Midweek Snippets

By this time next week, multitudes of gamers will be converging on Indianapolis, ready for the start of Gen Con the next day. Yeah, we’re a week and a day away from the start of the show. Though, many people know that basically the whole week is Gen Con, these days. So we should probably stock up on some bite-sized gaming stories to see us through.

Today we have: Riot Dice Up On Kickstarter, Warbands of the Cold North Dwarves Up On Kickstarter, New Releases Available From Dark Sword Miniatures, Lead Adventure Miniatures Running Bruegelburg – A Day at the Fair Kickstarter, New Glyphs Available From Kromlech, Metallic Legends: Collectible Fantasy Coins Up On Kickstarter, Super Chibi Round 3 Up On Kickstarter, New Basing Dials From Pyrkol, Brigade Models Releases New 15mm SF Vehicles, and Scotia Grendel Doing UK/European Production for Delvers Lost in the Dungeons of Doom III.

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Midweek Snippets

If there’s one thing I can use this week, it’s a pick-me-up. As you saw from this morning’s Podcast Roundup post, it’s been quite a couple of days since Expo over the weekend. I need to energize with some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: New Hunter’s Guild Tokens Available From Advanced Deployment, Spillforeningen the Fellowship Running Patreon Campaign, Vampire Covenant Army Up On Kickstarter, Warbands of the Cold North IV Red Box Games 28mm miniatures On Kickstarter, The Essentials Case Up On Kickstarter, New Legionary Small Banners From Kromlech, and New Firebug Flamethrower Trooper Available From Brother Vinni.

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TGN Sunday Snippets

The hectic bustle of Saturday has given way to the smooth calm of Sunday (at least for me). Yesterday I got in some Guild Ball, some Warmachine, and some Ascension. How about you folks?

I think all of us could stand for some bite-sized gaming stories just about now. So let’s get to it.

Today we have: Red Box Games Launch Warbands of the Cold North Kickstarter, Kings of War unofficial historical supplements updated for Kings of War 2nd edition, and New White Wolf Interview.

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Red Box Games Barbarian Hordes Kickstarter is Live

Red Box Games launched their Kickstarter campaign to bring you some new Barbarian miniatures. They’re doing rather well, since they’re more than 2x funded already. There’s still 18 days to go if you want to jump in on the action. Grab your axe and helmet and enter a berserker frenzy.


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Final days for Red Box Games on Kickstarter

Red Box Games only has a few days left for their Heroic Fantasy Miniatures campaign on Kickstarter. They’re more than 4x funded, so check out the broken stretch goals and extras that’ve been added in.


From the campaign:

Its the home stretch for the Heroic Fantasy Miniatures kickstarter and the unlocked figure count is up to 18.

6 Njorn (Viking) characters, 5 Aenglish (English) men at arms and leaders and 7 Aenglish Brigands including Bad Betty.

If you want any of these amazing figures, your time is running out.

Red Box Games launches new Heroic Fantasy Miniatures Kickstarter

Red Box Games is running a new Kickstarter campaign. This one’s for some new Heroic Fantasy Miniatures. They’re already around 2x funded, so it’s stretch goals for 26 days.


From the campaign:

Red Box Games is back again to fund the production of a new range of fantasy adventurers. Well known for our already expansive line of fantasy adventurers and various Monster figures we now want to expand and update as much of the line as possible, This means all new sculpts for as many of the various ranges in the RBG product line as funding will allow. To begin I have sculpted a wide selection of new figures which are nearly ready to go into production as of the launch of this kickstarter.

Final days for Red Box Games Barbarian Hordes

Red Box Games is over 3x funded for their Barbarian Horde Kickstarter campaign. They’ve got 3 days left to go and have posted up a bunch of WIPs of the minis they’re working on.


From the campaign:

With 3 days left to go on the Barbarian Horde Kickstarter we have thus far funded the production of the new set of hordesmen, 3 new heroes, and a new set of archer assassins. We are now nearing the funding unlock of yet a fourth hero, a female Craven Heroine. Beyond that we are looking at a new set of Norse themed Undead the Draugr, a mounted Hordesman hero, and possibly 2 modular Giants to complete the HelsVakt Horde list. With 4 days left to go we can still make it with your help so if you find any of these appealing please pop over to our Kickstarter page and have a look. As always your support and enthusiasm are greatly appreciated!

