Midweek Snippets

Wednesday already. Granted, for me, it’s usually the day of the week that takes the longest. Not that there’s anything particular terrible that happens on Wednesdays. It’s just the day that seems to go on the longest. Gotta make it up and over that hill and then we can slide back down toward the weekend. “Step by step, you climb the mountain,” such as it were. But when climbing mountains, you need to bring along provisions. In this case, it’s bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: New Cross-Shaped Clear Bases Available From Sally 4th, Dog Centaur Minis Available From Punga Miniatures, Wizards and Lizards Paper Minis Available From Okumarts Games, New Space Corsair Mini Available From Brother Vinni, Overrunners Sci-Fi Minis and Vehicles Up On Kickstarter, and Big Fat Panda Running Gaming Protection Components Kickstarter.

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Friday Snippets

Hello, Friday, my old friend.
As usual, Friday’s one of my favorite days of the week, busy as it often is. But busy’s good. It’ll make the day go by quick and I can get to the weekend that much faster. Not 100% sure what I’ll get into this weekend. I think I want to make a cheesecake, though. Got a new recipe. We’ll see how it goes. But there’s also a heavy chance for gaming, and if I’m going to be gaming, I should probably fill up on gaming-related stories.

Today on the platter we have: Kromlech Weekend Deal on Dice, Iconic Blue Dice Set Coming This Evening From Kraken Dice, Statuesque Heroic Scale Female Heads – Techno Roiders on sale now at 10% off, Norse Foundry Teams with Elderwood Academy to Launch Mini Metal Dice and Mini Hex Chest on Kickstarter, Brigade Models Releases New 15mm Neo-Soviet Heavy Tank, Ouroboros Miniatures Running CP_New Skin Bust Kickstarter, and Limited Edition Valentine’s Orc Available From Punga Miniatures.

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Punga Miniatures Running Savage Orcs Team Kickstarter

I know I’ve been following this one since the initial greens started showing up. A lot of you have, too. If you’re a fan of Polynesian culture and wish to infuse some of that into your fantasy sports games, you’ll want to check out Punga Miniatures and their Savage Orcs Kickstarter. Not just one, but two teams are available as part of the campaign. Plus, there’s my favorite mini out of the group, the Whale Troll.
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Punga Miniatures Announces Kickstarter Launch Date

The American Football season is getting close to an end. The Super Bowl will be happening in the next month. But it’s never too early to start thinking about next season. Maybe you want to switch up your team a bit. Get something a bit different. Well, if you want some new Orcs (and a whale), you’ll want to check out Punga Miniatures. They’ve been working on their Toa Orcs, and starting next week, they’ll launch their Kickstarter campaign so you can pick up a team for yourself.
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Punga Miniatures Previews Whale Troll Figure For Toa Orcs

I’m always a big fan of seeing new twists on classic miniatures types. There’s been troll miniatures around for seemingly forever, but I have to say, I’ve not seen so many whale trolls. Well, for those that are interested in the Toa Orcs that are coming from Punga Miniatures (like I am), then you’ll want to check out what they’ve been working on.
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Orc Blitzer Available From Punga Miniatures

It’s starting to get rather chilly outside. Some of my coworkers have started turning on the heat at their place. I’m still in shorts, t-shirt, and sandals because I’m originally from Chicago. Other people that are still in shorts, t-shirt, and sandals are those out on tropical islands. It doesn’t get too cold there. And while that doesn’t seem like enough covering when playing football, it’s pretty much all this new Orc Blitzer’s got on from Punga Miniatures.
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New Toa Orcs Available From Punga Miniatures

Punga Miniatures is expanding their Toa Orcs line. For those that might’ve forgotten, those are the fantasy football orcs that are based off of Polynesian themes. Well, now you can expand your team with a couple new players that are now available over in the Punga Miniatures webshop.
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Punga Miniatures Creating Toa Orcs Fantasy Football Team

I love Moana. I think that movie is awesome. Didn’t see it in the theaters, but did watch it a bunch of times when it came out on Netflix. So I’m totally in a groove with Polynesian culture and such. So I’m pretty interested in these new Toa Orcs that Punga Miniatures is creating.
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