Friday Snippets

Hey everyone. As you read this, I’m having a blast here at the CMON Expo. I know I’m going to sound biased, but this really is one of my favorite shows of the year since it’s so calm, cool, and relaxed compared to something like Adepticon or Gen Con. You can just hang out and play games, literally with some of the games’ designers and artists, and just chill. And, being a polar bear, I’m all about chill. But, it’s still a show and that means work. So I need to keep my energy up. So I’d best take a midday break and nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Brigade Games Running Disposable Heroes WWII Minis Kickstarter, The Colorado Standard Poker & Tarot Deck Up On Kickstarter, Statuesque Heroic Scale Female Heads Narrow 2 and Bald Now Available, New Releases Available from RAFM, Nonstop70 Releases New Historical Paper Minis, New Zebras Available From Acheson Creations, and Rude Rats Fantasy Miniatures Up On Kickstarter.

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Midweek Snippets

Is this week going by quickly for everyone else, or is it just me? I woke up this morning and sort of shocked myself with the fact that I was putting on my Wednesday shirt already. We’ll be getting to the weekend before we know it. But in the meantime, we should stock up on some bite-size gaming stories.

On the platter today we have: Kev White does Matt Dixon – Female Fantasy Miniatures Up On Kickstarter, Bombshell Miniatures Running Bombshell Babes III Kickstarter, Raid & Trade: From Hell to Desert Free Scenario Available, 12 Realms: Black Fortresses Alliance Free Scenario Available, Dark Art Studios Previews Devil’s Dungeon Miniature Series, Upwind RPG Coming to Kickstarter Soon, Oddzial Osmy’s 3mm and 15mm September Releases Arrive at PicoArmor, First Wave of 2D Miniatures Available From Flatminis, Kromlech New Release: Legionary Magma Cannon, Mystic Circle Stones Bases 30mm and 40mm Available From Tabletop-Art, Khurasan releases 15mm 1980s US Army Mech Infantry and M113 APC, New Elven Amazon From Brother Vinni, FossilPunk Foundry Unveils New Miniatures for Sauriana, The Goblin Hoarde’s Hoard Bundle & Our Goblin Army Patreon From Fat Goblin Games, Scroll and Codex: Dice Tower and Rolling Tray Kickstarter Running Now, New Releases from RAFM Miniatures, Dynamite Nurse Coming To Kickstarter Next Month, Purgatory Miniatures Previews Their Kickstarter Page, Kromlech New Release: Orc Iron Mask Heads, and Khurasan releases 15mm Late 16th Century Master Gunners.

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Final Day for RAFM Airship Pirates on Kickstarter

Silver Fox Productions is in their last day (essentially) with their RAFM New Airship Pirates Kickstarter campaign. They’ve made it through some stretch goals, but they could always go through more.


From the campaign:

The $9000 barrier has been broken and the newest figure Automaton has been added to the “Crew” Pledge level.

Now the unveiling of Stretch Goal #6. Only $1000 to Peeler #2. Yes that’s right, four arms! Spread the word and help us achieve this next milestone.

Last days for RAFM Airship Pirates Kickstarter

Silver Fox Productions has just a couple days left on their RAFM Airship Pirates Kickstarter campaign. They’ve got some new add-ons up to entice those of you who haven’t jumped in yet.


From the campaign:

We are into our final week on the RAFM Airship Pirates Miniatures Kickstarter and it has been such a successful ride so far that we would like to thank all our supporters. We are looking forward to supplying you all with some great products! This final week brings with it several announcements.
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RAFM Soaring Over Stretch Goals

Silver Fox Productions made it up and over another stretch goal for their RAFM Airship Pirates Kickstarter campaign. Just under 2 weeks to go.


From the update:

As you probably all know by now we have achieved 125 Backers and that opens the new Mini-Stretch Goal. Feel free to add to your pledge to get two Imperial Marines Miniatures with your rewards. Just as a reminder, we will be sending a survey out at the end of the Kickstarter when we receive the pledge money which will allow you to inform us of exactly what your pledge is ordering. This is common practice with Kickstarter and offered through their site. Thanks to all our supporters and let’s keep expanding this great line of miniatures!

Silver Fox Productions Flying through Stretch Goals

Silver Fox Productions has been heading through stretch goals for their RAFM Airship Pirates. There’s still 21 days to head through more.


From the campaign:

Bringing back the Imperial Marines. We have added a new mini-stretch goal and there is no deadline this time. Our goal, 125 Backers! Your Reward – we will add a second pose of the Imperial Marine as an add-on item! Plus we lowered the price. That’s right, get the two Imperial Marines as an optional add-on for only $4. More great miniatures at a great price! So let’s get out there and get some new supporters and get these miniatures opened!

In case you think this looks familiar, yes we had this as a mini-stretch goal before, and no it wasn’t achieved then.

RAFM Airship Pirates take to the skies

RAFM and Silver Fox Productions, has taken to the air with their steampunk Airship Pirates Kickstarter. They’re already more than 10x funded, so be sure to check out the stretch goals and extras.

Airship Pirates


From the campaign:

Silver Fox Productions Inc. has launched their new fundraising program for RAFM Airship Pirates Miniatures on Kickstarter. This program will be open to supporters for thirty days. So find us on Kickstarter and support our new project.

We are raising funds for production of new release miniatures for the Airship Pirates Role Playing Game. Based on the writings of Robert Brown and the music of Abney Park this game has won several industry awards. The goal of this project is to get more miniatures into your hands at a great price. If you haven’t got the game then you can purchase the rules in .pdf form thru the Kickstarter at a special introductory price. Also, other great add-ons like pins and music from the band are available.

Airship Pirates Miniatures have been available since October of 2013. This project will allow our supporters to get the entire line of miniatures and help us produce new release miniatures all for one amazing introductory price.

RAFM Announces Airship Pirates Kickstarter

RAFM has announced a Kickstarter campaign that’ll start next week. The object is to expand on their Airship Pirates line of minis.


RAFM Airship Pirates

From the announcement:

RAFM Airship Pirates Miniatures have been available since May of 2012. The product line started with 32mm miniatures of the six Abney Park band members. Since then the line has grown to eleven miniatures. However we wish to upgrade this product line by adding new miniatures to it. Silver Fox Productions Inc. will launch their new fundraising program for RAFM Airship Pirates Miniatures at

Look for this program going live on Wednesday October 15, 2014! Check our our website at or visit us on Facebook at RAFM Airship Pirate Miniatures to get updates.

Our Kickstarter looks to build on our past fundraising programs by being affordable, have shipping included, be EU friendly, and get new figures sculpted.
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RAFM Fantasy Miniatures Universal Soldier Game up on Kickstarter

Silver Fox Productions launched their Kickstarter for their Fantasy Miniatures Universal Soldier game.



From the campaign:

Universal Soldier Fantasy Battles is an impressive miniatures war game, where players take command of the armies of one of six factions of Alioth! The game is balanced for armies from 10 to 150 models per side, now you can vie for the Relics of Power!

RAFM Final Hours for Call of Cthulhu Minis Kickstarter

RAFM has just a few hours left for their Call of Cthulhu 7th edition miniatures Kickstarter. They’re breaking through stretch goals fairly regularly, so don’t miss out on the action.


From the campaign:

We made it over $36,000.00! Congratulations to all our backers!

We have opened up the Stretch Goals to $45,000.00. We have added two new stretch goals at this time. There are new stretch goals at $39,000 and $42,000.00 to go with our $45,000 Stretch Goal.

This means lots of new stuff to open up! Come over and check it out.

Our first Stretch Goal is Shub-Niggurath and it will be added to Expansion Set #4. This Stretch Goal will unlock at $39,000.00. Shub-Niggurath will be a large size figure and will stand over 120mm tall.

