Orion – SciFi Soundscapes by Darkraven Europe Now on Kickstarter

Darkraven Games and Ruby Nile Games are running a Kickstarter to help enhance your sci-fi game sessions. They want to bring 26 new tracks to your sound bank. It’s hard to downplay what a good soundtrack can do for your games. It’s one of those things you don’t really notice until it’s not there. They’ve got a whole bunch of samples on their Kickstarter page for you to check out.
The campaign is really close to meeting its goal with still 10 days left to go.

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Ruby Nile Games launches Darkraven Science Fiction Soundscapes Kickstarter

Ruby Nile Games has a Kickstarter campaign going for Darkraven Science Fiction Soundscapes.
Most of these I’ve seen are Fantasy. Here’s a sci-fi one for your sci-fi game players.


From the campaign:

Darkraven Science Fiction Soundscapes. 36+ handcrafted tracks with over 9 hours of sound for your science fiction and cyberpunk games.