Midweek Snippets

Quite a blustery day here in Atlanta for the middle of the week. Despite being the first day of spring, it seems as though winter is looking to hang on for a little longer. So, even though there’s more light than there is dark now (at least, here in the Northern Hemisphere), we should still stock up on bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Okumarts Games Releases Four Sets of Super-villain Paper Miniatures, Gravetides Fantasy Fleet Coming to Kickstarter, Afro-Zombie Launching Steam Girls 75mm Minis Kickstarter Soon, Stars Reach 2 Kickstarter Running Now, Dark Art Studios Running Devil’s Dungeon II Kickstarter, Elder Dice: Unspeakable Tomes Up On Kickstarter, and Really Useful Box Storage For Sails of Glory Ships Released.

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New Releases From Ares Games Available At Spiel Essen

Only only ever really been to a handful of different shows. All of them only in the US as well. I’d love to make it to events like Salute, or Spiel Essen. Both seem like awesome shows, full of some cool, new things. Speaking of Essen and new things. Ares Games will be in attendance and they’ll have some games that will be available for the first time at the show. So hopefully you’ve got your tickets to the show, or know someone that can ninja-shop for you.
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Ares Games Posts Origins Previews/New Releases

So, while we’ve got Gen Con a a month and change away, we shouldn’t forget that Origins is this weekend. There’s certainly going to be plenty to do and see at that show. Ares Games certainly has a lot planned. And they’ve posted up a little guide to tell us what to expect.
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Ares Games Announces Gen Con Plans

Every day we get closer to Gen Con. And every day we get more news about what will be happening at the show. As such, every day we get just a little bit more excited. I hope we don’t explode or something. That’d be sad, as being exploded would probably put a damper on going to the show. I wouldn’t look like my ID picture anymore, so I don’t know if they’d give me my badge. Anyway, exploding reporters aside, we have Ares Games’ announcement about what they’ll be having at the show.
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Ares Games to preview new Galaxy Defenders expansions, Jolly Roger, and Odyssey at Origins

Origins is coming up soon. Less than a month, in fact. It’s practically here! Among all the fine vendors that will be at the show will be Ares Games. They have quite a lot of special things in store for the show, including new releases that won’t be available to the public yet, as well as letting you try out some games that won’t be out until later in the year.
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Ares Games launches the first Sails of Glory Scenarios Contest

Ares Games announced their first ever Sails of Glory contest. Simply come up with your own Sails of Glory scenario and you could win a whole armada.


From the announcement:

Sails of Glory players are invited to test their creative skill in the first Sails of Glory Scenario Contest. The best designers will be rewarded with a substantial fleet of Sails of Glory ships: the authors of the best scenario in each category – Historical and Fictional – will receive a complete series of the second wave Sails of Glory Ship Packs – 12 new ship models! Entries will be accepted until May 10th, 2014.

The scenarios must be presented in English language, in a format similar to the scenarios included in the Sails of Glory Starter Set rulebook and in the Historical Scenarios PDF booklet. Each participant is allowed to submit a maximum of 3 (three) scenarios.

For more details and the contest’s rules, see the announcement on Ares Games website

Sails of Glory Starter Set to be reprinted this Spring

Ares Games has burned through their initial print run of Sails of Glory really quick. But don’t worry, more will be headed to shores of stores this spring.


From the announcement:

After more than 2 years of development, and after completing the shipment of the Kickstarter rewards to more than 1000 backers, Sails of Glory game arrived in stores in the USA, Europe, and other countries this month. However, sales outperformed Ares’ best expectations – the Starter Set is already sold out at the Ares Games warehouse. A reprint will be available this Spring. Most of the other expansions and accessories in the range (Ship Packs, Game Mats, Terrain Packs) are also sold out or very close to running out of stock, and they will also be reprinted.

A new series consisting of 12 ship packs, including ship-sloops, new frigates, and huge first-rate ships –of-the-line, has also been announced for a release in May.
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Man Battlestations Posts Sails of Glory Gameplay Impressions

Man Battlestations gives you their thoughts of Sails of Glory from Ares Games in their latest article.


From the review:

Ruckdog is back with another blog post on Sails of Glory. This time, he provides some initial impressions on the game play.