Final days for Call of Cthulhu Kickstarter

RAFM has less than 3 days to go in their Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Miniatures Kickstarter. They’ve made it through another stretch goal and lowered the level for more of them. So there’s plenty of goodies for your pledge if you join.


From the update:

The GOO is upon us!

The Wind Walker has arrived!

Oh the Madness! Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!

The $34,000 Stretch Goal has been opened at the $33,753.00 mark. Also, it is official, we have enough Pre-orders, the Great Old One model will be produced. Thanks to all who bought into this official RAFM Call of Cthulhu miniature!

Final days for RAFM Call of Cthulhu Kickstarter

RAFM has just 5 days left in their Call of Cthulhu campaign. They’ve made more than 5x their goal, so your pledge gets you extras and goodies and all that fun, insane stuff (insane because it’s Cthulhu, of course).


From the campaign:

RAFM Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Miniatures has entered the final week of its funding program. We have opened new Stretch Goals and new Pledge Levels.
Get new Monsters with the Monsters Pledge Level. A Retailer Pledge level has also been added. Come and check out the website for these new options.
Featuring the art of Christopher Burdett in the piece “Great Old One” coming to life in resin and metal. Come get your copy today!

RAFM Callo of Cthulhu 7th Edition Miniatures Kickstarter opens $31,000 Stretch Goal

RAFM has made it up and over $31k in their Call of Cthulhu 7th edition miniatures Kickstarter. There’s still 12 more days to get in on this project.


From the campaign:

Our thank you to all our supporters is to open the $31,000 stretch goal early. Two new miniatures have been added to the Module Collector Pledge level bringing your goodies to over $290.00 MSRP value. Thanks to all our Summon New Byakheers and Contact Chthonian Supporters who joined us and thanks to all our pledgers who got the word out.

Our second thank you is to Let it Ride! That’s it, double down, as it were. What does this mean? Our current Contact Chthonian Supporters opens at the 300 Backer level. We are willing to open the 250 Backer stretch goal, as well as the 300 Backer stretch goal to ALL Pledge levels if we make it to 300 Backers. We have up until 12am EST on January 31st, 2014 to achieve this goal. Let’s go get some new backers.

Call of Cthulhu minis passes $25k

Silver Fox Productions has made it up and over their $25k stretch goal for their RAFM Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Miniatures Kickstarter campaign. With two weeks to go, there’s still time to get in on this.


From the update:

We have updated the page to support the $25,000 stretch goal being met.

As promised we posted the concept art of the Deep One Ogres but we went with Father Dagon and Mother Hydra as names for the pieces. See the concept art area. Thanks for the ideas keep them coming!

Stretch Goal for $31,000 level has been added. We are looking forward to reaching $37,000, that will be the next big goal, so let’s get to $31,000 so we can see the goodies.

Our current Module Collector Pledge gives you MSRP of $270.00 worth of metal miniatures for the low price of $115.00 CAD + shipping. Come over and join in the madness!

Silver Fox Productions launches RAFM Call of Cthulhu miniatures Kickstarter

Silver Fox Productions has launched their Kickstarter campaign for the 7th edition miniatures for Call of Cthulhu.


From the campaign:

The officially licensed RAFM Call of CthulhuMiniatures are award winning and an iconic leader in the horror genre within the gaming industry for decades. Originally launched in 1985, the line still draws the interest of hobbyists around the world. It is clear that loyal Call of Cthulhu fans want these miniatures to support their gaming.

And why not? They’re awesome miniatures at a terrific price!

RAFM Announces upcoming Call of Cthulhu Miniatures Kickstarter

RAFM will be launching a new Call of Cthulhu Miniatures Kickstarter campaign starting in just a couple days.


