CMON Expo 2015 Update: Rivets and Panels

June. It’s already June. We’re nearly halfway through the year. How time flies. What is also flying is CMON Expo. They’re flying high with a new update about what’ll be coming at this year’s show. This update has a sort of “construction” theme, somewhat by accident, as it involves rivets and panels. What do I mean by that? Read on.
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CMON At KublaCon, Events and Special Promos To Be Had

If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.
Yeah, ask your parents about that song. Anyway, whether you have flowers in your hair or not, if you’re in San Francisco this weekend, be sure to stop by KublaCon for all sorts of fun gaming to be had. CMON will be there with plenty of events to keep you entertained. Also, they’ve teamed up with Game Kastle. For the first time ever, if you buy CMON products from the Game Kastle booth, you can pick up CMON special promotional miniatures from them!
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New CMON Expo Guest, Tourney, and Hobby Event Announcement

CMON Expo moves inexorably closer with each tick of the clock. We’ve already got quite a lot lined up for the show, but there’s always more to talk about. This week, we’ve got a new guest, new tournament, and new hobby event to let you know about. The guest is Teri Litorco. The tourney is Rivet Wars: The Big Push. The hobby event is our Paint & Take. Click below for details.

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New Arcadia Quest and Rivet Wars Releases from CMON

CMON posted up 5 new releases on their website. They’ve got two new expansion packs for Rivet Wars in the form of Battle of Brighton (where players can take to the air) and Heavy Metal (where some of the biggest tanks in the world of Rivet can be yours to command). They also have 3 releases for Arcadia Quest, including Beyond the Grave, the first big expansion for the game, along with two new heroes, Nibbles and Zahra.
All are available now in the CMON Webshop.


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TGN Saturday Edition: Review Roundup

We’ve got another Saturday here on TGN and that means a collection of the review stories we found throughout the week. What are others saying about the games you’re interested in playing? Read on to find out.

This time we’ve got reviews (and a couple previews) for games/models like: Rivet Wars, Eight Minute Empire, Kromlech’s Orc Warchief, Witness, new Nachtjager releases for Flames of War, Scoville, Wizard Dodgeball, San Juan (the game, not the location. Though one is based on the other), Xia: Legends of a Drift System, Out of Dodge, Hoyuk, the 5th Edition Monster Manual, Amerigo, and King of New York.

That should keep you busy for a while.

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TGN Saturday Edition: Review Roundup

As usual, here’s the reviews we found during the week.
There’s quite a few of them. We’ve got a pair of reviews for Blurble, a look at Dice Crawl from SoulJar Games, an Imperial Assault unboxing, a look at Rivet Wars, a review of the Malifaux terrain by PlastCraft, and more! Check it out.

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Thirsty Gamer Rivet Wars Christmas Truce Painting Contest

Thirsty Gamer has teamed up with Super Robot Punch and CooMiniOrNot to bring you the Rivet Wars Christmas Truce painting contest.
For those that don’t know, the Christmas Truces were impromptu (and unofficial) truces that sprung up on the Western Front during WWI between the Axis and Allied troops. Groups of soldiers came out of their trenches and shook hands and fraternized with their enemies across no-man’s land. Soccer (or football, if you prefer) matches were also had between the warring sides.
Anyway, I could go on for hours about that (I do have a degree in History, after all), but let’s learn more about the contest.
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Rivet Wars previews Ottoman Strider render

Rivet Wars posted up a new preview render for the next Rivet Wars expansion with a look at the Ottoman Strider.


From the preview:

Configured to allow itself to bypass tank tracks and other obstacles the Ottoman Strider is a versatile armored asset that should be a part of any Ottoman General’s assault deployment. Get in the fight!

Is Everybody Ready for Diving?

Rivet Wars is showing off the art and render for the new Ruska Diver they’re working on.

Ruska Diver


From the preview:

Silently, he emerges from the river. His speargun is level as he marches forward. The enemy isn’t even guarding their objectives this far behind the lines. They hadn’t planned on the Ruska Imperial Marine Diving Corps!

Rivet Wars News From the Front

Rivet Wars gives us a look into what they’ve been up to with a new issue of News From the Front.

New From the Front


From the post:

During the Rivet Wars kickstarter there was a call for a campaign that would involve several scenarios and many of the kickstarter units. Super Robot Punch has created that campaign and it is now ready for download! Also be sure to look at all the other fan created scenarios, cards and other additions that are free to download.

Rivet Wars posts new Ruska preview render

Rivet Wars posted a new preview render of the Ruska Hussar that they’ve been working on.
He’s not riding a bear, but it’s still pretty cool.

Ruska Hussar


From the preview:

The fabled Ruska Hussars! Alone they are deadly but in groups their charges will not be halted. An infantry soldier is best to retreat when he hears the sound of their approaching gallop!

Board to Death Reviews Rivet Wars

Board to Death takes a look at Rivet Wars in this video review.

Rivet Wars


From the review:

Rivet Wars is a miniatures boardgame that springs forth from the warped imagination of Ted Terranova – set on a world that never quite left World War I but with crazy technology like walking tanks, diesel powered armor, unicycled vehicles and armor plated cavalry!

Don’t let the cute visuals fool you, it’s a world full of angst, war-torn camaraderie and dark humor.

Rivet Wars is at its heart a strategy game, with both players deploying units each round to counter the threats set forth by their opponent and stay one tactical step ahead.

Rivet Wars – Expansion Models video Preview

Watch it Played made a little video showing off some of the new minis they’re working on over at Super Robot Punch for the Rivet Wars expansion.


