More Events Added for CMON Expo 2015

CMON Expo continues to grow. They’ve added another trio of events for this upcoming year. (I know, because I put them there)
First off is a fan favorite, Frankenfest. Modelers work all weekend making whatever they can with a plethora of random bits. It’s great fun and I can’t wait to see what people create this year.
Next is the Kaos Ball Cup. The winner of this convention-long event will be crowned the Kaos Ball Champion and get the Koas Ball Cup trophy.
Finally is the Sedition Wars: Why Can’t it go Smooth event. 6 players must try and race out of a doomed space station before… well… you don’t want to miss the flight, let me tell you.
Check them all out on the CMON Expo website.


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New Firebrand Releases from Studio McVey

Studio McVey has a trio of new Sedition Wars minis available over in their webshop, plus a coupon deal, too.


From the release:

I have just added the last three of the Sedition Wars preview resin miniatures to the Studio Store. These miniatures are the last of the ones we showed at Salute. This time it’s three new Firebrand miniatures and they have now been added to the Studio Store.

Led by the almost legendary Preacher – Uriah Severn, the Firebrand are a disparate group of rebels who have thrown off the shackles of their life of servitude to overthrow their SolCon masters.

I have also added small re-stocks of most of the miniatures that sold out in their initial release. Grab them quick!

Not only that, but we are offering 10% off all purchases over £25! – just add the code FIREBRAND during the checkout process.

This offer lasts until the end of July 2014.

New LE Sedition Wars minis from Studio McVey

Studio McVey released 4 new LE Sedition Wars minis over in their webshop.


From the release:

I have just added four more of the Sedition Wars preview resin miniatures to the Studio Store. I’m staggering the release of the ones we showed at Salute. This time it’s four new Bounty Dog miniatures and they have now been added to the Studio Store.

This assortment of fortune hunters, thrill seekers and stone-cold killers come from the far reaches of known space to ply their trade along The Edge. Working through the Bounty Dog network, they are paid to bring back wanted felons, or dangerous subversives – but can often be found hiring themselves out the highest bidder.

We’ll be adding more of the previews to the store over the next month or so, and each time I’ll send out a newsletter to let you know they’re on sale.

New Strain Available now in the Studio McVey store

Studio McVey previewed these new minis at Salute. Now they’re available over in the studio store.


From the release:

I have just added four more of the Sedition Wars preview resin miniatures to the Studio Store. I’m staggering the release of the ones we showed at Salute. This time it’s four new Strain exo-forms and they have now been added to the Studio Store.

Retiarus and Thraex are the phase 2, and 3 forms of the Brute brood-line, while Naga and Medusa are spawned from the Siren brood-line. More information and larger images can be found on there Studio McVey website.

We’ll be adding more of the previews to the store over the next month or so, and each time I’ll send out a newsletter to let you know they’re on sale.

New Commodore Grist model from Studio McVey

Studio McVey added a new limited-edition resin mini to their Sedition Wars catalog with the release of Commodore Grist.



From the release:

I have just added a limited amount is castings of Grist to the Studio Store.

This is the latest of the Salute previews – but it actually from the previous Salute!

Infected in the first Strain offensive aboard the Arms of Sorrow, Commodore Grist had no time for a field medic or Auto-doc pod. Trapped in the industrial section of the Bastion, fighting off several exo-forms on his own, and unable to reach the rest of the ships crew, he found himslef alone, infected, and about to die or become one of the strain.

A skilled tech officer, Grist was tough enough and strong willed enough to interface with a minifacturing console. Using an industrial scanner to diganose his infection, he amputated infected regions of his body and once the infected parts had been cut loose, he used the minifacturer to construct himself into a suit of Gnosis class offense armor.

Grist is stable, but roughly 60% of his body is gone. The Gnosis suit is using advanced medical systems to keep him alive. Unwilling to take the time to go into stasis and unable to upload to a reserve body, he is now melded into the suit, using it as his body. His metacortical implant interfaced with the suits own systems.

Tumult and Phaedrus Available now in the McVey Studio store

Studio McVey has two new limited edition Sedition Wars releases available over in their webshop. They’re Tumult and Phaedrus (in two forms).


