Zed or Alive Rulebook and Initiative Cards Now Available

Rust Devil Games, after a successful Kickstarter campaign, now has their Zed or Alive zombie miniatures game rulebook for Savage Worlds now available over in their webshop. They also have their Initiative cards for the game available for purchase. Go check out this new zombie minis game.


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Zed or Alive PDF Rulebook Released

Rust Devil Games has put their Zed or Alive rulebook up online. Go and check it out.



From the release:

The Rust Devil Games crew is hard at work churning out backer rewards, but we wanted to make sure we get the word out that, whenever possible, we will be releasing products to the web store as soon as they become available! This includes our first two offerings, the Zed or Alive PDF Rulebook, and the PDF Figure Flats!

The Zed or Alive PDF rulebook is a 100 page document that contains everything you’ll need to run campaigns or one-off games in the zombie apocalypse using the Savage Worlds: Showdown! system!

The PDF Figure Flats provide 20 original paper miniatures which can be used to represent any model type in the game for those who aren’t big on the miniatures side of the hobby!

The good news is that now folks who missed out on the Kickstarter can get their hands on the rules! Stay tuned for upcoming updates to the store

Zed or Alive Kickstarter Update: New goals unlocked and added

Rust Devil Games keeps on keepin’-on over on Kickstarter. They’ve unlocked another stretch goal and have added on yet another.


From the update:

Two new pieces of news for tonight, both awesome! We’ve unlocked the South America setting pack, which joins the ever-growing roster of additional settings available for ZoA!

The bigger story is that we’re happy to announce that we’ve added another stretch goal to the lineup! If we hit the $6,500 mark, backers of Headhunter level or higher will be able to purchase a printed, softcover Setting Pack compilation by adding to their existing pledge. We will post additional details regarding the specifics if/when we reach that goal. We understand that printing out a PDF makes some options less enticing for backers, so we are taking steps to mitigate that and other issues through additional backer rewards. The compilation will also feature an exclusive new group type: Bounty Hunters! These sell-swords are ruthless, underhanded agents of wasteland law, hunting down fugitives from civilized strongholds, be they murderers or simply those who have outstanding debts at the gambling halls.

Please let us know what you think of the new stretch goals or if you have any suggestions for further ones here or in the main KS comments!

Zed or Alive Kickstarter comes to life

Rust Devil Games has launched the Kickstarter campaign for their Zed or Alive zombie miniatures game.


From the campaign:

Zed or Alive is a campaign-based miniatures skirmish game set in the years following the zombie apocalypse. You control one of several human group types such as Survivors, Tribals, or Military and battle each other and the ever-present zombie menace to gain weapons, supplies, and dominance!

Alternately, you may choose to play as a Virus Strain, gaining evolutionary material with every battle and evolving to become increasingly lethal!

Zed or Alive Kickstarter launches March 15th

Rust Devil Games has announced the launch date for their Zed or Alive Kickstarter campaign.


From the announcement:

We here at Rust Devil Games are proud to announce that our Kickstarter campaign is ready to go and will be launching on March 15th! We’ll be going for 30 days, which should allow us to get funded and send everything to the printers in order to get physical copies in May 2014. Followers of the site and blog already know plenty of background on the game, but for those that haven’t, please see below for general project information!

Zed or Alive headed to Kickstarter

Rust Devil Games has been working hard and now their game, Zed or Alive, is just about ready to head to Kickstarter.


From the update:

The folks here at Rust Devil Games are proud to announce that our first game is nearing completion and the Kickstarter campaign is coming soon! While we can’t release specific dates yet, that announcement is not far off.
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