From the video:

At the Cool Mini Or Not Expo, I had a chance to sit down with Ted, the designer of Rivet Wars and talk about the upcoming models for Rivet Wars.

Rivet Wars Painting Competition winners announced

CoolMiniOrNot has posted up the winners for their Rivet Wars painting competition. Congrats to those that won.

Painting Contest


From the announcement:

Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for all of your entries for the Rivet Wars Painting Competition. We had 144 entries in total, making this one of the biggest painting competitions on CMON! And the contest with the overall highest quality entries! Great job guys!

VIOLET managed to snatch both first and second place (and 4th and 5th!), and Skyle got third. BUT… the good thing is, while winning is great, everyone who received a score of 7.0 or over gets a Treasure Hunter!!!

A first look at the Rivet Wars art book

Super Robot Punch takes a look at one of the new Rivet Wars art books and shows it off for us as well.


From the post:

I received a review copy of the art book today. It is so amazing to see that this really happened. I’ve always loved art books and to now have one based on RW is really incredible. Thanks to everyone who supported Rivet Wars, backed the kickstarter or just helped get it done.

Rivet Wars Update – Planes, Tanks, and Automobiles

Rivet Wars tossed up a pair of videos showing off the new models that’ll be coming out soon for the game.


From the update:

Hello Riveteers!

We have two video updates for you guys today! The first video we have for you will walk you guys through the final production models and packaging for some of the Kickstarter exclusives (Blitzkrieg Box and Heroes), and future retail expansions for Rivet Wars!

Next, we’re going to show off the current production prototypes for the planes and the Super Heavy Tanks. As you can see the tanks look great, but as we’ve mentioned before we need to touch up a few things on the planes. Also, we give a quick explanation of the stands the planes will ride on.

Thanks for all of your support and dedication to this project! As you can see, we are in the final stretch of the production. We’ll keep you updated with how things are coming along as we finalize the last few things in Wave 2!

Crits Happen critiques Rivet Wars

Crits Happen takes a look at Rivet Wars and gives us their thoughts on the subject in this Critique Of article.


From the article:

This month’s Critique is going to provide a powerful punch in pint sized form; Rivet Wars the Eastern Front! Cool Mini or Not, the makers of Rivet Wars, are probably most notably known for their hit kickstarter game, Zombiecide! This, like Zombiecide, is a minis based game on tiles, but that is where the similarities end and the war games begin!

Rivet Wars takes the “greatest hits” of wargaming and wraps it up into one pint sized package that delivers in a lot of great ways! Whether you are looking for a way to introduce family members to war games, looking for a way to get friends onto the battlefields, or you are looking for a “not so usual” way to skirmish with pals, Rivet Wars has a bit of something for everyone!

Don’t forget to cast your vote and make your voice heard on if you think Rivet Wars is a Crit, Hit or Miss by voting in our poll below the video! Suit up soldier, or rather, “plug up”, and move out! Hup, two, three…

Rivet Wars Painting Competition announced

CoolMiniOrNot is running a painting contest for Rivet Wars.


From the contest:

CoolMiniOrNot is proud to present the world’s first Rivet Wars Painting Competition! Rivet Wars earned a great following during it’s very successful kickstarter campaign! This was in no small part due to the game’s beautifully designed and unique miniatures. Now we’re asking Riveteers from around the globe to slap some primer on their troops and put some color on their army!

This painting competition starts immediately. The submission period for entering models will last until 30 April 2014. Models submitted must meet the following guidelines:

– You can submit anything from one single miniature, a tank, vehicle, a diorama with multiple figures or a full blown army from the Rivet Wars range.
– A person may submit as many entries as they wish.

Pictures of the finished model/miniature must be submitted No Later Than 30 April 2014 Eastern Standard Time.

Edit your own Rivet Wars Scenarios

Rivet Wars helps you make your own scenarios for the game with the release of their Rivet Wars Scenario Editor software.


From the release:

THE RIVET WARS EDITOR PACK IS LIVE. We are excited to announce that we are releasing a scenario editor pack for Rivet Wars. Now anyone will be able to create a great looking scenario for Rivet Wars: Eastern Front. Everything you need to get started is located on the Rivet Wars Scenario Editor Page.

Special thanks go out to Tom Hill for his great work on this project. Tom, Ted and Cool Mini are committed to continuing to improve these tools and support the community’s creative efforts. In the future we plan to run contests and reward players for creating great scenarios that the community can enjoy.
We hope to see your work posted in the forums as well as any questions you may have as you work with the editor. Now anyone can make it more fun to Get in the Fight!

To the Eastern Front

The Thirsty Gamer takes a look at Rivet Wars: Eastern Front, in this review article.


From the review:

I love Real Time Strategy games. I cut my teeth on Command & Conquer and the original Warcraft games, and then moved into the juggernaut that is Starcraft when I was a teenager. From Age of Mythology to Rise of Nations, to Rome: Total War, I’ve pretty much played them all. I really, really enjoy them. As a miniature gamer, I’ve always been frustrated because there wasn’t any ‘good’ representation of the genre in a miniature game or board game. Rivet Wars fixes all of that in a dynamite package.

TempleCon holding Rivet Wars tourney

TempleCon is coming this weekend and they’re holding a Rivet Wars tourney.
Fun note about the photo: I know 5-6 of the people in the front right there.


From the post:

This Saturday there will be a Rivet Wars Battle for the Eastern Front Tournament at Templecon.

Templecon 2013
Saturday, 8 Feb 2014 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Saturday, 8 Feb 2014 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

If you going to the convention or are in the area stop by and enter because the tournament is free. Or just stop by and watch and check out the games. It’s a good time to Get in the Fight!