Sapphire Wars – release plan & painted Weapons Officer

SeaDragon Miniatures have posted details of their release schedule as well as a preview of a painted Sapphire Wars Weapons Officer figure.

UuchuuKat Weapons Officer

From their announcement:

Finally painted version of UuchuuKat Weapons Officer. There still promo arts for this mini.

  • 10/JUN/2011 – Alpha Arms Special Unit – Sniper
  • 10/JUL/2011 – UuchuuKat Special Unit – Fox sniper (yes, finally much earlier than I was saying
  • 10/AUG/2011 – MalGen Inc. – Assault Unit – Periculum (yeah, boar heavy)
  • 10/SEP/2011 – Alpha Arms – Special Unit – Assault trooper (another kitty)

Sapphire Wars update

SeaDragon Miniatures have posted an update on the status of their Sapphire Wars range of 28mm sci-fi miniatures.

Malgen Inc. Pelagus soldier concept art

From their announcement:

Production process is going quite swift now. Thanks to this I can reduce price for miniatures in Sapphire Wars range. Now each miniature will cost only €9.. For all customers who bought already both of miniatures I will have special offer with next release. I wish to thank all of them for supporting this project from very beginning.

Alpha Arms sniper should be available to buy at the end of May – price €9.

Sapphire Wars UuchuuKat Weapons Officer pre-order

SeaDragon Miniatures is now accepting pre-orders for the UuchuuKat Weapons Officer figure from their Sapphire Wars sci-fi range.

UuchuuKat Weapons Officer

From their announcement:

Next miniature for Sapphire Wars game is already in advance order. Price is 11euro + shipping cost (2.5euro in European Union and 3.5euro outside European Union). Release date 22/APR/2011. To first 150 minis I will also add promo art each with signature and number (size 12cm x 16cm).

Contact email: