Palladium Updates Robotech RPG Tactics Shipment Info

Palladium Books and their Robotech RPG Tactics game has been one of the long-drawn-out dramas of the gaming industry for several years now. The game was one of the first really huge successes on Kickstarter. Unfortunately, it’s become also the campaign that’s now looked upon as “the one that really went wrong.” Palladium has posted two updates to the Kickstarter campaign. The long and the short is that Palladium will not be sending out Wave 2 releases. People can substitute Wave 1 items for Wave 2 items, but will need to pay for shipping. Also, Palladium is losing the Robotech license after 30 years.
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TGN Saturday Edition: Review Roundup

Welcome once again to another TGN Saturday Edition where we round up all the reviews we’ve found over the week and put them into our Review Roundup (and around and around… and it comes out here).

This week we’ve got reviews of: Builders of Blankenburg, Robotech RPG Tactics, Brew Crafters, Diner, Kahuna, Lanterns, and 7 Wonders: Babel.

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Some Snippets for Wednesday

Hey everyone. Here’s another batch of news snippets for you.
Remember, snippets aren’t “leftovers” or “scraps” or anything like that. They’re news like everything else. They’re just… smaller. There’s good stuff in here and we want you to know about it. It’s just that the story’s shorter, but no less important!

So what do we have in this round? Well, there’s a new punk green from Slow Death Games, an announcement from ThunderChild Miniatures about a new Kickstarter, a new release from Hitech Miniatures, a new adventure for Fantasy8s, new Pulp Alley templates from Sally 4th, a notice about the final days of the Rise of the Kage pre-order, some new goblin nurses from Kromlech, a Squadron Strike: Traveller Preview, an announcement about the Death Saves Anthology release, and some new accessories for Robotech from Burn In Designs.

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Gamers on Games : Episode 185.5 : Robotech RPG Tactics Miniature Rambling

Gamers on Games has posted episode 185.5 of their vidcast up online for your viewing pleasure.


In this episode:

Another extensive look at the miniatures in ROBOTECH RPG TACTICS by Eric The Battletech Engineer.
This video allows you to see what you can expect from the models in the main box-set which started shipping today.

Gamers on Games – Episode 183 : Robotech RPG Tactics Unboxing

Gamers on Games gives us a look inside the Robotech RPG Tactics box with these unboxing videos.


From the post:

Eric the Battletech Engineer managed to score a boxed set at Gen Con 2014! Enjoy the first half of the unboxing! Be sure to check it out and subscribe!

Palladium holding vote on Robotech heading to GenCon

Palladium is allowing backers to vote on whether or not they’ll bring Robotech RPG Tactics products to GenCon before all the Kickstarter backers have gotten their products.



From the update (note: all mentions of “this update” refer to the update on Kickstarter. Don’t put your vote in here 😛 ) :

We humbly ask, may we please sell some Robotech® RPG Tactics™ at Gen Con Indy? It’s only a few hundred of six items: the main box game, four of the expansion packs (Tomahawk/Defender Destroids, Regult Battlepods, Artillery Battlepods, and Glaug Command) and the rule book.

Post your “Yes” or “No” in the comments on this Update by Monday, July 21st. Please try to restrict your comments on this Update to “yes” or “no” votes, so that we can count them more accurately. There are plenty of other places to discuss your opinions about this voting process, the lateness of the rewards, or anything else.
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Palladium updates on their Robotech RPG Tactics post-Kickstarter progress

Palladium also made a big update on how things are going post-Kickstarter for their Robotech RPG Tactics campaign.

Robotech Bag


From the update:

For a few weeks now we have been holding off on announcing when we thought Robotech® RPG Tactics™ “should” arrive from China and begin to ship to our 5,200+ Kickstarter backers. I am so glad we did, because the last several weeks have been crazy and that date has changed many, many times.
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Gamers on Games : Robotech RPG Tactics Demo

Gamers on Games has posted a new video wherein they show off the Robotech RPG Tactics game.


From the video:

Gamers on Games hosted Thomas Roache of ROBOTECH RPG TACTICS by Palladium Books & Ninja Division at The Gamer’s Realm ( 1750 Whitehorse-Mercerville Rd. Hamilton, NJ 08619).
This is the first chance the public has gotten to interact with ROBOTECH RPG TACTICS since Gen Con 2013. See how far the game has come, and see what progress has been made.
Questions asked by viewers were answered as they were received! Check out this amazing recording of this highly anticipated, and controversial kickstarter game!

Robotech RPG Tactics in final hours on Kickstarter

Robotech RPG Tactics is in their final day over on Kickstarter and has made it over $1m over the weekend.

From the latest update:

Wow, you’ve been busy in just the couple of hours that we took to recharge! The Ghost Drone Purchase Add-on has now been increased to 4x Ghost Drones.

Serau-Ger Heavy Infantry Unlocked for Robotech Tactics RPG Kickstarter

Robotech RPG Tactics has been busy unlocking new stretch goals over on Kickstarter. Here’s the latest.

From the update:

Nearly as tall as a veritech, the heavy armored Serau-Ger Infantry are a deadly threat, their massed fire power capable of bringing down even the most powerful mecha. The Serau-Ger Heavy infantry are fielded in Squadrons of 12 for 35 points.

Wargamers Consortium talks with Ninja Division about Robotech RPG Tactics

Wargamers Consortium had a quick chat with the guys at Ninja Division while at Adepticon about the Robotech RPG Tactics game.

From the interview:

At adepitcon 2013, the Wargamers Consortium stopped by Ninja Division to talk a little about the new Robotech RPG Tactics Game.