From the announcement:

Silver Fox Productions Inc. will launch their new fundraising program for RAFM Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition on Kickstarter on January 22, 2014. This program will be open to supporters until Febuary 11, 2013. So find us on Kickstarter and support our new miniatures.
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RAFM Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Miniatures On Sale Now

RAFM has new 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu minis available over in their webshop now.


From the release:

RAFM Miniatures is pleased to announce that the RAFM Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Miniatures are now on sale. Please visit the website to purchase your new miniatures. These miniatures come unpainted and are 32mm white metal. Some assembly may be required. Some monsters or creatures stand up to 80mm tall when assembled. Get them now!

Silver Fox Productions adds new bonus models to RAFM Airship Pirates Miniatures Kickstarter

Silver Fox Productions sweetens the pot for their RAFM Airship Pirates Miniatures Kickstarter campaign by adding in new bonus miniatures.

From the update:

We have just added five bonus miniatures to our initial offering. This means that if we get funded we will produce nineteen miniatures instead of the fourteen that are planned now. If you have pledged any support level except Airship Deckhand or Airship Sailor, you will receive the extra five miniatures. That’s right new miniatures without doing anything.

We are doing this in order to get more miniatures produced and available by making our funding goal. Please send this information along to your gamin friends so we can make our funding. Thanks for the support!

RAFM Airship Pirates Miniatures Kickstarter coming soon

Silver Fox Productions will soon be running their RAFM Airship Pirates Miniatures Kickstarter campaign and wanted to get the word out about it ahead of time.


From the announcement:

Silver Fox Productions Inc. will launch their new fundraising program for RAFM Airship Pirates Miniatures at Look for this program coming soon!

RAFM Airship Pirates Miniatures line provides gamers with pieces to bring to life the Airship Pirates roleplaying game, in which players take on the role of real life pirates on an alternate timeline where steam powered airships rule the day. RAFM Airship Pirates Miniatures are hand sculpted white metal miniatures which can be painted or used to represent characters and monsters during game play or just be collected. The Role Playing Game has won “Best Roleplaying Game” at the 2012 UK Games Expo Awards. It has also won awards from the Steampunk Chronicle’s Reader’s Choice Awards and Diehard GameFAN’s Tabletop Gaming Awards. The game has also had several nominations for it’s artwork. RAFM pledges to continue this high standard of art with the miniatures we produce.

This fund raising project aims to build a the world of Airship Pirates through a new miniature line and bring you up to forty miniatures in one project. Please pass this information along to your subscribers.

RAFM Summer Sale happening now

RAFM turns up the discounts when the temperature rises. Go check out their Summer Sale, going on now.

From the sales sheet:

RAFM’s 35% off sale starts today. This great discount of 35% can be applied to all our products plus the Reaper Lines we carry.

Enter coupon code: SUMMER2013 at checkout and get 35% off your order. Sale ends August 31st 2013

Retailer Option added to RAFM’s Indiegogo Fundraiser

RAFM added a new Retailer Option to their Call of Cthulhu miniatures Indiegogo campaign.

From the announcement:

RAFM has added a Retailer option to the Cthulhu IndieGoGo fundraiser

$170 USD+ Perk
Retailer Option
0 out of 25 claimed
This Perk is for Retailers Only. You must possess a Business License and a storefront to order this Perk. Get three blister packs of each figure that the funding program generates. This includes access to all stretch goals that may be achieved for both Monsters and Investigators. Shipping is included anywhere in the world.
Estimated delivery: August 2014

New add-ons posted for RAFM’s Call of Cthulhu Minis campaign on Indiegogo

RAFM made it up and over their funding goal for their Call of Cthulhu Miniatures. They’ve also added on… well… new add-ons for those that have pledged already.

From the update:

A perk for the new Insanity Add-on has been posted. Get $40 worth of miniatures from the existing line for a +$20 add on to your existing Perk. You must have purchased a Perk previously to take advantage of this add-on. There are only 100 available so here is a chance to get those miniatures you want for half price.