Sally 4th takes to the Seas with Sails of Glory cases

Sally 4th knows your little boats need to be just as protected during transport as your little mans, so they’ve got new cases designed specifically for Sails of Glory minis.


From the release:

After a long, long wait the postman finally delivered my copy of Sails of Glory that I had ordered back in last October. The miniatures look fantastic so I wanted a great product to protect the ships and show them off to their best potential in my games room.

The Sally 4th ship storage box has been added to our webstore today. You can either buy a complete special edition pre-painted Warchest in blue, green, grey, sand or white (I prefer blue to match the bases), complete with perspex front, perspex lid and insert for £22, or you can just buy the insert for £6 to mix and match with our range of warchests or your own boxes. All our warchests are supplied flat-packed and are easily assembled using PVA wood glue.

Man Battlestations posts Sails of Glory Unboxing

Man Battlestations posted up an unboxing article of Sails of Glory from Ares Games.


From the article:

Over at Man Battlestations, Ruckdog has finally gotten his hands on the Sails of Glory starter set. Check out the blog post to see what’s inside!

Last hours for Sails of Glory on Kickstarter

Ares Games has only a few hours left in their Sails of Glory campaign over on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

More than 1,050 backers already pledged for a total amount equal to more than 800% of the funding goal. Seventeen stretch goals have been unlocked, adding extra value to the rewards of the different pledge levels.

At this point of the campaign, the Captain level – the most popular pledge of the Sails of Glory Kickstarter, with 287 backers – offers $ 100 worth of stretch goal rewards.

The Captain level pledge of $ 260 includes one copy of the Sails of Glory Starter Set, the four Kickstarter-Exclusive Ship Packs, and one copy of each of the 8 Ship Packs of the first wave (4 British and 4 French ships). In addition, now it also offers an extensive booty in extra rewards: wood, laser-cut items such as the Attitude Indicator and Combat Ruler; the Captain & Crew Ability Deck, four Terrain Packs, two each of the two different sets available; a 68 x 98 cm high quality Game Mat; a set of additional Damage counters; two sets of acrylic, laser cut smoke clouds. In addition, thanks to the stretch goal that have been achieved all the ship cards and logs are going to be printed with two different sets of values, and a free downloadable Scenario Book will be produced.

Sails of Glory Kickstarter has new pledge levels for international backers

Ares Games has updated their Sails of Glory Kickstarter campaign in order to better facilitate international backers.

From the update:

The Sails of Glory campaign on Kickstarter enters in its homestretch with good news for international backers and other people resident outside the US who want to support the project. Ares Games announced three new pledge levels to offer a solution to mitigate the high costs of international shipping, with the publisher absorbing a higher portion of the freight cost.

At the new levels Worldwide Lieutenant and Worldwide Captain, backers are asked to commit to a certain minimum amount (US$ 40) of options, freely chosen between those shipping with the main rewards; and, in turn, Ares Games absorb almost completely the shipping cost (bringing it down to only US$ 20). The benefits have also been extended to the Commodore level, creating the Worldwide Commodore level, which includes a proportionately higher minimum amount of options, at US$ 80.

Ares Games posts a new Sails of Glory preview: The Standard Rules

Ares Games has another preview up for Sails of Glory. This one gives you a look at the standard rules for the game.

From the preview:

The Standard Rules to Sails of Glory add some exciting details to your ship combats, and in an innovative way that does not slow down play. The Standard Rules make movement more realistic with the “Time to React” movement system and the “Veer” concept, and make combat more fun with rules for Raking Fire and Ammunition Types.

Sails of Glory Kickstarter reaches $125,000 pledged in the first week

Sails of Glory from Ares Games has made it to over 400% funded in their first week up on Kickstarter.

From the update:

The Sails of Glory campaign on Kickstarter continues with fair wind. Started last Tuesday, March 5th, the funding goal of $ 30,000 was achieved in less than 9 hours and today the pledges raised over $ 125,000, with five stretch goals achieved.

Sails of Glory is a tactical Age of Sail game branded Ares Games, inspired by the acclaimed Wings of Glory system. It will feature assembled and painted ship models, ready to play out of the box, and a game system designed to accurately represent battles at sea between the large sailing ships of the past centuries.

The first series of Sails of Glory is set in the Napoleonic Age, an iconic period for naval wargaming. The initial release, scheduled for August 2013, will include a Starter Set – an all-in-one starting point to begin playing, including four fully painted and assembled ships – and 12 additional Ship Packs. Four of these Ship Packs will be exclusively available for backers on Kickstarter: the French frigate La Concorde, the French ship-of-the-line Fougueux, the British frigate HMS Juno, and the British ship-of-the-line HMS Bellerophon.

Following the initial funding of US$ 30,000 the achievement of four “stretch goals” will allow to fund the design and production of two new ships – the HMS Victory and the USS Constitution, and special game items, such as the Sails of Glory Game Mat and the laser-cut, wooden version of two Attitude Indicator and of the Combat Ruler. The next stretch goal to be achieved, $ 140,000, will unlock the Terrain Pack #1, with terrain elements for use together with the Game Mat.

Sails of Glory now up on Kickstarter

Ares Games has their Sails of Glory game up on Kickstarter, and it’s already funded, so it’s stretch goals for 42 days.

From the campaign:

The mechanics of Sails of Glory are inspired by the excellent “maneuver deck” system used in Wings of Glory. For a long time, we’ve been discussing with the authors about the possibilities of the system, and how to develop it beyond its use in Wings. Then, we realized how well it could be adapted to naval wargaming, and the idea of Sails of Glory was born. We also realized that assembled and painted ship models to use in a miniature game do not exist on the market – and we wondered how much more accessible naval gaming would become if we were able to create beautiful small ships, ready to play out of the box.

That was our starting point, back in 2011. Since then, the game system of Sails of Glory has been carefully designed to accurately represent battles at sea between the large sailing ships of the past centuries. And just like we did for Wings of Glory, we engineered the production of fully assembled and painted ship figures, highly detailed, to use as “playing pieces” for the game.

The first series of Sails of Glory, which we are funding with this project, will be set in the Napoleonic Age, an iconic period for naval wargaming. Who has not heard of Nelson, Trafalgar, Abukir, and HMS Victory?

Ares Games announces Sails of Glory Napoleonics naval game

Ares Games will be coming out with a new Napoleonic naval game called Sails of Glory.

From the announcement:

Sails of Glory® is a tactical ship-to-ship miniature game, inspired by the best-selling Wings of Glory system. It will feature assembled and painted ship models, ready to play out of the box, and a game system designed to accurately represent battles at sea between the large sailing ships of the past centuries. The first series of Sails of Glory will be set in the Napoleonic Age, an iconic period for naval wargaming.

The initial release of Sails of Glory, (scheduled for July 2013), includes a Starter Set – an all-in-one starting point to begin playing – with four fully painted and assembled ships, and 12 different Ship Packs. Backers on Kickstarter will have exclusive access to four of the ship models: the French frigate La Concorde, the French ship-of-the-line Fougueux, the British frigate HMS Juno, and the British ship-of-the-line HMS Bellerophon.

Sails of Glory Interview

Gioconomicon.net has posted their interview with Andrea Angiolino and Andrew Mainini about Sails of Glory.

From their website:

For so it was spoken, especially since everyone is wondering how a game system as lucky as that of Wings of War (now Wings of Glory ) still had not been pursued in different ambience. To impress, arrive Sails of Glory , in a romantic and elegant (the naval battles of the Napoleonic era) as much as that of the knights of the First World War biplanes. In this new adventure fun, Andrea Angiolino there has launched a new co-author, Andrew Mainini and Gioconomicon, with a scoop on a global scale (!) has bought up an interview with a preview of both!

English Interview here!

Ares Games announces Sails of Glory

Ares Games announce Sails of Glory, a game of naval battles in the Age of Sail.

From their announcment:

Camaiore, Italy – September 29, 2011 – Ares Games, the game publisher of the “Wings of Glory” series of aerial combat games, created by Andrea Angiolino and Pier Giorgio Paglia, announces a new game based upon that popular game system, with a completely new setting.

The game, to be called “Sails of Glory”, will recreate naval warfare in the Age of Sail (1650-1815). The “Wings of Glory” game system will be modified and expanded to represent accurately battles at sea between the large sailing ships of the past centuries.
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