Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes Up On Roll20

Roll20 is the perfect way to play RPGs with your friends all over the world, online, in real time. And they’re making sure that you get the latest books available for the most popular RPGs as soon as possible. As such, they’ve got Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes available for purchase and support on their site. Bring in all those new pieces of gear, character options, and monsters to your games now.
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Crownfall: War of the Crown 1 Pathfinder Adventure Available To Order On Roll20

Roll20’s a great way to get people from literally all over the world all gaming at the same table (virtual table, that is). It’s like being together, playing your favorite RPGs with your friends, but on your computer. And they’re happy to announce that their first ever Pathfinder adventure is now available to order over on their site. It’s the first of the War of the Crown adventure path, entitled Crownfall.
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Princes of the Apocalypse Module Now Available On Roll20

I have friends all over the world. I’m sure most of you do, too. The Internet connects us with people from everywhere, instantly. But it’s kinda hard to bring in Henrix from Sweden or Halfi from Wales or Jyggdrasil from Kuala Lumpur for a gaming session. That’s where Roll20 comes in. They’ve teamed up with Wizards of the Coast and are releasing official Dungeons & Dragons modules on their platform. You can get the Princes of the Apocalypse module now.
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Paizo Announces Partnership with Roll20: Virtual Tabletop Coming for Pathfinder and Starfinder Roleplaying Games

I love playing RPGs. However, finding enough locals to play can be tricky. I’ve got friends all over the world that’d love to play, but the commute from Australia, Sweden, and Seattle can be a bit rough. Thankfully, there’s Virtual Tabletops like Roll20. They’ve announced that they’re teaming up with Paizo to support official Starfinder and Pathfinder material on their platform. Crownfall, the first of these, is available to pre-order now.
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Dungeons & Dragons Teams Up With Roll20

There are lots of things that can keep a gaming group from actually getting a session in. For the longest time, “distance” was a big one. Well, with virtual tabletops becoming a much more regular thing, that’s not a factor. One of the most well-known virtual tabletops is Roll20. Well, they’ve teamed up with Wizards of the Coast to now officially bring Dungeons & Dragons adventures to the program.
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The Orr Group Reports on Most Played RPGs on Roll20 for Q4

Roll20 is the most-popular online RPG virtual tabletop, with over 700k players. The website supports any format you can think of, but which ones are the ones being played the most? Well, The Orr Group, creators of Roll20, has previously reported on what systems are most popular being used on the site, and now they’ve got their 4th Quarter report ready. Where did your favorite system end up? How has 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons done? Check out the list to find out.


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The Orr Group on Roll20 Game System Use

Roll20 had The Orr Group take a look at the various game systems that their users employed during their gaming sessions and compile the information into a handy chart showing the percentage that each game took up.

Game Percentages


From the report:

THE ORR GROUP INDUSTRY REPORT is an overview of tabletop gaming ruleset popularity
based on usage data from Roll20 Virtual Tabletop.

Based on a sample size of approximately 25,000 games and 15,000 players.
Notes on how information is gathered:
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