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RAFM Miniatures has launched an IndieGoGo campaign for their Space 1889 figures line.

From the campaign:

RAFM Miniatures has been producing Space: 1889 Miniatures since the game's inception in 1988. The line has met with critical success but needs to undergo major improvement to bring it up to current standards. Due to the success of Victorian Science fiction and the Steam Punk genre we have anticipated a growing demand for new miniatures in this line. Contributors will be able to help guide the expansion of this line to provide gamers with a true piece of science fiction history.

RAFM Miniatures has a new model with a bit of a sentimental backstory to it: the Robert Smith memorial figure.

From the update:

In April of this year we were contacted by Chris Smith, Chris informed us that his brother had passed away suddenly and asked if we could produce a miniature for inclusion in the Modern Day Heroes line. Chris and his brother Robert have kindly supported us over the years with great paint work on our ranges and we readily agreed to add his brother to our Modern Day Heroes line. We hope that it is a good likeness and a fitting memorial for a fellow gamer, painter and brother.

RAFM Miniatures is having themselves a summer sale as well as showing off some new Grav tank weapons they've concocted.

From the announcement:

RAFM Miniatures Summer Sale!
Enter Coupon code SUMMER2012 at checkout to get your 25% off all our offered products until June 15th. Plus new releases for May & June.

Floating out of the Factory for June we have our new Missile tanks. Based off the classic Grav tank hull the new vehicle mounts missiles in its turret.
code: 7034
Price $12.95

Ion Cannon upgrade for 7000 Grav Tank
code: 7033
Price: $6.95

Neutron Cannon Upgrade for 7000 Grav Tank
code: 7031
Price: $6.95

RAFM Miniatures has a new Tumbleweed Tank up on their website.

From the announcement:

A unique Prototype tank from the 1920's the Tumbleweed was never built, until now! One tank per package supplied unpainted. 15mm miniatures shown for scale, not included.
Code: 07032
Price: $7.95

RAFM Miniatures releases their new APC.

Now included in each "Imp" kit will be two weapons options allowing customers to outfit their "Imp" for different roles on the tabletop.
Option one features a dual mount missile launcher.
Option two is a twin cannon auto gun.
(note: 1 Imp APC per kit, 15mm)

Code: RAF07029
Price: $11.95
RAFM have posted details of their July 2011 releases. Imp From their announcement:
First for July we have a new 15mm piece, the "Imp" is a 6 wheeled troop transport and support vehicle. Second we have 3 new packs to add to our Scenic line. Ammo boxes, a fortification/barrier and 1 package of sci-fi type barrels. These work well for both 15mm and 32mm troops. For larger views please follow the links to the store pages.
RAFM is having a Summer Sale. From their announcement:
RAFM is having a 25% off sale on all our products. Take advantage of this discount to get great prices on our hottest packs! At check out enter coupon code: RAF062011 Coupon Expires June 17th 2011 Mail order announcement Due to a Canada post threatening a strike all shipping will be done through the United States postal service. This will speed up service for US and Overseas customers. Price Reduction The Remnant forces pack has been reduced. Get these 4 great figures for just $11.95
RAFM have added a series of 30mm metal bases to their online store. 30mm bases From their announcement:
These 30mm round shoulder bases are cast in pewter. The weight of the pewter bases gives more stability to figures. That's good news for figures you've spent hours painting. Bases are packaged 6 to a pack.