RAFM posts new art and green for Call of Cthulhu Miniatures on Indiegogo

RAFM Miniatures is showing off some more preview artwork as well as the first finished green for their Call of Cthulhu minis line up on Indiegogo.

From the update:

We have added a picture of the first miniature of the initial release in the Gallery. We would like to thank our current funders who have made this possible. This figure has been sculpted by James Van Schaik and is his version of the Gangster concept art.

RAFM Call of Cthulhu Miniatures to launch Indiegogo campaign

RAFM Call of Cthulhu Miniatures will be launching an Indiegogo campaign to fund… well… some Call of Cthulhu miniatures.

From the announcement:

Silver Fox Productions Inc. will launch their new fundraising program for RAFM Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition miniatures. The program will start on Thursday, July 11 and run until August 9, 2013.
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Space 1889 Indiegogo Campaign launched by RAFM Miniatures

RAFM Miniatures has launched an IndieGoGo campaign for their Space 1889 figures line.

From the campaign:

RAFM Miniatures has been producing Space: 1889 Miniatures since the game’s inception in 1988. The line has met with critical success but needs to undergo major improvement to bring it up to current standards. Due to the success of Victorian Science fiction and the Steam Punk genre we have anticipated a growing demand for new miniatures in this line. Contributors will be able to help guide the expansion of this line to provide gamers with a true piece of science fiction history.

RAFM Miniatures releases Robert Smith memorial figure

RAFM Miniatures has a new model with a bit of a sentimental backstory to it: the Robert Smith memorial figure.

From the update:

In April of this year we were contacted by Chris Smith, Chris informed us that his brother had passed away suddenly and asked if we could produce a miniature for inclusion in the Modern Day Heroes line. Chris and his brother Robert have kindly supported us over the years with great paint work on our ranges and we readily agreed to add his brother to our Modern Day Heroes line. We hope that it is a good likeness and a fitting memorial for a fellow gamer, painter and brother.

RAFM Miniatures Sale and New Grav tank additions

RAFM Miniatures is having themselves a summer sale as well as showing off some new Grav tank weapons they’ve concocted.

From the announcement:

RAFM Miniatures Summer Sale!
Enter Coupon code SUMMER2012 at checkout to get your 25% off all our offered products until June 15th. Plus new releases for May & June.

Floating out of the Factory for June we have our new Missile tanks. Based off the classic Grav tank hull the new vehicle mounts missiles in its turret.
code: 7034
Price $12.95

Ion Cannon upgrade for 7000 Grav Tank
code: 7033
Price: $6.95

Neutron Cannon Upgrade for 7000 Grav Tank
code: 7031
Price: $6.95

RAFM Miniatures releases Imp APC

RAFM Miniatures releases their new APC.

Now included in each “Imp” kit will be two weapons options allowing customers to outfit their “Imp” for different roles on the tabletop.
Option one features a dual mount missile launcher.
Option two is a twin cannon auto gun.
(note: 1 Imp APC per kit, 15mm)

Code: RAF07029
Price: $11.95

RAFM July 2011 releases

RAFM have posted details of their July 2011 releases.


From their announcement:

First for July we have a new 15mm piece, the “Imp” is a 6 wheeled troop transport and support vehicle.

Second we have 3 new packs to add to our Scenic line. Ammo boxes, a fortification/barrier and 1 package of sci-fi type barrels. These work well for both 15mm and 32mm troops. For larger views please follow the links to the store pages.

RAFM Summer Sale

RAFM is having a Summer Sale.

From their announcement:

RAFM is having a 25% off sale on all our products. Take advantage of this discount to get great prices on our hottest packs!

At check out enter coupon code: RAF062011 Coupon Expires June 17th 2011

Mail order announcement
Due to a Canada post threatening a strike all shipping will be done through the United States postal service. This will speed up service for US and Overseas customers.

Price Reduction
The Remnant forces pack has been reduced. Get these 4 great figures for just $11.95