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Shattered Void

Hey there, everyone. I hope you're enjoying your Saturday. Mine's not the greatest, as I'm driving back from visiting my parents. Not that visiting my parents is bad. But the 8.5 hour drive back home is. Buh. No fun at all. But at least once I'm back home I'll be able to get back into the groove of some gaming.

In the meantime, let's get you some gaming reviews.

Today we have: VS 2PCG A-Force Expansion, Conflict of Heroes Guadalcanal, Shattered Void, Wake Up Cthulhu, Oh My Gods, Scape, Legendary Dice Throwers, Blood & Fortune, Histrio, Mistborn: House War, Celestia, and Morocco.

Huge, capital starships might be trading fire back and forth, but it's the small, nimble starfighters where the action is. They zip and weave among each-other, as well as the debris being created between the larger ships. This is combat on a personal level. Pilots dodge and weave, looking to get an angle on an opponent while making sure to not leave themselves open to attack. That's just the sort of action that happens in Shattered Void, a new sci-fi dogfighting wargame that's up on Kickstarter now.