Founding of the Arcant Expansion Available for TiRoBEx

A new expansion for TiRoBEx has been released. If you’re tired of this summer heat (even as things are starting to cool off a bit here in Atlanta) and wish things were a bit more south of freezing, it’s the expansion for you. Founding of the Arcant gives players new TRS that can be used in sub-arctic conditions (though I would still recommend playing the game at room temperature). It also has rules for new planets to battle on, as well as gear for all your tiny robots to take into battle.
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TiRoBEx Available now

No, TiRoBEx isn’t a new workout routine to help me lose some of this 110 stone I need to get rid of. It stands for Tiny Robots, Big Explosions, and it’s a miniatures wargame where you take control of some of the tiniest robots you’ve seen and use them to create huge explosions, hopefully catching your opponent within them.
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Project Good: Athletics Edition Free Download

Project Good released an Athletics edition of their game that’s free to download.

From the release:

To celebrate the Olympics, Project Good have released a special free downloadable Athletics Edition of their game Good: the Battle – complete with a printable track, hurdles, high jumps, podiums and more. Now you can use ANY of your miniatures and have them compete at any of your favourite events like Long Jump, 100m Sprint, Hammer Throwing and more! So who’s fastest – a Space Marine or a Samurai Master?Who can jump highest – a chicken or a Dreadnought? Well now you can find out.
It’s also completely compatible with all of Project Good’s previous games (Good: the Battle, and Nice: the Expansion), so all you need to do is find a miniature of some description, print off the track, play your own national anthem in the opening ceremony, and you’re away.

Project Good announces Good: Friday competition

Project Good is having a Good: Friday competition! It’s weird. It’s wacky. It’s … good.

From the announcement:

Project Good have announced a special Easter Good: Friday competition… Well four of them! As you’d expect from them the competitions aren’t your usual ones either. The first is to paint, and possibly dress-up an Egg (yes an actual egg) with a wargame theme to it. Also they’re looking for the most bizarre miniature conversion you can come up with, some Project Good style Artwork, and recordings of the word ‘Good’ in the most interesting way possible. Something for everyone then! Prizes include various Project Good merchandise and chocolate eggs! Details on their blog, and the direct link:
You’ve got until 6th April (Good Friday) to get your entries in!

Project Good Releases a New Expansion to Good: the Battle

Project Good declares its War!!… and it just got a whole lot nicer:

From their post:

Nice: the Expansion continues the theme of any Genre, any scale & any miniatures. With over 50 new powers, more scenarios, more miniature bonuses, vehicle rules, civilian rules, even new ways to play!

No miniatures? No problem – The rules still allow you to have a cucumber and a croissant in a pitched battle to the death! Available in their online store ( or from Wargame Miniatures’ Online Store (

Edit: Fixed link

Good: the Battle Good Friday sale

Project Good are offering a Good Friday discount on their Good: the Battle rules.

From their announcement:

It’s the Easter weekend and Project Good would like to celebrate it with a special Easter weekend offer on their core game Good: the Battle. A unique skirmish game that is designed for any miniature, regardless of scale or genre. You can get everything you need to play for on £4.99, the offer only lasts until midnight Easter Monday. Also available now are some special Easter powers in the downloads section. Happy Easter.