, technically speaking, not releasing Pinball Showdown when they originally expected. But, in this case, that's a good thing. They were originally going to have the game at Gen Con. But now, they've moved it up to Origins.
Sure, despite being deaf, dumb, and blind, Tommy could play a mean game of pinball, but what about looking at the game from the ball's point of view? That's what you'll be doing in Pinball Showdown, a new card game that's up on Kickstarter now.
Humongous shoes for Elton John sold separately.
What if the people with the tinfoil hats were telling the truth? Hitler really is being cloned. RPGs really are giving your soul over to Satan. Lizard-people really do run the world. Well, if you were to find out, you'd rush to tell as many other people as you could! The world has to know! That's just what's behind Conspiracy, a new board game from Shoot Again Games that's up on Kickstarter.
Don't know about you, but this week seemed to rocket by for me. Just, zip, zip, zoom! And here we are at Friday. Woot!
That means we get ourselves a Friday Snippets feature. So here's some bite-sized stories we've found for you over the past couple days.

This batch includes: Privateer Press Announces Updates Coming Fro War Room, Library Lovers Playing Cards On Kickstarter, Skirmisher Publishing Releases 100 Oddities for a Creepy Old House, Lands of Ruin team releases free 3D character models, Capsicum Games to launch Fleet Commander kickstarter next month, Looting Atlantis now offers a money back guarantee during final days on Kickstarter, Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy – HOTT Armies now released, and Last weekend for Free Huge Glow-in-the-Dark Cthulhu Figure from Petersen Games.

The volcanic island of Atlantis is blowing up and sinking all at once. Most of the residents have fled. However, some remain behind, looking to grab whatever they can before the apocalyptic end of it all. That is the story behind Looting Atlantis, a new board game by Shoot Again Games. It's up on Kickstarter now and looking for funding love.
Shoot Again Games has made it over their funding goal for Legends and Lies: Mysterious Locations. So it's on through stretch goals for the next 8 days.


From the campaign:

With just over eight days left in it's twenty one day campaign Legends and Lies: Mysterious Locations has crossed it's funding goal and is now ready to start unlocking stretch goals.

Even before the first stretch goal is unlocked, three new Mysterious Locations have already been added to the base set. This was due to several generous backers selecting the pledge level that allowed them sponsor a new location. The three so far selected are The Face on Mars, Cyberspace and Edison's Lab. Edison's Lab is a location specifically for The Skeptic expansion to Legends and Lies. As each person takes their turn as the skeptic they will get the benefit of it. There are still plenty of locations that are available to be sponsored.

Legends and Lies: Mysterious Locations campaign runs until November 6th. The original game as well as the first expansion are also available through the current campaign.

Shoot Again Games has started up a Kickstarter to add new Mysterious Locations to their Legends and Lies card game.

Devils tower


From the campaign:

A new expansion to the cryptid based card game Legends and Lies has just launched on Kickstarter for a short 21 day campaign. Along with the new expansion the original game and first expansion are also available.

Shoot Again Games and designer Diane Sauer are excited to bring Legends and Lies: Mysterious Locations to Kickstarter to seek funding for the expansion. People who enjoy Mystery Rummy style games like Jack the Ripper and Wyatt Earp, or regular rummy players looking for a new twist on the classic game will be surprised at what Legends and Lies: Mysterious Locations has in store for them.

The Kickstarter runs until November 6th.

Shoot Again Games is offering a copy of their Legends And Lies game, along with all the bells and whistles, to one lucky gamer.

Legends and Lies


From the contest:

Shoot Again Games is giving a way one of the only one hundred signed and numbered copies of ttheir cryptid based card game "Legends and Lies" along with all the promos, the Skeptic expansion and the Kickstarter exclusive Dragons set.

You can earn up to three entries for the drawing and the full details can be found on our website or on the Shoot Again Games Facebook page.

You can enter now through August 3rd @ noon EST. Contest is open to anyone in the world and shipping for the winner will be free.

Shoot Again Games has made it to their funding goal for Legends and Lies and they've posted up some stretch goals for their campaign.


From the campaign:

Shoot Again Games crptozoology themed card game Legends and Lies after becoming fully funded in about week has revealed details about it's stretch goals. As of this writing the game is less than $500 from unlocking stretch goal #1 which is a twelve card expansion titled The Skeptic. With this expansion each player takes a turn as the skeptic whose sole role is to discredit all the other players expeditions. The Skeptic expansion, besides the twelve cards, also comes with one of seven possible unique Skeptic Markers.

Stretch goal #2 titled "Mysterious Locations" was just revealed and more details on it are promised after goal #1 is unlocked.

Shoot Again Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for their new card game, Legends and Lies.


From the campaign:

Legends and Lies, is a strategy based card game about cryptozoological creatures (Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, etc.), strange phenomenon and the tabloid press. Each player mounts expeditions in an effort to "prove" that the creatures they have discovered are real while at the same time planting stories in the tabloid press to discredit the other players expeditions. The game is playable in 30-60 minutes and is for 2-4 players.

A link to the full rules text is available on the Kickstarter page.