From the release:

I have just added some more of the Sedition Wars preview resin miniatures to the Studio Store. I’m staggering the release of the ones we had at Salute, and three more are out now. This time it’s Tumult and two versions of Phaedrus, and these have now been added to the Studio Store.

We’ll be adding more of the previews to the store over the next month or so, and each time I’ll send out a news letter to let you know they are on sale.

New Gnosis Troopers available at Studio McVey

Studio McVey has some new Gnosis Troopers available in limited quantities over in their webshop.


From the release:

Gnosis Troopers
Available now in the studio store!
We have just got back from Salute, and as always we had a great time there. All the new Sedition Wars previews went down a storm, with several selling out quickly. As promised, the first of these has now been added to the Studio Store.

There are three Gnosis Trooper poses available, along with sgt. Killian Brace and the Gnosis heavy. They are all available individually, and as a group of five at a special price. We only have limited quantities of these preview miniatures, so once they are gone, they may not be available again in resin.

We’ll be adding more of the previews to the store over the next couple of months, and each time I’ll send out a news letter to let you know they are on sale.

Studio McVey headed to Salute

Studio McVey will be one of the vendors headed to Salute this Saturday. They’ll have new Sedition Wars minis and a special deal going on as well.
Plus, check out these new previews.


From the man, himself, Mr. McVey:

We’ve got Salute this weekend, and we have a lot of preview releases for Sedition Wars. There are pictures of everything over on the *brand new* Studio McVey site in the news section!

We’re at stand TL13

We’ll have resin castings of all the previews, and the entire Limited Edition resin range at around 20% discount.

Studio McVey Christmas Sale and Sedition Wars Resins available

Studio McVey is having a Christmas Sale going on now over in their webshop. They’ve also got some new limited edition Sedition Wars resins available.


From the announcement:

As it’s Cyber Monday we thought we launch our Christmas Sale. We are offering 25% off every item in the store for the whole of December, all you need to do is spend £20 or more and you will qualify for the discount.

Just enter the code SMXSALE at the checkout and you will receive 25% off.

I have also just added some new Sedition Wars resin castings to the store too. There are four different Samaritans, and the Cthonian – all cast in beautify quality resin. These are all limited availability – we just have a few of each, and once they are gone, we may not get them back in stock for a while (if ever).

Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster, now available from Studio McVey

Studio McVey now has their Kickstarter-hit board game Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster available over in their webshop.

From the announcement:

We are proud to announce that Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster is available in the studio store now.

After a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, we are finally ready to release to game for general sale. This high quality box set contains everything you need to play this exciting and tense game. Choose either the forces of the Vanguard, or the twisted and hideous creatures of the Strain, and battle through the dark rooms and corridors of the Alabaster research facility.

Sedition Wars posts Lights Out Campaign rules

Sedition Wars will be hitting stores soon. On their Kickstarter page, they’ve posted up the free Lights Out campaign rules .pdf.

From the update:

[The Lights Out Campaign] is ready to go. We’ve had a solid play-test pass on it, and in Sedition Wars style, we’ve tied the whole thing together in a nice neat narrative wrapper.

The Lights Out scenario includes:

Rules for Vanguard Opti-camo
Rules for Strain Nano-Genesis
5 robust scenarios to engage players in an escalating series of skirmishes.
Introduces “load-outs” – Pre-balanced lists of models – So you can set-up and play with a minimum of accounting.

Opticamo and Nano-Genesis are also portable to the main game for use in Strategic or Story scenarios at your discretion.

Sedition Wars: Unboxing & Model Comparison posted on Hand Cannon Online

Hand Cannon Online has more to offer than just their podcast. Here’s an unboxing and model comparison they just did of Sedition Wars.

From the article:

Today we are going to be taking a look at the Sedition Wars Board game by Studio McVey & Cool Mini or Not. Before we look at the contents of the box however we are going to mix things up a bit and focus on comparing the differences between the Metal, Resin and Plastic versions of three different models from the game.

Unboxing Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster – review on Chest of Colors

Chest of Colors takes a look inside the Battle for Alabaster box for Sedition Wars and gives us a review.

From the website:

Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster is the latest game from the legendary Mike McVey. Hellspawn documented unboxing the game and wrote a review for us all to read and see what good the game really is.

Games & Gears Podcast posts Sedition Wars Unboxing part 3: A Horde

Games & Gears Podcast put up part 3 of their Sedition Wars unboxing.

From the unboxing:

Sedition Wars fully assembled. This is their Kickstarter BioHarazard Reward level and We are still waiting for more mimis to come in march!!! This is a ton of miniatures. Aewsome Value for money. In for Rivet wars for sure. Check out the rest of the pics!!

Nerd Approved posts Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster review

Nerd Approved put up a review of Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster. What’d they think? You’ll have to read to find out.

From the review:

Kickstarter has a roster of some incredibly successful game launches and Sedition Wars: Battle For Alabaster is on that list. It started with a $20K goal back in June 2012 and ended up raising $950K, so it’s an understatement to say people were excited about the game. Now that it has shipped, it’s time to give it a review and see if it lives up to the hype.

Games & Gears Podcast Sedition Wars Unboxing

Games & Gears Podcast put up a Sedition Wars Unboxing article. Be sure you know what you’re getting when you get it.

From the unboxing:

We discussed Sedition Wars in Episode one. We will do more reviews and unboxing as we get more review copies from gaming manufacturers: The Unboxing of Sedition Wars more to come. The quality of the content is pretty high!! Will post pics of the models and more. Very impressed, cannot wait to put it together and play

Graven Games reviews the Sedition Wars Utility Carapace

Graven Games takes a look at the Utility Carapace from Sedition Wars by Studio McVey.

From the review:

Today we are taking a close look at the heavily armed and armoured T.H.I Utility Carapace from Studio McVey. The Utility Carapace is part of the Firebrand Rebellion Range for Sedition Wars, plus we feel it’ll work well in other 28-30mm sci-fi wargames like Warhammer 40k, or could make a great painting piece for a collector. Sedition Wars is a sci-fi/horror miniatures game where players fight it out using 1 of 3 vastly different factions, the well trained Vanguard, the rebellious Firebrand, or the monstrous Strain.

Sedition Wars 24 hours to go! Last chance to get 98 Studio Mcvey miniatures for $100!

News flash – Sedition Wars now most funded Boardgame ever! Gnosis Kara and Exo-armor Barker unlocked

And so another epic Kickstarter is drawing to an end! With less than 24 hours left to go and over $700,000 raised, we have one last stretch goal, and it’s a doozy!

If you haven’t checked out the Sedition Wars Kickstarter yet, now is your last chance:

98 miniatures so far with the stretches for the $100 Biohazard pledge level.

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Sedition Wars up over $500k

Sedition Wars jumped up over $500k just a little bit ago. I knew when I’d posted earlier that they were going to make it. Here’s what you’re in for if (or more likely, when) they make it to $520k.

From the update:

And so… the end is near. We therefore present you the violent, dangerous, mysterious, Keegan Kor! If we hit this stretch every Biohazard set will have Keegan lurking within! (You’ll need to paint and assemble him though, if he’ll let you). Ships March 2013.

Sedition Wars breaks through another goal

Sedition Wars broke through another stretch goal, and more-than-likely will be breaking through their next one again here soon.

From the update:

Another stretch goal smashed!

Every copy of Dr Hexen will ship with her evolved version free! Ships together with Dr Hexen in March 2013.

Let’s see what else is in the little box of goodies shall we? Maybe some playmates for those cute baby Drones?

“The Strain nano-spore has an affinity for improvising with the remnants of human anatomy. Among the most twisted and insidious of necroforms crafted from organic remains is the Bonecrab. This crawling aberration is a nightmare sculpted from a skull and functioning phalangeal limbs.

The Bonecrab attacks by latching on to a living victim and spiking nano-tendrils into its host. This invasive parasitic attack leaves the victim helpless while the creature seizes control of the his motor functions. Once the victim is absorbed into the Strain construct, the Bonecrab detaches, and moves on in search of new prey.”

Every Biohazard set gets 6 of these skittering horrors if we hit our stretch! Ships in March 2013, unpainted and unassembled. And yes, there are rules for these things…. brrr…

Sedition Wars at $420k with only 5+ days to go!

