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Queen's Necklace

Hello there, all you gaming friends out there in gamer-land! Seems for the moment that it's actually going to be a bit winter-like here in Atlanta. At least for a couple days. No, it's not like the winters I remember in Chicago, but if we had a winter like that down here, this place would never dig out of that. The whole state would shut down until June. It would be a nightmare.

However, a blizzard's-worth of reviews here today is just fine. (Because transitions!)

Today we've got articles on: X-Wing Miniatures Game, Star Wars Armada, Imperial Assault, Conflict of Heroes - The Eastern Front Solo Expansion, Queen's Necklace, Terrakami Games Sci-Fi Containers, Crusader A15 by Rubicon Models, Bountytown, Between Two Cities, Bad Beets, Ultimate Warriorz, Jamaica, The Gallerist, Mombasa, Ninja Camp, Shakespeare, Cthulhu Realms, Eternal Dynasty, Outer Earth, Fool's Gold, and Dark Age Z.

I'm not really one for fancy jewelry, personally. But then again, a lot of guys aren't. However, I have friends that can't get enough of some good jewelry. And I can certainly appreciate a fine-looking gem stone. Your job in Queen's Necklace is to collect the rarest and most desirable gems and make your fortune from selling them. The latest version is now available from CoolMiniOrNot.
Shiny rocks.
It's amazing how much of our history is based on people looking for shiny rocks and trading them back and forth. And let's face it, we love wearing shiny rocks. We love looking at shiny rocks. Wars are fought over shiny rocks. From really, really big wars, to small wars on your tabletop. In Queen's Necklace, you play as gem merchants looking to acquire the most wealth by trading your various shiny rocks in. But the price you'll get for your shiny rocks varies depending on how rare they are and how fashionable they are.
I told you that gaming companies were going to be putting up their announcements and such for Gen Con. Well, here's another one. This time around it's CMON. They've posted up both their pre-releases they'll have at the show, as well as the various events they've got planned.
The CoolMiniOrNot Expo 2015 (or CMON Expo if you’re hip) kicked off in Atlanta, Georgia today. For those of you unfamiliar with the event, it’s an annual tabletop gaming convention hosted by the folks at CMON where gamers get to try out the company’s past, present, and future games along with a wide array of other titles from companies like On The Lamb, Action Phase, Witchborn, and more. To kick off the event, CMON held their State of Affairs panel detailing its releases during 2014 and 2015, what’s to come later in 2015, and a taste of the games we can look forward to in the future.
Queen's Necklace is making a comeback to gaming tabletops near you. Spaghetti Western Games and CMON are working hard to make sure this new version runs perfectly and looks great. To run right, they've updated the rules to make sure all clarifications and updates have been incorporated, even those originally only posted as digital FAQs.

To make sure it looks great, they've enlisted Denis Zilber to create the new card art. Denis is a highly regarded artist who has worked with such studios as Hasbro Animation, Dreamworks, and Nickelodeon. He's also done artwork in books for publishers like Penguin Publishing, Scholastic Books, Hotkey Books, Sterling Children's Books, and Clubhouse Jr. Even with such a busy schedule, he still finds time to travel the world, teaching and giving lectures on both animation and storytelling.

We've been given exclusive artwork to show off from the project. Check below the cut for a look at 6 of the new cards for the game, as well as the layout for the new game board.
You'll be able to pick up a copy for yourself this coming September.
CMON and Spaghetti Western are teaming up to re-release the Queen's Necklace card game. Originally released by Days of Wonder, Queen's Necklace is a bluffing and set collecting game where players are trying to collect gems to create the greatest piece of jewelry to appease the French Queen. But watch out, as the King can block gems from being used. CMON and Spaghetti Western will be adding all-new artwork to the cards, as well as updating the rules to integrate various changes and FAQ clarifications from previous editions of the game. Expect to see the game this September.

From the announcement: