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Secret Weapon Miniatures

Secret Weapon Miniatures has some new 3D renders up of their upcoming Tablescapes terrain tiles.

From the update:

Ladies and gentlemen... CLEAN URBAN STREETS!

Iron Box Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Angry Sheep, a new dice and token game they've been working on.

From the campaign:

GET THOSE SHEEP! You need to round up those sheep before your neighbors do, even if it means stealing them. But beware Sheep Guevara...

Welcome to Angry Sheep, a fast paced dice game at home on the family dining table, at the pub, or after hours at your favorite convention.

The basic premise is dice matching - roll the dice, keep your doubles, take your re-rolls, and then act accordingly. Be the first one to collect enough sheep and you've won! Simple, right? Not quite.

You and your neighbors can steal sheep from each other, and your Barbarians occasionally have too much (root beer) to drink and deliver sheep to the wrong pasture. But, worst of all, is the dreaded... Sheep Guevara! If this revolutionary find his way into your flock he'll work to free them until the fight calls him elsewhere!

Secret Weapon Miniatures has posted up some new 3D renders for their Tablescapes terrain over on their Kickstarter page.

From the update:

Before I say anything else, here's an updated render for the Ruined Temple amphitheater tile --

Ah, dirt. Glorious dirt! This is the same dirt mapping texture we're using on all of the other tiles (where dirt is present, of course) so that it will be easy to mix-and-match. You will also find dirt on most of the Ruined Temple tiles to some degree, so that we can break up the stone pattern, and make it visually more appealing by itself, and when combined with other sets.

For those wanting to use multiple amphitheater tiles to make a small arena, you can also paint this dirt in a sand color... and you're good to go!

Secret Weapon Miniatures has a new product to enhance they're already-beloved weathering pigments with their new Weathering Pigment Fixer.

From the website:

This unique enamel fixative creates a permanent bond between your model and the pigments, without altering the texture or color of the pigments.

Apply with a brush over the pigments via capillary action to keep a soft texture. Sprinkle pigments over fixative to get a rough texture. Or create a wash with pigments and fixative for a dusty finish.

Secret Weapon Miniatures lets us know how things are progressing after their successful Tablescapes Kickstarter with this update.

From the update:

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this video is worth... well... A LOT MORE!

All 14 remaining "Scrap Yard" tiles will be sent to the factory today... along with a wired payment to get the ball officially rolling!

The "Urban Streets," and "Rolling Fields" tile renders you've seen are under review as I type. I hope to have first shot tiles for those themes by August -- and the other tiles are in the works.

I'm told that I should have my first "Ruined Temple" renders next week. This one has been the hardest as it includes so many individual assets, and we've learned a lot about how to manage them thanks tot he prototype tile.

Secret Weapon Miniatures released a grim new accessory pack with their new Sack O' Corpses.

From the release:

Our "Sack O' Corpses" are here! You can also pick up the "Asian Garden" bike bases, and a new 3 color set of our fallen leaves!

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Secret Weapon Miniatures is previewing their upcoming Sack O' Corpses they'll be coming out with soon.

From the preview:

This is a small sampling of what will be included in the "Sack O' Corpses" -- painted by Aaron Lovejoy. Stay tuned for the full reveal....

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Secret Weapon Miniatures is in their final hours over on Kickstarter. If you've been waiting for the last minute to pledge, now's your time to act.

Powered Play Gaming revamped and restarted their Kickstarter campaign. This time they're doing much better, having gone through several stretch goals already and announcing a partnership with Secret Weapon Miniatures.

From the update:

In its first week after re-launching it's Kickstarter, PoweredPlay Gaming has already blown through its first two stretch goals. The company, which makes LED lighting and effects kits, relaunched its kickstarter and met its goal within two hours of opening, and its first stretch goal by the end of its first day.
Hand Cannon Online put up a review of the Tablescapes tiles from Secret Weapon Miniatures.

From the review:

Some of you may recall our article on the Secret Weapon Miniatures: Tablescapes Kickstarter a little while back. Well I am back with a personal hands on look at these game boards. SWM was nice enough to send over two of their Scrap Yard tiles as well as a couple of the matching base sets to take a look at. And I have to say these do not disappoint!

Secret Weapon Miniatures has just 3 days left to go on their Kickstarter. They've made it pretty high up in funding, but there's always more. They've got previews up of their Ruined Temple Tablescapes boards.

From the update:

As we pare down the options for "Ruined Temple" you can see the tiled flat surfaces emerging, more options for the foundation tiles, and a lot more character. At this stage the concept art still looks busier than the final designs will be, but only so that it's easy for the designer to pick out the elements we're going to use. This is still all about options, and not yet finalized.

Secret Weapon Miniatures unlocked the Rolling Fields Tablescapes terrain tiles over the weekend.

From the announcement:

It gives me great pleasure to include the "100% FUNDED!" graphic for the "Rolling Fields" table theme.

Of course this theme, like the others, has gone through some changes since it was first introduced -- and will now include TWO unique straight creek designs instead of one -- but here's a look at the Display Board option to give you an idea of what we're working on:

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Hand Cannon Online has an article up talking about their experiences with the Secret Weapon Washes line.

From the article:

I recently placed a large supply order from Secret Weapon miniatures. Amongst the things I ordered was their entire line of washes.

Not having used them before I decided the best way to learn how they worked was to try painting an entire unit of models with only the washes. And I cam very close. I only had to use three colors of paint after my primer and those were a bleach bone, a gun metal and black.

Secret Weapon Miniatures continues to go up in funding over on Kickstarter. They've added some new pledge levels, a pledge manager previewer and some more concept art.