With less than 6 days to go, the Sedition Wars Kickstarter is really rocking along!

The large AI Drone actually carries quite a large load out of smaller drones.  In the game, these are represented by cardboard counters. Every Biohazard set will get a set of 6 baby drone miniatures free as part of the $420k stretch goal!

Aren’t they adorable?

Board Game Geek is having a Sedition Wars giveaway

Board Game Geek has teamed up with Studio McVey to give away copies of their upcoming Sedition Wars board game.

“The Details”:

Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster, is Studio McVey’s first huge project and is going like gangbusters on Kickstarter! Mike McVey is the mad scientist behind this, with a storied history in the miniatures industry including stints at GW and Privateer Press (Warmachine fame).

Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster is a fast paced tactical miniatures game for two players. Survival horror at its finest, game play is fast and and bloody – creating urgency and claustrophobic terror, as the Vanguard fight for their lives against an unrelenting Strain.

We’re giving away 12 “Biohazard” level editions of the game that come with tons of extras, for a current total of 80+ plastic miniatures and custom dice! Just answer some easy questions, the answers to which we promise you’ll find on the Sedition Wars website, The BGG listing, and the Kickstarter campaign! Prizes expected to ship in November/December.

Sedition Wars new Kickstarter perk model and new stretch goal

Sedition Wars is climbing their way to $330k. They’re hoping a new perk model will get them there.

From the update:

Get Niven for $10! This version of him will only be available during this Kickstarter and at conventions. We have big plans for the character though, expect to see more of him later! Expected to ship March 2013.

And of course….

If we hit this stretch, it looks like Mr Banks won’t make it off this tub after all. Every one who purchase Niven Banks gets his Strained version free! Ships the same time as Niven.

Sedition Wars up over $200k

Sedition Wars jumped up over $200k over the weekend thanks to some new pledge levels and some new stretch goals. Here’s the picture of what’s gonna be the prize when they reach $210k.

From the update:

Each Biohazard set will get FOUR extra Phase 3 Strain models, 2 each of the Scythe Witch and Brimstone! I hope those Las-Carbines are fully charged….

Studio McVey shows off art-to-model process for Grendlr

Studio McVey is up over $160k for their Sedition Wars Kickstarter and they put up an art-to-model article for the Grendlr up on their blog. See how a model goes from art to armature to piece in a game. It’s a really interesting read.

From the article:

One of the most enjoyable parts of making Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster, was working with the sculptors. Seeing wonderful concepts being realised in 3D is such an exciting process – and one that I never tire of. I’m proud to have worked with some of the very best talents in the gaming industry on this product – miniatures have always been the focus of what we do at Studio McVey, and I wanted to make sure the figures we put in the finished game were as good as anything people had seen before.

Studio McVey previews Samaritan Lancer for Sedition Wars

Studio McVey is still doing well for their Sedition Wars game. And here’s a look at another of the models for the game, the Samaritan Lancer.

From the update:

One of the new miniatures that is going in the game in one of the Elite Samaritan troopers –
Samaritan Lancer.
An interlaced electron beam acts as a guidance system for the plume of superhot plasma fired by the Azriel class fusion lance. The highly intense beam of energy is the equivalent of a controlled solar flare, capable of burning holes through Meridian class hull-plating.

Frontline Gamer is giving away a Copy of Sedition Wars Battle for Alabaster

Frontline Gamer has their finger on the pulse of gaming. It’s just the way they operate. As such, they’re giving away a copy of Sedition Wars: Battle For Alabaster that we’ve all been hearing so much about.

“The Details”

As part of my first year Birthday giveaway Mike McVey kindly donated a copy of Sedition Wars the Battle for Alabaster… you know because he’s awesome. So I’m giving you guys a chance to win it.

Firstly yes I am aware that I hit 625 followers at some point during last Friday evening / Saturday morning, and yes I’m aware that should have triggered the Studio McVey Sedition Wars giveaway. However, I was busy trying to sort two of my previous prize draws out, and adding another competition to the mix over the weekend just didn’t seem wise. So then I seem to already be on to my fifth birthday prize draw, that means I’m now past half way mark on my mammoth giveaway bonanza