Wamp launches Red Box Games Painting Contest

Wamp is running another of their world-famous painting contests. This time it’s Red Box Games.



From the announcement:

Wamp’s monthly sponsored contests return after a brief hiatus with an old favourite, Red Box Games. Win upto $100 worth of RBG goodies.
Deadline is end of August
Full details can be found at Wamp

Red Box Games’ Barbarian Horde Kickstarter is Go

Red Box Games has launched their Barbarian Horde Kickstarter. They’re out to pillage all the funding they can.
And they’re good at it, too, since they’ve already made their base goal.

Barbarian Horde


From the campaign:

The figures I intend to offer for funding are the semi modular HelsVakt Hordesmen and two hero figures. The Hordesmen set includes 6 bodies fitted for universally interchangeable heads ( 1 sprue of 6 options ), right hands with weapons ( 2 sprues of 3 options ) and left side shields ( 2 sprues of 3 options) and 6 25 mm round bases.

Red Box Games previews new Barbarian Horde

Red Box Games is showing off some new Barbarian Horde WIPs they’re working on for their upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

From the post:

Well it has been a long while coming but I am now getting ready to relaunch my HelsVakt Barbarian horde via a kickstarter campaign which will be launching int he next 14 days. This campaign will hope to raise the funding to pay for the production of several new models. The first and foremost will be the production of new Hordesmen models. As of now these will be semi modular figures fitted for universally interchangable heads, shields and weapons.

There are also plans for a mounted Hero, two heavy weapon heroes, and a set of archers as well.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Red Box Games is previewing their next big project

Red Box Games is showing off some WIPs of their next project.


From the announcement:

at long last the three RBG kickstarters are wrapping up fulfillment and I am now ready to start showing off what I have in the works next. This is a the beginnign of an all new all original IP that will take fantasy out of the staid European Olde World and into an all new alien world.

For now I am only showing off a few WIPs for the figures that will be int he new project and only discussing some of the broad details of what the project will be. You will have to wait for the launch of the kickstarter to get all of the details of this all new all original IP.

The figured pictured here represent the undead faction of this new genre IP.

Red Box Games launches Norse Warriors Kickstarter campaign

Red Box Games has a Kickstarter campaign going for a new set of Norse Warrior miniatures.


From the campaign:

Please help us to fund the production of these six new Njorn Character figures. The sculpting for these figures is done, the resin mastering for these figures is also done, All that is left to do now is to produce the spin cast molds that will be used to cast the the metal copies and to then cast those copies in sufficient quantity to satisfy demand, this process usually only requires about a month to complete. However given the MASSIVE workloads on the very few contract casting services in the US means now that delays in production are very likely and can also be very lengthy.

Red Box Games launches Kickstarter to fund a line of Dwarves, Goblins and Orcs

Red Box Games launched a Kickstarter in order to fund a new fantasy line of models including dwarves, orcs and goblins.

From the campaign:

Hello again Kickstarter!

For those of you who do not know me I am Tre Manor, the owner and sculptor of Red Box Games Miniatures. I have been in the business of making miniatures since late 2006. I founded my own company Red Box Games in late 2008 and I have been making my own products ever since. I recently ran a KS campaign in the hope to begin a new line of products cast in a spin cast resin material. That effort unfortunately did not work out positively and now I find myself trying to pick up the pieces and try again to move my business forward in a more positive direction.

I am setting upon the production of new product and HOPEFULLY the development of the world and rules set AND the set up of in house metal casting! To help make this happen I have set out to expand as many of the existing RBG ranges as possible. I have many concepts to work with and a thirst to succeed and expand to fuel the roaring engine of productivity and creativity that I know I can be.. As of now I have a set of 8 goblin footmen that are nearly finished and will be sent to the moldmaker in the next week. Beyond these I also have 3 goblin wolf riders underway that will be sent off for molding along with the goblin footies. To oppose the tricksome savages I have 6 modular Dwarven footmen under way as well which should be ready for the moldmaker very soon as well. Beyond those I have plans for Modular Orcs, Modular Elf footmen, Modular Norsemen, and a slew of new Heroes and Villains. However before I really set to work on these other items I want to first be certain that these other items are securely funded.

Red Box Games make it through another stretch goal

Red Box Games went through another stretch goal, getting the funding to add solo options for two heroes.

From the update:

Well looks like we have made it beyond the $15,000.00 mark. That means that the Solo options for Blacktongue and Dog’s Bane are now funded and available for selection. Now we have the bonebacks on our sights!! beyond the Bonebacks…… the long awaited Goblin Wolf riders. Can we do it?

Red Box Games reorganizes their Kickstarter goals, unlocks Footmen

Red Box Games updated and shuffled around the stretch goals for their Kickstarter project and as such have declared their Footmen to now be available.

From the update:

With a bit of reorganization, the goblin footmen are now funded and we are most of the way to getting the first character models.

Red Box Goblin Kickstarter has begun

Red Box Games launched their Kickstarter campaign to fund a new line of minis. They’ve already made their basic goal and so it’s stretch goals from here on out.

From the campaign:

Many of you very generously supported my previous Kickstarter campaign which is delivering as I type and the reactions to the effort have been incredible. Now I am set to finish the transition from metal to plastic for the rest of the RBG line. This is still a VERY significant investment and not something that I can afford without your support. It is my intention to offer the entirety of the RBG line a material that I can price to bring RBG figures to every gamer’s table in the hobby. It is further my goal to expand RBG to encompass more of the Traditional Old School Fantasy Spectrum. I want to produce, Characters, Monsters, and even Terrain! I can do this with your help. The HelsVakt kickstarter was a great step in the right direction and with your help and support we can make this Kickstarter into something huge!

We are beginning with the goblins by popular demand but I have a LOT of stuff to retool and I will be taking every comment and request under consideration as the campaign progresses. It is my plan to move on to the Dvergr or the Aenglish after the goblins are retooled, hopefully there will be enough time in this campaign to make that happen but that is all up to you!

Red Box Games’ new greens previews for their Kickstarter campaign

Red Box Games is doing fantastic over in their Kickstarter campaign. They wanted to show off the green for one of the models they’re working on for it.

From the preview:

here we see Conradt the Crazed’s waiting form nearly finished. Bear in mind he is massive next to other RBG models, this is intentional and will be explained in his fluff. The figures stands precisely 40 mm tall so he towers over other figures standing 32 to 36 mm tall. Now just imagine that his Warp form is almost twice as big as this!

Red Box Games Kickstarter reaches $30,000

Red Box Games made it up and over the $30k mark and they wanted to show off some thank you artwork.

From the update:

Well Varp Kriggarre (warp berzerkers)are just about funded and there is some pretty cool stuff coming down the pipe including a Varp hero: Conradt the Crazed! There is also a cool Horde Heroine, Svetlana. Over on the RBG forums the stylish thank you card is also posted. Pledge now or have your skull nailed to a banne!

Red Box Games metal to plastic Kickstarter at 400%

Red Box Games keeps rolling along over on Kickstarter, having made it to over 400% funded. How much higher can they make it go in these next 2 weeks?

From the campaign:

With the $20k mark being reached the highly cool and very multi-part hordesmen are now funded! Super cool evil barbarians to go with the superb evil knights! The Aenglish footmen and characters are also funded. Comming up next is the witch Yrsa and Fenris the wolf god. Goodie goodie gum drops!

Red Box Games posts up more stretch goals and model WIPs

Red Box Games is over 300% funded over on Kickstarter with still 19 days to go. So they’ve posted up a bunch of stretch goals and are hoping to break them all.