From the updates:

The gate for "Urban Streets" should finish up at 8" wide, with a 5" wide swing arm. This will allow you to completely block one of the street sections. I have also asked for a 2" wide wall section so you can add them to the sidewalks and use a roadway as a choke-point. The spotlight in the picture will be an optional piece and I hope to offer a variety of goodies for the top of the gate walls.

Secret Weapon Miniatures has posted some concept art for their Rolling Fields Tablescapes tiles over on their Kickstarter page.

From the update:

Today has been quite a ride - and I'm thrilled to see how close we are to unlocking the damaged/ruined portion of the "Urban Streets" board -- which puts us another step closer to unlocking the "Rolling Fields" table set.

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Secret Weapon Miniatures keeps getting higher in funding over on Kickstarter for their Tablescapes terrain boards. They've got another view of the Urban Streets boards as well as a sizing chart for various vehicles.

From the update:

Wait, the size of the roads in the "Urban Streets" sets gets an update all to itself? Yes. Yes, it does. This is probably the hottest topic in the comments section and so I'm breaking it out, with a graphic, so that folks have a place to share their thoughts without getting lost in the flow of general campaign comments.

And so, without further ado, I give you... THE ROADS GRAPHIC!

Secret Weapon Miniatures got up and over their funding goal for their Tablescapes terrain tiles over on Kickstarter. They've also started posting up artwork for the Urban Streets themed sets.

From the update:

A lot of people have asked about the concept art for the other themes, and you all know how much I like to keep you happy, so...

I've already shared the "Urban Streets" sketches, and we have an updated set on the way, but as this is a collection page --

Secret Weapon Miniatures has launched their Kickstarter in order to fund a line of terrain tiles, terrain pieces, bases and other fun stuff.

From the campaign:

Tablescapes is an injection molded plastic 12x12" tile set designed to give tabletop gamers themed gaming environments that are fully compatible with new and existing terrain and basing options from Secret Weapon Miniatures. Our initial offering, "Scrap Yard," will give you the ability to put your army on "Scrap Yard" bases, set them on a "Scrap Yard" table, and surround them with "Scrap Yard" terrain -- giving you a completely integrated, unified theme for your gaming experience.

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Secret Weapon Miniatures showed off this picture on their Facebook page and we're sharing it with you.

From misterjustin, who is being extra secret about the project... you'd think the name of the company had the word "secret" in it! ... oh... it does... Well,... ok, then!

Coming soon!"

Secret Weapon Miniatures gives you more basing options for your figs with their new line of Tau Ceti model bases in all sorts of shapes and base-edge types.

From the release:

Inspired by classical sci-fi shapes, and the planet central to so many
of our classic sci-fi films, this set combines hard edges and rounded
surfaces with a clean lined aesthetic that works equally well as a
hi-tech space ship deck, or a futuristic cityscape.

This set will be available in round lip in coming weeks.

And we have a Winner!
Well, actually a couple.

Due to the great responses we got to our Secret Weapon Miniatures Haiku contest, misterjustin expanded the prize pool to one $50 winner and two $25 runners-up. The judging is over and the winners are:

In first place: Quirkworthy!

Runners up are: Soulfinger and Fuzzguy!

E-mails have been sent out to the winners (be sure to check your inboxes!)

Our thanks again to misterjustin from Secret Weapon Miniatures for the contest.

Next week we'll have more Forge World giveaways. I've got a Space Marine and a Skinwalker still on my desk to hand out. So keep checking back for those. Discuss 4
Ok guys, our first giveaway this past week had over a hundred replies. The second one got over 200 (the winner there has been notified!). The counts for those are just awesome. Thanks to everyone that has replied to those so far. We've got another couple Forge World minis to give away, but those will wait for a later time.

But for now, here's the third giveaway:

Secret Weapon Miniatures, as you know, has products for all facets of the hobby gamer. They've basically got it all and have given us a $50 voucher for their store. Though this isn't like the previous giveaways where you just need to comment to get in on the action. misterjustin has a much more... poetic way for you to enter.

To get yourself into this contest, you need to write a Haiku (a 3-line poem with 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second and 5 syllables in the third, for those that don't know) about the Hobby Gaming world. It can be about playing the games, painting and assembling minis or terrain or anything in-between.

You can enter as many as times as you'd like, since we'll be doing a judging for the winner. misterjustin, Kevin and I will read over your responses and decide which is the winner. Keep them clean, though. No swearing, foul language or horrific immagery, as usual for the comments.

I'm... slightly worried about the replies... We'll see how this goes.

We'll leave this open until Wednesday morning at 9am Eastern. We'll do the judging afterward and let you know the results. Discuss 108
Secret Weapon Miniatures has their January releases up online for your ordering pleasure.

From the update:

Greetings fans, friends, and customers!

This month I'm bringing you some amazing new goodies -- including SANDBAGS!

Wait... sandbags? YES!

These are flexible sandbags that work in 1/48 - 1/35 scale (that includes 28mm) and will give you the ONLY realistic looking sandbag you're ever going to get.

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Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher tells us what they think of another of Secret Weapon Miniature's sets. This time it's their Urban Streets bases.

From the review:

When I opened the parcel I found these very professional looking packets. A lot of base companies send things in just clear bags, but Secret Weapon go that little further with retail ready packs. On the left is the 30mm set and the right is the 40mm set. Both very easy to see exactly what you are getting.

Secret Weapon Miniatures posted up a bunch of new releases. There's a lot (only a small sample in the photos below), so check 'em out.

From the announcement:

Secret Weapon Miniatures has launched the first wave of Voodooworx bases following their acquisition of the product line.

Also up this month are four infantry missile pod options, and a set of etched brass Marsh Grasses.