Resident Evil 2

Steamforged Posts New Resident Evil Previews

"Yeah, but how do the miniatures look?" is a question a lot of gamers have about their games. A lot of us are addicted to those little bits of plastic, and a good set of minis can turn a mediocre game into a great game. In this preview from Steamforged, they're showing off some of the pre-production figures they're working on for Resident Evil 2.

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New Add-Ons and Updates For Resident Evil 2 Kickstarter

The Kickstarter campaign for the Resident Evil 2 board game coming from Steamforged continues to move along. The game is already more than 3x funded, with numerous stretch goals unlocked. Well, I'm sure everyone would like more stretch goals to be unlocked. To get them there, a bunch of new add-ons have been announced, as well as various questions about them having been explained. If you've not taken a look back at the campaign in a while, this would be a good update to check out.

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Steamforged Launches Resident Evil 2 Board Game Kickstarter

Well, they've taken on Dark Souls. Now Steamforged is looking to tackle another popular video game property and bring it to your tabletops. This time around, it's Resident Evil 2. Players must work together in order to escape the zombie-filled Raccoon City. Keep topped off on ammo and make your way through the city, blasting all manner of horrors, lest you become one yourself. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

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Steamforged Games Share-To-Win Resident Evil 2 Contest Going On Now

Steamforged Games is going to be launching their Kickstarter campaign for the Resident Evil 2 board game on September 25th. That's just a couple days away. In order to build up the hype and excitement, they're giving away a pledge to one person who shares their post over on Facebook. Head over now, share, and put your name in the hat.

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Galleries From Day 1 At Gen Con 2017

It's early dawn here at Gen Con Day 2. I... wish I could tell you what happened to Day 1. I swear it was just here a minute ago. At least, that's how it feels. I can tell you that the hall is busy. But what would you expect from a show that's sold out? Thursday already felt like a Saturday. So it's anyone's guess as to what the rest of the show will be like.

Anyway, over on the TGN Facebook page, I've been regularly updating with galleries from the show. Here's what we had yesterday.

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Steamforged Games Announces Resident Evil 2 Board Game

Well, they did it once. Why not do it again? Steamforged Games found great success with their Dark Souls board game. Now they're looking to add another dark and loved video game to the tabletop. They've announced that this fall they will be running a Kickstarter campaign to create a Resident Evil 2 board game.

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