From the campaign:

Hey Hey Hey!

ok after much preparation and numbers crunching I have got the next 5 stretch goals figured out and published on the main page. More pictures will be posted as the stretch goals get nearer. Also I am working on more pledge levels and reward options. I want to be sure that i do not improperly word these AGAIN so this may take a little more time to finish that did the Stretch goals. Also I should have some WIP shots of the Ulbrecht the Soulless figure very soon Hopefully by tomorrow evening. I hope you guys will like the new stretch goals and I look forward to your opinions! So go have a look and tell me what you think!

Red Box Games’ Kickstarter makes it to 200% funded

Red Box Games won’t let those other funding campaigns out-do them and have made it to 200% funded with still over 20 days to go.

From the update:

The Helsvakt infantry are fully funded and a second faction are just about funded too! Plans for a third faction (possibly undead/infernals) are being discussed on the RedBox forum.

These are mind blowing miniatures at a great price, so jump on the band wagon and bring your friends!

Red Box Games models from HelsVakt now up for Pre-Order

Red Box Games has the first set of models from their HelsVakt expansion now available for pre-order on their website. We’ve got pictures of most of ’em. One couldn’t quite be shown, for… well, you know the drill by now. Don’t click if at work or with kids or something.

From the release:

Well guys at long last the first wave of the HelsVakt Expansion are up for pre-order. Believe me I have been just as anxious to get these out as you guys have been to have them available. This has been a REALLY logn road and I am very glad to be within reach of the ( hopefully ) happy end of it. There is still much much more in store; modular hordesmen, Shield maidens, Archers, characters and yes of course CAVALRY!!! I really hope you guys like what I have ready thus far.

Red Box Games New Releases

Red Box Games modular Aenglishmen now available for pre-order:

From their post:

well unfortunately the goblins won’t make it this time around. I was just too dis-satisfied with them to publish. I AM working on them though so they will see release by next month ( which is going to be HYUGE! ) with the HelsVakt foot and armoured elites.

BUT!!! I do have the modular Aenglish ready to rock and roll. these are due in hand by the end of the week next week. These are fitted for universally interchangeable weapons, heads, and shields. So the combination you see pictured are not the only possibilities. Further the next series of modular Aenglish will be compatible with these for even further possibilities!

So now Whistlocke has his band of hardmen to bust up the alley gangs of ShieldPort! These are availible in two SKUs. There is a 4 pack for $24.99 and an 8 pack for $39.99.

Hope you like them!

Cheers, Tre’

Red Box Games posts January releases for pre-order

Red Box Games has posted their January releases up for Pre-Order.

From their announcement:

So! This month I have on hand;

The Lady Nyvenne

As Evil as she is beautiful the Gray Lady commands the infernal powers of the forgotten ones with a finesse and mastery rivaled only by the Keeper Himself. If you are looking for a creature of beauty to drive your armies of death then look ye no further!
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Red Box Games Sale

Red Box Games announces mark downs and Discontinuations at Red Box Games:

From their announcement:

hey guys, not neccessairly new products but some new pricing on a lot of stuff and a lot of combined SKUs. Mostly just older stuff bundled together with the likely suspects and a few discontinuations.

Lots of goodies priced to sell NOT discontinued but they have been sitting long enough I either need to price them down or toss em out.

Also if you have not gotten Conradt, Morgrimn, or Yrsa, you had probably better do it now. I do not want to run the mould down and I am not sure they really have enough left in em to justify a new mould so get em while you can cause they is going. Conradt is all but gone already but there are a few Morgrimns and a few Yrsa’s left as well.

I have also put the price down on the Trolls and the Infernal Horrors. AND the Wraith Knights are now availible as individual models, as is the Weapon Sprue. Thanks,


Red Box Games October releases

Red Box Games has announced their October releases.

From their announcement:

Well the new releases for October are up for pre order. I am informed that the figures will be in hand no later than the 5th of October.

The intent was to have about four more figures but they just were not going to make the deadline for October so they will have to go in with the big HelsVakt expansion in November ( it IS coming!! 😛 ).

At any rate this month I have;

Bruiser Gus, Sleeper in the Alley, Puller of Corks, Cracker of Skulls…..ever needed that hard to find Half ORc thug? This is your figure. Big, ugly, dangerous and slightly ridiculous looking he will strike fear into the hearts of any bumpkin unlucky enough to get lost in the Big City back alleys.

The Ever Wonderful Epierre the Entertainer. The perfect Elf bard figrue sure to capture teh hearts of all the lady adventurers and bewitch teh dumb beasts of dungeon, cavern and woodland alike. ALL adventuring parties need an entertainer to lift their spirits in the dark of the dungeon deep, ALL taverns welcome a Dandy entertainer. A great piece for display or gaming yo uar esure to find a clever use for such a figure.
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Red Box Games painting contest

The Wamp forum is hosting a Red Box Games painting contest.

From their announcement:

Wamp’s latest contest is under way and its the turn of Red Box Games to return. It was one of our most popular contests last year and its back with even bigger prizes with $100 worth of Redbox goodies for the winner and more prizes to boot!

Full details can be found on Wamp

Red Box Games $2.00 off sale

Red Box Games is celebrating their fourth year in business with a $2.00 off sale.

From their announcement:

Well Guys, we have made it 4 years. I think that officially means I have beaten the odds that most companies fold within the first 3 years or is it 5? Ah well who cares. On with the savings. I am currently running a sale in which EVERYTHING is discounted down by $2.00. Yes that is right two full dollars. The sale starts today, Monday the 1st of August, and runs to next Monday the 8th of August ending at midnight that night.

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Red Box Games July 2011 releases

Red Box Games are now selling copies of their latest fantasy miniature releases.

Gregor the Crooked

From their announcement:

The July new releases are finally in hand and ready to ship. After a weird shipping delay that had the figures sent to a neighbouring town which then sent the package back to the sort facility in Jackson which then sent the package back to the originating point which then had to reship the package back to me. Ugh! Sorting and packing orders right now. Sorry for the delay.

Red Box Games July 201 releases available for pre-order

Red Box Games is now accepting pre-orders for their July 2011 fantasy miniature releases.

Aelfar Kyrie of the Bright Legion

From their announcement:

Scheduled to ship on the 13th of July. Lots of goodies on offer this month! First up I would like to introduce the new Infernals range, perfect for horrifying your dungeoneers, space farers, intrepid treasure hunters or New England FIshing towns.

Further I have finally managed to get the long awaited Brynjar Bondi multi-pack and Brynjar spearmen pack back into availability. I also have added a new Dvergr Ranger and a Dvergr Hero to the ever popular Dvergr ( dwarves ) range of figures.

Then there are the two new Half-Bloods, Gregor the Crooked and SverreUlf the Red Handed.

And finally the beautiful Kyrie BrightHelm.

Red Box Games preview July releases

Red Box Games have posted previews of their July 2011 28mm fantasy miniature releases.

Halvaror the Hale

From their announcement:

This is the lesser of the first two of the new Infernals. These will be a line of epic horrors sure to terrify and repulse. It is pictured here on a 25mm round base.

Also, Gregor the Crooked, Halfblood Monk. A Creature of uncertain intent and finally a new Dvergr Hero – Halvaror the Hale.

I should have a ship date fro these within the week, so I may or may not start the pre-order process this week. Not sure.

Red Box Games May releases now available for pre-order

Red Box Games is now accepting pre-orders for their May 2011 releases.

Troll Brothers pack

From their announcement:

Ok guys, here they be. Should be in hand no later than the 13th of May. Hope you like them.

More Red Box Games previews

Red Box Games have posted more previews of upcoming fantasy figures.

From their announcement:

A couple more figures to preview for the upcoming release. More Aenglishmen….or one Aenglishmen and a foreigner amongst them at least. Soon you will be able to populate a full guard shift of Aenglishmen to keep your streets safe at night, or a full complement to milady’s security for those perilous quests into the wide wild world.


Fritjof and Hogsquasher preview

Red Box Games have posted previews of their next set of fantasy miniature releases – Fritjof and Hogsquasher.

From their announcement:

New previews for the upcoming release this month from Red Box Games

Hogsquasher and Fritjof

Hogsquasher is one of two troll figures that will be released this month. Both troll figures will be available in Resin only as the metal cost would just be far too expensive.